May 13th, 2009

I had a TMI post all written about how Herman got his name, but then I recalled two things:

  • I had stupidly sent emails to the people where I do my banking (Hi! wonderful banking people!) that contained a link to my blog in the sig line. Since they have met me in person, I knew they would associate that post with me every time they saw me.
  • I had promised Kelley, who is having blog problems, a guest post, even though I, myself, have been posting maybe once a week. But I love her and she is all kinds of the awesome, so someday, Kelley will let you know about Herman. He has a twitter account, really.

Did you know it was mercury retrograde? Consider yourself warned. Back up your data. Expect miscommunications, misunderstandings, and old issues to resurface. Travel plans, especially short term travel plans, are certain to be a fool’s errand.

I am embarking on a fool’s errand tomorrow. I was supposed to leave today for a sibling type reunion, but hello?? Merc retro.

A client had insinuated herself into my life because she was hurting so much. I didn’t give much thought to the fact that she had ABSOLUTELY NO EMOTIONAL SUPPORT. (She had alienated everyone else in her life. Hah! How smart was I? But, she was suffering. She really had some terrible things happen in her life.)

As a result, I worked less hours (logged on) than usual to accommodate her many visits, even though I was trying to collect enough hours to take a week off. (I need to be firmer with my boundaries)

Then last week, (full moon in scorpio, uh oh) she showed up (while I was logged on) and proceeded to berate me with all the crazy ways that I was not BEING HER FRIEND. (Did I mention boundaries?) How does a client I felt sorry for become a friend? A “friend” that gets extremely unhinged if you don’t meet her needs in the way that she wants them met? I would say see a therapist, but a therapist has those pesky boundaries where you have to actually make an appointment, and can’t just drop in to dump all your shit on because you have been dwelling and DWELLING on it and cannot stand it another minute unless you share the misery RIGHT NOW.

After placing the entire blame on ME for her being so stressed she had to take a leave of absence from her work, she stormed out. Great. It usually takes me about three days for my energy field to clear itself after such an intense encounter. I was useless to work. So, I took a mini stress leave, because I didn’t feel I could serve my clients properly.

That might have been over and done with, but she wasn’t finished with the demands. By email. My refusal to meet these demands were met with vicious assaults on my character and psychic abilities. I had to block her email and instruct her not to call or drop in ever again.

I don’t know why I let her upset me so much, but I continued to be unable to work. I was planning for last week to be a humdinger, so I could make up for the week I was planning to take off to visit with siblings a short journey away. (Siblings and short journeys are third house matters, which are ruled by Mercury, which is retrograde.)

Now I don’t have the reserve funds to travel that I had, and am trying to contact my brother, Dizzee, who I cannot reach by phone. We are supposed to meet up at Skinny Bitch’s place, and we can travel to the gathering together, then afterwards, he and his long-lost daughter, Hidden Treasure, will come to my place to visit, driving me home. Except I can’t reach him to determine if he will be also travelling with another brother, Mr. Trick and his daughter, Cutie Pie,in which case there would be no room. Mr. Trick is not answering his phone either. Damn you, merc retro!

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20 Responses to “Damn You Merc Retro”

MidLifeMama Says:

Oh dear. I just blogged about a major work related communication melt down too. Damn you mercury. How long does it stay in retrograde? Mercury or no mercury, you really did need to cut that woman out of your life. She was bad news. I have gotten pretty good at quietly shutting down people like that in my life. One gets through every now and then, but mostly I don’t let them get a toe hold. You are in a healing profession, so you are more at risk for these people finding and glomming onto you.

MidLifeMamas last blog post..In other news…

witchypoo Says:

Mercury went retrograde May 7 and reverses direction (going direct) May 31st. However, it does not regain its original position until June 16th. This period between where it is moving towards the original position is called the shadow. When Mercury is in its shadow, there are still difficulties.

Krissa Says:

Sonofabitch! June 16th? My entire family could be dead by my own hand by then!
Oh well. Cost of messing with me. Heh
That chick certainly seems intent on being a cancer in your life. Keep your door locked… and a loaded gun. She sounds nuts, for sure.

