March 31st, 2009
  • I’ve been cheating on my blog with a book. Honestly cannot put it down. Anybody read “The Story of Edgar Sawtelle”?
  • I have also subscribed to some mindless blogs that I immensely enjoy. One is F*** My Life, which features twitter length episodes of doom and humiliation from readers. Strangely, it makes me feel better about my life. Schadenfreude is alive and well hereabouts.
  • Redneck Mommy reports via Twitter that her husband is out of the woods. Keep sending energy, prayers, and whatever good wishes you have to spare. Or, a casserole, because who wants to cook when camped out in a hospital while your hubby is in a hyperbaric chamber?
  • I just ordered some Girl Scout Thin Mints cookies because we don’t get them here. Shipping for one box is $8.50. FML.
  • We just got dumped with 25 cm of snow. That’s about 10″. I haven’t measured, so any locals with a stick can feel free to correct me. March came in like a lion; it’s going out like a polar bear. Oh, yeah, and the heat cut out yesterday. I am so a fan of polar fleece pajamas.
  • I had to log off work early yesterday because my back pain was so intense it made me nauseous. I have a fairly late night reading to schedule. Didn’t make my agenda last night. FML.
  • Tomorrow, I may share the goodies I have received in the mail lately. If I can wrestle the camera from Ass Burger Boy long enough.

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10 Responses to “FML”

lceel Says:


lceels last blog post..Gym Time, Part Deux

lceel Says:

Having said that, it was accidental. I just happened to have a minute and there you were – all in your fleece jammies and stuff (probably free boobin’, which I LOVE!!) – and I just had to jump at the chance to be numero uno.

Glad to hear the Redneck Mommy’s hubs is out of the woods. That’s cool.

lceels last blog post..Gym Time, Part Deux

cat Says:

i dont know if i’m more sorry about your back or the snow! hope its feeling much better

cats last blog post..Weekend Smell

Torch Says:

You are so close to me – but obviously very far away – we just got a “dusting” of snow. But … better you than me!!!! Sorry Bud!!!!

I just went for two weeks of massage therapy on my back. I had a bad cold and ended up coughing so hard I threw my back out. The massaging was “almost” worth it … almost!!! And this once again reenforces my first purchase when I win the lotto – my own personal “rubber”!!! lol

Hopy you’re doing better soon.

Judi Says:

God what I would give to be able to sit and read a book. Seriously. I cant wait till I get old and have time to read. Oh, Wait, that sounded like I think you are old, which I don’t I just meant…Oh, never mind…….

Judis last blog post..Sweet Chicken Clucker

Krissa Says:

I love the heart bullet posts! Random, yet not.
What is your address and I will send you Girl Scout cookies? That is if you aren’t frozen solid by the time they get there. Rub your legs together and keep warm!

Krissas last blog post..Not toooo random…just varied.

Nan Says:

What is it with everybody’s back? Seriously, half the women I know are having a Bad Back Week.

Get better soon. Sending warm breezy weather your way.

Nans last blog post..MEME!

Ree Says:

I hope you can make those cookies last a really long time!

Rees last blog post..And the letters keep on coming.

talina Says:

Oh no! FML seems like my kind of site and now you are going to have me addicted.

Sorry about the snow and the back pain, now lets see those mail goodies!

talinas last blog post..Oh, my grinding pelvis and popping back. My bones are LOOSE these days!

Hyphen Mama Says:

-WHAT happened to Redneck Mommy’s husband? I can’t find a thing on her blog…obviously because she’s too wrapped up in her husband’s condition to blog. Go figure.
-FML sounds like where I’ll be dumping my psychological vomit from now on. It’s like you knew I needed that!
-I’ll trade your lack of heat with my lack of kitchen ceiling?!

Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Queue Nuclear Meltdown in 3…2..1…