June 4th, 2008

I emailed The Big V asking about the fabulous dollhouse she created. She didn’t get anyone to buy it, so she had a local realtor list it, which I thought was downright resourceful. The story made the news here, and she got her 15 minutes of fame. Way cool.

The realtor has a page with information and thumbnails that are clickable, which is much more manageable than loading about 10 images in one post. Just enter preperty ID# 3542 in the box that is just below the fold. On the page that the link takes you to, of course. Duh, you knew that, didn’t you?

Do you know anyone with a couple thou extra who wants to buy an heirloom dollhouse? This is a true work of art. Everything has been handcrafted, and the lights work, and whole bunches of stuff works. I got to play with it when I visited her. It was awesome. But I didn’t wreck it or nuthin. Honest.

The Master Bedroom

The Nursery

Did you notice that the nursery has a dollhouse?

The Kitchen

In the olden days, kitchens were for the servants. Nothing fancy. But authentic.

Do I have cool friends, or what?

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24 Responses to “Dollhouse”

Memarie Lane Says:

I would LOVE to buy it, but I don’t even have an extra $2. I’ve always wanted a dollhouse like that.

Memarie Lanes last blog post..How Marie Got her Groove Back

Kristabella Says:

I would love to buy it for my niece, but I have the same overdrafting problem as you. Probably not the best idea.

She’ll have to stick with her crappy plastic dollhouse that she has.

Kristabellas last blog post..Driving Sideways Winnah

Dean Saliba Says:

Looks very nice.

My sisters had a dollhouse each when they were little and they would steal furniture from eachother. :P

warriorwoman Says:

Question: did that plastic cat in the kitchen give you an allergic reaction when you played with it?

warriorwomans last blog post..intruder?

The Over-Thinker Says:

Unreal! The time it must take to put something like that together! Listing with the Realtor? Smart cookie, that one.

Growing up, I always wanted a Barbie Dream House. My parents wanted me to be more resourceful. Clearly, they hated me. They gave me five empty shoe boxes and some scotch tape and cotton balls and said, “Build It.”

Oh…and I built it. Logistically, I turned all the boxes on their wide sides so the rooms could be large (not high ceiling-ed). Each room looked like a snow-storm. Because furniture and carpet made out of cotton balls? Yeah–each room looked like a snow drift out of The Shining.

So, Barbie’s “tall” (about 10″?) and the ceiling height of my “rooms” was about 4″…
Basically, it looked like I had created about 9 themed coffins for Barbie—all taped together. Does she want a snack? Barbie can go lay down in the kitchen-coffin! Is Barbie tired? She can head to her boudoir and have an (eternal) slumber in the bedroom-coffin!

The Over-Thinkers last blog post..Tuesday Tootsies: A Variation of Footwear Fridays

The Over-Thinker Says:

Sorry for essentially posting on your blog :) I owe ya one, Witchy.

The Over-Thinkers last blog post..Tuesday Tootsies: A Variation of Footwear Fridays

evilwoobie Says:

Now you have me obsessing over Victorian Barbie! :’(

evilwoobies last blog post..Wicked Wedding Wishes from the Cosmic Universe

Talina Says:

Oh my gosh look how detailed and beautiful it is! I wish I had the money to buy it, it is amazing! How about ebay? Don’t people collect those things?

Talinas last blog post..Trying to find a plan C but so glad to be home!

teeni Says:

What a fantastic idea to have the dollhouse “listed” by a realtor. It becomes a conversation piece for the realtor and get some exposure on their site. Too funny. I’d say your friend is pretty talented. I hope it ends up going to a good home.

Jenny Says:

Maybe I’m just clingy, but if I spent that kind of time and money to build something like that I’d KEEP IT FOREVER. It’s gorgeous.

But listing with a realtor is very witty!!

Angella Says:

That house is AMAZING. Wow.

Angellas last blog post..Look At Me! I Am A Beautiful Butterfly.*

Posh Totty Says:

WOW!!! that is a superb dolls house, Id so love to own something like that …. no stuff that , infact Id love to live in something like that lol.

Posh Tottys last blog post..Todays cardiology appointment

Kelly Says:

Reading your post made me think of the doll house I had as a child. My family wasn’t well off but my mother was very creative and resourceful. She found an old bookcase with two shelves and turned it into my openfaced dollhouse. Never mind that there weren’t any stairs, my dolls hung out in style in either the kitchen, living room or the bedroom. She also made me homemade furniture out of jewelry boxes and scraps of old clothing. It was one of my favorite toys for many many years until we passed it on to another lucky little girl.

Kellys last blog post..Live Long & Pawspurr

Veronica Says:

That is awesome.

Veronicas last blog post..Your Questions About Tassie Answered

Jenny, bloggess Says:

I so adore this!

Jenny, bloggesss last blog post..Another tiny sasquatch sighting!

Mylifeasmomma Says:

Okay that’s it. I am shrinking myself down and living there! I mean shoot, it’s inexpensive (compared to normal homes), I’d have servants!, and it is just too friggin cool.

Ree Says:


Rees last blog post..My Husband the Pit Bull*

moo Says:

wow, that is one gorgeous dollhouse! Hope she gets a buyer … this housing market sucks, lol

ALF Says:

Wow – that really is amazing. I don’t think I could convince Doug to play dollhouse with me. He would probably be busy watering the dirt or something…

ALFs last blog post..You Said It Was In Escrow. I Can’t Even Find Escrow On The Map!

mp Says:

VERY cool! That takes talent doesn’t it?

mps last blog post..As the stomach turns…

friyet Says:

beautiful doll house, i would have loved to have something like that when i was a kid…. my barbies lived in their boxes, actually they still do ~ gives me a new idea for a post! good luck on the sale!

friyets last blog post..stolen from mexico cherry, but i added the extra challenge [4-2-2008]

Renee Daniels Says:

That is awesome. Absolutely beautiful.

Renee Danielss last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #5 – Addictions

CatatonicKid Says:

That’s too cool! Such delicate work, all those miniature accouterments of a past gone by. It makes me want to invite someone round for High Tea or some similar nonsense.

I may have to put my friend’s moderately mad Mother onto that doll house. She big time collects and makes them, and she’d go bananas in purest adoration.

CatatonicKids last blog post..Dances with Therapists: The Gentle Art.

Road Trip Says:

[...] jumped to my rescue when I mentioned that I couldn’t pull a story out of my arse. She and the Big V were my partners in crime long ago, and we had us some times. I think Torch remembers more of them [...]