February 18th, 2009

comebacks to say to another girl you hat: I kind of think if you hat a girl, you would be supplying a service, and therefore should be polite. Or are you having issues with spelling? Google isn’t Twitter, you know.

couldn’t get disk out of vagina: How would you confuse a vagina with a computer? Or is that a typo? And why did that search term bring you here?

my dog has funny looking poop: Should I be happy for you? Or are you looking for medical information?

“first date” slut blog: Okay, I totally cop to this one, since I slept with my husband on our first date.

christy’s vagina: Christy comments here sometimes, but as far as I can tell, her vagina has not.

one of these day you little turds is gon: To what? I really want to know. Should your children be worried?

what kind of doctor checks my butt: That would be a butt doctor. Or, if you want to get fancy, a proctologist.

jc penneys manager is asshole: Could he need a butt doctor?

“imagine you did housework”: I imagine it all the time. Sadly, my powers do not include magical housework. I do bribe Ass Burger Boy to do some things.

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16 Responses to “February Search Terms”

Just Beachy Says:

I think “Imagine You Did Housework” is going to be then name of my next blog.

Just Beachys last blog post..Beginning of OCD?

Krissa Says:

I really do need to get to the butt doctor to see why my vagina keeps popping out the disc when cleaning up the funny looking dog turds….

Krissas last blog post..Kinda sucky Valentine’s Day

Talina Says:

Disks in vaginas? Hmm, that can’t be good at all. Could be toxic too!

Talinas last blog post..Making choices is hard stuff sometimes!

teeni Says:

LOL! Oooh – you got some really good ones this time! I don’t remember you ever talking about jc penney’s though. ;)

teenis last blog post..Mostly Good Things and Fire and Ice

Nan Says:

My little turds, I mean darlings, often have funny looking poop, and I would like to imagine that my dog would do the housework if I ever went on a slut date…. But I don’t even want to think about a disk in my vagina.

Nans last blog post..Hair Today….

Angella Says:

I needed this today.

Jess Says:

So when someone is ’stuck in a rut’, does that really mean their disk is skipping?

Jesss last blog post..pinch hit

Ree Says:

Do you have to use spermicide with that disk?

Rees last blog post..Prevent Keyboard Fatigue?

zoe Says:

um. wow. i thought getting dog porn searches all the time was bad. i slept with my hubby on the first date too. well actually it wasn’t a date. i got trashed and brought him home from the bar….

Gina Says:

Those are strange search terms, but funny, too.

Ginas last blog post..Beach Holidays along the New-Jersey Coast!

Coast Rat Says:

Oh, good grief! Funny!

Coast Rats last blog post..We Love You, Alyssa!

Cat Says:

I think I can explain that second search in two words: Valentine’s mishap.

But no worries – I had the camcorder rolling.


Liddle Sis Says:

LOL ,….oh, I needed that today…too funny!

Old Knudsen Says:

So its ok to have cyber sex with yer computer but stick yer floppy disk into a lass and there is an uproar?

Thanks to this comment you will now have Hot midget donkey sex

on yer searches, yer welcum.

Old Knudsens last blog post..Dance Monkey Boy Dance!

Theresa Says:

Boobs, vaginas, asses… You dirty blogger you!

Theresas last blog post..Live and Learn # 37654

mp Says:

I have NO idea what type of disc you would use for a vagina..hmmm

mps last blog post..HELLO…is anybody out there?