September 3rd, 2008

You folks often have me howling over your comments. I would like to showcase more of them, but all those links are a right pain to create.

From Dog Farts

Marmaburg quips:

Shoot around here farts are rewarded with high fives and “what did you eat???” “Also did you hear that asshole talking shit behind your back” is another phrase we say a lot.

FabGrandma adds her opinion:

There ain’t no way in hell I’d ever apologize to a dog. Or her pet.

From Excrement Alert:

Debbie shares one I had forgotten about:

I had no idea that we had common ancestors. Your mom sounds just like my dad. And I often wonder now that I have kids if he ever thought about what he said! His favorite was, “You’d better see a doctor. Something has crawled up in you and died.” Ah, good times.

The Over Thinker over shares:

Poop, etc. in our household: If I head to the bathroom, my husband always says, “Have fun stormin’ the castle!” When our cats fart, my husband says, “Jesus. Their farts always smell like McDonalds!”

Just Beachy blabs on her son:

My son’s favorite saying is poop-deck. Like, ah, poop-deck. Sorta like shit-mittens.

Hyphen Mama gives us a glimpse into her home life:

I tell my husband “You put the Poo in Pookie!” We’re trying to teach Wynnie “Pull my finger” She’ll be a riot at her preschool parties!

Lou appreciates my mother:

Speak!! Oh, toothless one!! I think I would have loved your mother.

Daysgobyenriches the list:

fart sayings: There goes that fog horn/ frog again! You were saying? One of the cats must have just learned how to fly. Who ate the beans yesterday? Ah, shit mittens! (I like that!)

From Blunk Drogging:

The Over Thinker makes an offer:

May I please do the ceremony? Don’t forget that I’m an internet revered. And I’m friggin’ envious of your phone plan. So, is it safe to say that you won’t be floating in a canoe anytime soon? Even so, maybe we could do the ceremony in a canoe–symbolism and all that jazz.

Warrior Woman allows:

You’re right that was a damn good post. And I wanna be the friggin flower girl. Packs of smokes in lieu of gifts. I’m wear black because I think white will make me burst into flames, plus I don’t own any other color.

Lou asks the million dollar question:

Can I be a pet?

And? From SIL Twice Removed

The winnah is…

Warrior Witch, who sharpens her knives on my SIl Twice Removed thusly:

Mother of God – Who dressed her? She looks like she got into a fight with a table cloth and lost. Nice face, did she steal it from a troll?

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10 Responses to “Comments of Note”

mp Says:

It’s always so fun coming here..the comments are as good as the posts!

mps last blog post..Hello September

Krissa Says:

As me dear old da would say, Oh, them’s some good ‘uns!

Krissas last blog post..No sex….but an owl!

teeni Says:

Oh, how I’ve missed these! Congratulations to Warrior Witch!

Angella Says:

I’ve been so busy I missed the Dog Fart post! We’re all about the potty talk over here…

Angellas last blog post..Seasons Change

The Over-Thinker Says:

Thanks for the acknowledgementarooo!

Dang, WW—your comment kicks all other comments’ asses. It kicks the shit-mittens out of them, if you will.


The Over-Thinkers last blog post..I, (State Your Name), “I, State Your Name.”

warriorwoman Says:



Yahoo, and thank you.

warriorwomans last blog post..the day will come…….

kaylee Says:

UI read your comments cause they are funny!

kaylees last blog post..Letter to Mary

Jenny Says:

Awe–ain’t it nice to have witchy back? You bring the little community back together.

nan Says:

Ah, WarriorWoman… I never ever want to be your enemy. But I will remember that tablecloth comment for sure, and faithfully use it in future! It would bring such joy to my friends!

nans last blog post..TGIF: In Which Nan Gets A Grip.

Goddess in the Groove Says:

OMG…I just about died laughing when I read “Blunk Drogging”, the canoe licker, the marriage proposal, and the phone plan I need….and I could not COMMENT!! My gosh, my life is a mess, and I am stalking your blog :) .

Goddess in the Grooves last blog post..I know what you were doing while I was away….