August 11th, 2009

People ask me what clairvoyance is, and I explain it is from the French, translating as “clear seeing”.

All of our senses can be expanded beyond the physical with some training and dedication.

Usually, the physical sense that you excel at during your life (for instance, the way you learn best in school) will be your best bet to explore on a higher vibration.

In my case, I had an eidetic (or photographic) memory. This comes in handy, because the visions come to me in a flash, and it is helpful to remember them clearly.

Those that are more visual in nature may notice that when they gaze dreamily at clouds, images will appear to them. People report seeing animals, angels, and a variety of things, but I most often see faces in the clouds.

My first manifestation of clairvoyance came when I began to detect auras. That is something I would like to explore in a later post.

I further practiced clairvoyance by reading tea leaves, and when reading palms, faces would appear in the hand. When I described the faces, people connected with them. One woman asked me if I would recognize the face I described if she showed me a photograph. It was not only the same man, but wearing the same military uniform! The vision I had seen was of that very photograph! I have since learned that photographs are the best way to capture a face, because it is static. Before that, the faces would often talk, laugh, and move about, so it was harder to describe them.

It is important when allowing a vision that you be very relaxed. The vision must come to you, rather than you “trying” to seek the vision. Some deep breathing techniques are helpful here. If you are wishing to receive visions with your eyes open, it is helpful to soften your gaze while in an altered state (brought about by the deep breathing).

Most of the visions I receive while on the phone are of the closed eye variety. A symbol may appear, or, at the client’s request, I may fast forward to a place where they will live or work in the future.

When working with private clients, I feel freer to take the time to project a vision of a face onto a scrap of paper, and trace the image that appears. I will do this by special request from psychic network clients, with the understanding that it takes time for the image to appear, for me to trace the image, and for me to desccribe it to you. I seldom see faces with my eyes closed. Weird, huh?

Each clairvoyant has their own particular style, of course. I am only describing my own. Your style, as it develops, can take you wherever you and your guides wish to go.

It is a gift that will continue to amaze and delight you as you develop it!

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10 Responses to “Freak Show Clairvoyant Edition”

Nikki Says:

You mentioned “If you are wishing to receive visions with your eyes open, it is helpful to soften your gaze while in an altered state (brought about by the deep breathing).”

I am curious about that altered state. I’ve been struggling with meditation. I can totally relax and breath deep, but how do I know I’ve reached that altered state?
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Krissa Says:

I wish I wasn’t so ADD. I feel like my flighty mind would never settle down enough to be able to produce anything remotely like a trance.
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Old Knudsen Says:

My mind is too chaotic for that nonsense. The future is too full of variables so being clairvoyant is subject to terms and conditions.
Any little thing can change things, do you have all over vision? I get hunches but many have funny wee twists to them it like working with a genie (careful what you wish for) a person would have to have a reading every 20 minutes if you didn’t have a 100% all over happy ending vision.
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Judi Says:

This morning I was thinking that newsmen do not have beards, that producers of news shows really do not want their anchors having beards, it throws the audience off. Tonight as I watched the news, (not something I have done lately) the sportscaster was sporting a full beard/mustache?) I say this because the other night I was awakened by an image of a little girl, not known to me, but vivid, she was gone from my minds eye when I fully awoke? What is this?

Jess Says:

I often think I’m getting there, but stop short – it also seems that the moment I feel clearest, the little voices speak up – ‘Shouldn’t I be….I could be doing….What do I have to do next?’ and I review my errand list and then am disgusted with myself for letting myself get distracted.

It’s sort of like jerking myself out of sleep – over and over.
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Ree Says:

All I see when I close my eyes is…zzzzzzzzzzzzz
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Jenn FL Says:

Just when I get to that point … I pull myself out of it … not sure why, just another block to overcome I suppose.
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iamthediva Says:

that was amazing and so very educational!

lceel Says:

My thing was always Tarot. I realize the cards are only a tool for reaching the subconscious – but I’ve never found a way in with out them. Well, that isn’t quite true – I have worked with I Ching – but to me it’s very structured and hard to get to the level of true insight.
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warriorwoman Says:

i love an altered state – especially the kind brought about by alcohol
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