March 4th, 2008

I have several, and most of them involved alcohol. Oh, the good ole days.

When I was much younger, one of the fun things to do with my buddy, Torch, and our other sidekick, the Big V, was to select a different place to terrorize, and head out on a road trip.

On one of these epic journeys, the Big V and I both had the urge to pee at the same time. We were far from any exits or rest areas, and we had some urgency in our situation.

Torch pulled over to the shoulder, and pointed to some woods about 200 yards from the road. We ran, not walked, and even went into the woods a ways so as not to be detected.

There was much sighing of relief and high fiving with unwashed hands. A truimphant return to the car.

Torch was convulsed with laughter.

Torch: “I suppose you thought since you were in the woods that nobody could see you?”

witchypee: “Well, yeah.”

Torch: (howling) “Look. At. The. Treeline. Didn’t you see the cars slowing down to get a look?”

witchypee: “Some very bad words”

We felt hidden in the woods, but the lower branches of the trees were far above our heads.

Public display of communal peeing. Gotta love road trips.

Now, it’s your turn. Tell us your most embarrassing moments. You can always post anonymously if you must. I’m smelling a possible comment of the week here.

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17 Responses to “Embarrassing Moment”

lceel Says:

I have decided to play nice. I’m not going to make any comments about beavers in the woods. Nope.
Although it would have been fun to have been there.

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teeni Says:

Heehee. Witchypee!

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Tasha Says:

Apparently I have done well at blocking embarrassing stories from my memory, because I can’t come up with anything. But I have done my fair share of peeing on the side of the road!

Tasha’s last blog post..Tweet, Tweet! Tweets for 2008-02-29

Marie Says:

When I was in 4th grade, I was lucky enough to be seated near a boy I had a crush on. I was desperate to make a good impression, and I was pretty popular at that school. One day, I really had to pee, but we were supposed to be reading silently while the teacher worked with the dumb kids in another group. I was too embarrassed to interrupt her, knowing everyone would hear what I had to ask. I decided I could wait another hour until lunch. I was wrong. The pee just came out, against my will, puddling in my chair. Everyone in the room could hear the pee streaming onto the floor and began looking around, wondering what that sound was. They had to call my mom to bring me clean clothes while I waited in the nurse’s office. Luckily the other kids were nice enough not to pick on me about it later, but I could never look at that boy again.

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assburgerboy Says:

Ironic that things like that were more common in wooded areas/ unshielded spots, yet people were still surprised/ shocked and generally weirded out by it. Now its not “seen in public” and there are people who look for women doing that online. Definately a sign of how the times have changed for the weirder. *insert a mental picture of me shuddering at the thought*

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Old anonymous no one you know Says:

The time I was walking in the street and tripped but instead of falling on my face I went into a well trained commando roll and landed on my feet. I looked around to see who saw me and a man and woman were looking at me scared and puzzled. I pretended it never happened and walked on fast.

I was at a club with some friends and a gurl asked me to mind her hand bag so in my half drunken state I lifted the handbag off the next seat and placed it at my feet only to have some other gurl accuse me of trying to steal her handbag.

I’m always the person that cars stop and ask for directions from, 90% of the time I realise the directions are wrong as they drive away so I get off the road as soon as possible.

I’m some times too honest for my own good. While training in the army a brigadier general visited our firing range (this was like a presidential visit in army terms) he asked me in his posh English accent what battalion I wanted to join, I said “The second sir” he then enquired why so I without a moments hesitation said, ” because the first battalion is full of English sir.” They laughed in what a stupid boy way then told me it wasn’t, I looked at my Sassenach NCO’s from the first battalion who were glaring at me waiting for the general to leave so they could get me and then I proceeded to argue with the general because a 16 year-old Scottish army recruit is more than the equal of an old English general any day. I still have not learned when to shut up.

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Old Knudsen Twice Loser Of The Irish Blog Awards Says:

Don’t drink, blog and make coments or write e-mails, learn from my experience on this.

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warriorwoman Says:

during my bartending days I had a regular customer who comes from a rather large family. and we saw a lot of his brothers and sisters pass through the bar. it seemed that every other week or so I would be introduced to another of them. and they all had the same look about them, no problem to tell they were all related.
one saturday evening when I had just gotten to work, I found Jerry at the bar with yet another person that looked too much like him not to be another of his sisters.


I said, “Geesh Jerry, all you guys look alike, you and your brothers and sisters.”
and stood politely by, waiting to be introduced.
what an idiot.
I’ve never seen such a look on anyone’s face. It was a weird mixture of confusion, dawning, and disgust. And embarrasment for the girlfriend whom I had just mistaken for one of his sisters.

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zoe Says:

i had this happen too. only when i pulled my panties up i noticed i was peeing right in front of a cop car. whoops. they didn’t cite me though. one of them asked me out.

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Lis Says:

Mine usually involve alcohol and cell phones. Nothing terribly exciting. Either that or the moments have been so horrifyingly embarrassing that my mind has blocked them out for self-preservation purposes.

Lis’s last blog post..7 Deadly Blog Sins

Jenny Says:

When I was 16 or 17, I worked in a retail shop in a very small resort community. One day, my less-than-detail-oriented male boss called me and asked me to come to his house to pick up some stuff for the shop. I followed the directions (to his house) TO THE LETTER. Only to realize the directions he’d given me led me to the 18th hole on a very posh golf course. I was driving ON THE course. People were yelling at me, in my ugly brown hatchback, “Hey… you can’t drive on the golf course.” I said “It’s okay, I’m looking for Brent’s house.”

Yeah. I never relied on his directions after that.

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talina Says:

Back in 2001 I was performing a dance number with my dance team.. We were at a pretty major competition will a large audience and many judges… I was performing my heart out, I laid down to do the floor work that was written, rolled from my back to my side, was doing some arm extension and my left boob rolled right out of my one shouldered halter top and said hello to the entire gym full of people.

Lucky for me I had some long poofy hair that I could easily get to fall over my exposed boobie till I was able to wrangle her back in. Good times huh? but the show must go on, even if your hanging out…

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The Over-Thinker Says:

It just so happens that I’m doing a series (yes, it demands an entire series) of mortifying moments…

An old roommate of mine (not named Witchypoo) :-) did the accidental peeing-in-public thing. But it was on a side street. Not a motorway—well done, you win :)

The Over-Thinker’s last blog post..Nothing a little bed wetting won’t cure…

nan Says:

I have had so many, that coming up with the MOST embarrassing one has been a challenge! I was at Licensing Office, to Transfer my car, which takes ALL DAY! (Oh, government offices, how I hate you all!) suddenly, two women started to say “Psst!” and beckoned me over. I ALMOST ignored them, because I was in a bad mood and didn’t feel like having a conversation about how no, I am not a foreigner, but good sense prevailed and I went over. With a “I really don’t want to talk to you” look on my face. One of them pulled a Maxi Pad out of her bag and said “Bathrooms in back.” I gasped, thanked her and ran! I was wearing off-white pants, too! Disaster!

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josey Says:

i have a pee storryyyy! LOL. it’s short, and it’s here. it’s #4.

but witchyp, i think you already read it. ;)

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