Krissas last blog post..Karma got me this morning, though.

AssBurgerBoy Says:

Obviously she had a screw loose. Forget her… People like that come in two sizes, dumb and dumber. Remember, if you believe in “Karma” there’s a handy saying: “Karma is a real bitch sometimes”, and so therefore if she’s “Pissing into the wind”, the wind will blow it back. On the plus side, there’s that reunion to look forward to and I’m really sure that Skinny Bitch will be most entertaining/ able to help you forget about your worries. Ps: tell her that I say hello.
The son that doesn’t kill shit for a living. lol

will yummy Says:

“she is all kinds of the awesome” that’s so awesome – hey lay-off Mercury I’ve been having a great week!

Judi Says:

not only is it retro, but I am virgo…ugh. (can you say, lightning strike, burnt up modems and goodbye printer) I hope you have seen the last of your client. I can help you with those boundary issues if you want?

Judis last blog post..To Make You Feel Special

Ree Says:

You DO realize that I live a bunch of my life on planes and in trains, right?

Ignorance really is bliss sometimes.

(Hope she listens to you and stays away. Now that you’ve “written her off” (literally even!), maybe you can focus more on what’s important to you.)

Rees last blog post..My 401(k) better hurry up and recover

Stacey Says:

Wow! So, that’s why this person who I don’t remember from high school decided to drag me into her web of physio craziness last week…good to know.

I feel for you, I understand your pain.

iamthediva Says:

Geeze, i’m sorry you had to deal with a person like that. i was told, once, that i have generous energy… whether i like it or not, and to beware energy leachers. I hope you figure it out with her. Nobody needs that in their lives.

And Mercury can suck it. Bah.

iamthedivas last blog asked for it…

Nan Says:

Myyyyyyyy goodness. I think I just won’t go anywhere or speak to anyone till mid-June.

Nans last blog post..Oh Boy! Mother’s Day!

Coast Rat Says:

Damn mercury, anyway!

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Witchy!



Old Knudsen Says:

‘She had alienated everyone else in her life’

Yep you can pick em. A certain landlady who has done that to people who actually wanted to help her is at the minute on death’s door. I knew last Christmas was her last one, her birthday was going to be on the 16th, weemen always go before their birthday .
Like you said about pissing me off.

I have a little Mercury sign tat on my arm does retro mean its cool?

Dean Saliba Says:

The more I read about this kind of the thing the more I am glad that I shut everybody out.

Dean Salibas last blog post..Follow Me On Twitter

lceel Says:

It’s tough when the planets start lining up against you – much less people you thought you were helping. Hang in there, kid.

lceels last blog post..Kecharitomene – Conclusion

Hyphen Mama Says:

That woman is a wing-nut!! You can certainly see why everybody else in her life has RUN AWAY screaming.

I am backing up my files… right this minute.

Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Step right up, ladies and gentlemen and kids of all ages…. Guess the gift… win a prize!

Angella Says:

You meet the most interesting people…

talina Says:

I have been having an especially draining week too (so has N) Never thought about why it was happening… Glad you pointed it out!

Our parents are sucking the life out of us right now much like you and your client turned psycho “friend”.

Hugs to you. Hope it all pans out with the trip soon.

talinas last blog post..What a night! No sleep, hazardous weather and baby fun…

Cat Says:

Wow. I’m exhausted just reading this post. Thank god I’m totally astrologically and psychicly cluless or I’d be hyper-analyzing my life right now, looking for signs of merc retro’s handy work. As it stands, with me clueless, I’m free to just drink myself silly.

XO Hope things are looking up since Wednesday!

Cats last blog post..I’ve Also Just Been Appointed Queen of Sheba

teeni Says:

Yikes! So sorry you had to deal with all that. All I can say is your leech like client must have thought you were the pscyhOgeek and not the psychICgeek. Sheesh.

teenis last blog post..Busy, Busy, Busy

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