February 16th, 2009

When Dances with Shrapnel was in his teens, I foolishly asked him what he wanted for his birthday.

His only wish? A dirty T-Shirt.

I procured a T-shirt that totally cracked me up. It said: “Fuck you very much.”

He loved it. He wore it everywhere. One time, when he was waiting for his girlfriend to get off work, the manager escorted him off the premises because of his “unsuitable attire”.

He absolutely told everyone who asked where he got it: “My Mom gave it to me for my birthday!”

I learned something from this.

Fuck you very much.

My new motto.

I have a guest post up at Sarcastic Mom’s blog today. You might want the benefit of instruction I provide on the topic of “How to Blog When You’re a Lazy Douchebag Who Seldom Leaves the House.”

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16 Responses to “Dirty T Shirt”

lceel Says:

I went there. I commented.

My favorite T shirt that Annie won’t let me wear? It’s a dark blue T shirt with great big orange letters on the front that say F B I – and right below, in smaller orange letters, much harder to read – it says “Female Body Inspector”.

lceels last blog post..Bloggers well met – Part Deux

Theresa Says:

You’re such a cool mom!

Theresas last blog post..I know it’s OK to cry… but REALLY.

Krissa Says:

OH! I am too excited about the potential to have all my lazy douchebag, couch potato blogging problems solved to comment on your post! I will go directly over to Sarcastic Mom’s blog and read! I am SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS…. FUCK YOU VERY MUCH! ;-)

Krissas last blog post..Kinda sucky Valentine’s Day

Cat Says:

I wish I could subscribe to you multiple times as a “fuck you” to those who unsubscribed.

Those people would not like my blog. Fuck em.

Cats last blog post..Interloper

ABB Says:

My shirt would say spirit of the ram with a ram’s head below it, and in small print below it, it would say “now get the hell out of my way!”

Talina Says:

Those are my favorite kinds of shirts!

Ree Says:

I think there’s a new Lily Allen song with that title. I think that’s what I was listening to on the plane this morning when I fell asleep. ;-)

Going to check your instructional tutorial (is that redundant?) now.

teeni Says:

I commented over there. I love ABB’s idea for a t-shirt! Awesome. :)

teenis last blog post..Mostly Good Things and Fire and Ice

teeni Says:

Holy crap – I just noticed the comment luv thingy seems to be working for me over here. Maybe my upgrade to 2.7 finally did some good?

teenis last blog post..Mostly Good Things and Fire and Ice

Old Knudsen Says:

I would have bought a t-shirt and crapped on it, dirty enough?

Old Knudsens last blog post..Stim Sell

Nan Says:

Oh, THAT kind of dirty T-Shirt!

*Sigh*… I must need a coffee.

Nans last blog post..I’m Back….

Hyphen Mama Says:

I want that shirt to wear to the grocery store. And any other bi-monthly trek out of the house.

Hyphen Mamas last blog post..And then I woke up on Monday and realized I’M GOING TO LIVE!!!

zoe Says:

man-your the cool mom on the block!

Karen Says:

yeah, why would you have a disk in your vagina? that has got to be a typo!

Karens last blog post..Another New Blogger Getting The FabGrandma Bump!

Karen Says:

I am going to have to pop over there, since I have turned into one of those who never leave the house. Bleh.

Karens last blog post..Another New Blogger Getting The FabGrandma Bump!