September 2nd, 2008

You may remember my SIL twice removed.

She was wrapped pretty tightly. One horrible (gasp) nightmare she told me about was when she was showing her house to be sold. In her dream, she opened the curtains to display the view and OMG the window was dirty! Imagine her horror!

Her dog was rebuked when he farted to the point that he was somewhat neurotic about it. I suspect her first husband used to cut the cheese and blame the dog a lot. She was that uptight.

I was at her place near Montreal with my first husband where I was spending some quality time, just me and the very cute dog.

I played a tune with my nether flute, and the dog bolted out of the room.

Seriously traumatized.

And I?

Lost it. Cracked totally up.

Whereupon, SIL twice removed investigated the hilarity, and then demanded that I (are you ready for this?)

Apologise to the dog.

That’s when I knew for sure she was insane.

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16 Responses to “Dog Farts”

christy Says:

My first husband–oops, my CURRENT husband–reprimands the dog, too.

Not as much as he does me, but lots.

You SIL would HATE even stepping foot in my house.


christys last blog post..Get me a plunger! My epiphanies are backing up the system….

Jacki Says:

She wanted you to aplogize to the dog? Seriously??

My daughter has figured out that it is very easy to blame her cousin when she farts. He’s only 4 months old so he can’t defend himself.

Jackis last blog post..Tickle Me Tuesday 2.0

lceel Says:

Did you REALLY have to link back to “Speak, Oh toothless one!!”

Fuck. Now I can’t concentrate.

lceels last blog post..two thirds of one lap – drunk blogging sober

warriorwoman Says:

You sure keep interesting company. Oh, that reminds me what are you doing this weekend? I might stop by.

warriorwomans last blog post..joe

Karen Says:

There ain’t no way in hell I’d ever apologize to a dog. Or her pet.

Karens last blog post..Fun Monday-Where I Blog

teeni Says:

I’m feeling so bad for that dog right now. Poor thing. It’s not the dog’s fault he got a crazy person for an owner. LOL. I hope he has come out from under the bed by now.

Krissa Says:

Well, that’s a bunch of shit and you are just full of hot air. No, not really, but wouldn’t it be cool if I could justifiably say that in reply to THAT post?
Your SIL is every bit as wacked out as mine, just in a whole different direction… Congratulations?

Krissas last blog post..Ongoing post.

Jenny Says:

Which came first–you married to her brother or her married to your brother? How long did it take for your brother to get shit-full of apologizing to the dog before he ran away screaming?

Jennys last blog post..Mostly Sober Blogging—You Never Forget Your First Love

ALF Says:

You’re right. Poop IS funny. And that lady is crazy.

ALFs last blog post..They’re Clingy, They’re Needy And You Can’t Tell What They’re Thinking

Nan Says:

Ah, I am going to use “Speak, oh toothless one” as soon as possible. It will cheer Sean up no end.

Nans last blog post..Trials and Tribulations…

Marti Says:

Shoot around here farts are rewarded with high fives and “what did you eat???”
“Also did you hear that asshole talking shit behind your back” is another phrase we say a lot.

Jupiter Says:

now,THAT is hysterical :)

I love people,even if they are crazy. They’re always entertaining

Jupiters last blog post..Jupiter doesn’t pick on teenage mommies

Comments of Note Says:

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kailani Says:

Isn’t that what dogs are for? To take the blame? hee hee