July 9th, 2008

I’ve been having some doubts about the wisdom of using tarot cards for my readings lately.

My guides seem to want me to just channel them and be done with it, but I’m totally a rebel who doesn’t want anyone telling me what to do. I wonder where Ass Burger Boy gets that from? No need to answer. Rhetorical question.

When I do readings, a nice flow of energy is important, so I will bring very uptight clients through a quick relaxation/connecting technique.

What I haven’t encountered until this summer is the difficulty of reading really old ladies. Deaf old ladies.

First off, the usual things are not going to appeal to them. They are often retired from their jobs, have mostly outlived their husbands, and couldn’t care less about romance.

The only things that might appeal are money and health. Okay, lady, if you really insist on knowing, I can tell you how much longer you will live. Don’t expect me to tell you that you will be living with dementia, because I just cannot bring myself to do that. Yet it will show ever so plainly on the hand.

When the client is deaf-ish, I have to look directly at her, and enunciate slowly and clearly. This takes away from my focus and trance state, to say the least. Then I have to work at it.

When it doesn’t flow naturally, working at it means that the reading is not going to be nearly as good as when it comes easily.

Ask an artist or musician. Most of their best work just came together. Because they were in the zone. The zone where there is no yelling at old ladies.

They didn’t complain, but I gave them their money back anyway.

Next time? I’m just going to say that I’m unable to read them.

I already do that with the crazies.

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16 Responses to “Deaf Old Ladies”

Krissa Says:

Oh, honey. Can we talk? I got deaf old lady in spades. Understand all about the hassle of screaming slowly and enunciating ever syllable. Gawd! At least I am not trying to concentrate on anything, usually, when this is all afoot.
Yeah. I feel for ya.

Krissas last blog post..Where money goes to die, er, just get lost.

zeghsy Says:

eek. that makes me afraid to even ask…

zeghsys last blog post..ma shoes!

Christy Says:

No readings for crazies?


Your world is hard for me to even fathom. I don’t really tune into people sometimes on a normal frequency…

Christys last blog post..Rare….like a fine wine or a serial killer

Memarie Lane Says:

I do my best blogging when I’m in the zone too. If something happens to throw me off it can take days to get it back.

warriorwoman Says:

that’s it!

when I’m an old lady and my hearing is gone, if they don’t have telepathy, I ain’t fuckin talkin to em.

warriorwomans last blog post..Lucifer

Talina Says:

Well that is an interesting view point. I would have never thought that dealing with deaf ladies would throw of the flow of a reading, I learned something new today!

lceel Says:

Said to little old deaf lady (at the top of your lungs), “YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK AS YOU WALK OUT THE DOOR TO LEAVE HERE. CHANGE YOUR WILL AND LEAVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY – RIGHT NOW!!” They’ll hear better immediately.

lceels last blog post..a city boy, no more

Ree Says:

Then talk into my left ear, my dear, because the right one? Is effed up. ;-)

Rees last blog post..WW – Roy G Biv

Jenny Says:

You record it all? Or maybe not when you’re at the psychic fairs. It could be one of those things where you *do* the reading and tell them to take the recording home (OOPS, they may not know what to do if it’s not on an LP) and turn the volume up VERY HIGH.

You have great integrity if you’re returning their money without them even asking.

Jennys last blog post..She’s a Thinker

TX Poppet Says:

“I’m just going to say that I’m unable to read them.
I already do that with the crazies.”

Guess that leaves me out. Poppet pouts from the disapointment and walks slowly away.

TX Poppets last blog post..WFMW-Egg Safety

kaylee Says:

Interesting…..Btw do you know whats up with me not being able to get to your blog for the last couple of weeks????? Anyone else having that problem or is it my shitty computer?

kaylees last blog post..suicide….

Jacki Says:

I am with Marie…if I am thrown off by something then I lose my creativity. Whether that be with blogging, or cooking or anything. So I can definitely relate.

Jackis last blog post..So I am not a 1930’s kind of housewife…

Marti Says:

Crap. You can tell how much longer someone is going to live? I am not sure if I want to know that or not.

I am very tempted to get a reading now! I have lots of questions!

mp Says:

I can’t even imagine..but I know what you mean about “being in a zone”… How can you work?

mps last blog post..Childhood Meme

ABB Says:

gawd damn, I totally agree with the no connecting to crazy people. it was bad enough that I dated some. *shudder*

Paula Says:

how interesting! The crazies would be difficult I would imagine. I am surprised the deaf ones are hard to read.
Fascinating stuff, wish I could do it…

Paulas last blog post..Urban Legends and Ghostly Myths