January 31st, 2008

I’m eagerly awaiting the response to my interview questions from Miguelina and I will post it right away when I get it tomorrow. I really don’t know anything about how to interview people, so I just asked questions that I wanted to know more about.

The first post I saw on her site mentioned her fear of becoming one of those new age spacey types, and who should get to interview her? That would be me.

Since you already know more than you need to about my backside, (thanks, Zoe!) I will spare you the details of what has me currently curled into a ball of misery today. I had to cancel my hair appointment. Not happy.

In lieu of a sick prezzie*, you can always vote for me. I like that.

For the price of a link Make Money Blog is offering ad space for a month. Cool huh?

*sick prezzie: A present, usually brought to a small child to occupy them while they are ill.
Often it is a book, or quiet, solitary activity.

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9 Responses to “Coming Soon”

teeni Says:

You are amazing. You make me feel bad for you and laugh in the same post. I hope that doesn’t make me a bad person. I hope you feel better soon. I think your approach to the interview was a good one – just ask questions you want to know more about. I bet the rest of us may have the same type of questions. I’m looking forward to reading it. Keep us posted! :)

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Old Knudsen Says:

Yer always looking for opportunities why haven’t you taken advantage of the new age hippy types yet? just stick a crystal onto something and those loonies will buy it. Knowing my luck I’d get to interview some grouchy old man who goes on about the war all the time, I didn’t fight the Japs at Normandy to be stuck doing something like that you know.

I hope you feel better soon, lay off the magic mushrooms or whatever you young uns are into.

Old Knudsen’s last blog post..UFO Cover Up In Texas

witchypoo Says:

Actually, it has been suggested that I unload some of my crystals via this site. But sending rocks in the mail has to be pricey, dunnit?

Marie Says:

Maybe you should put some green streaks in early this year.

I used to keep a lock of hair in the front bleached white, and I’d dye it with temporary dyes, whatever color I felt like. If I needed to I could tuck it away under the other hair. I may well do it again, there’s something symbolic there.

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Veronica Says:

Did you eat cheese again? Tsk tsk. Hope you feel better soon.

Veronica’s last blog post..Dear TV Stations.

amanda @ Shamelessly Sassy Says:

I hope you start feeling better.

amanda @ Shamelessly Sassy’s last blog post..The Martin Scandal Update

witchypoo Says:

Knudsey: I swear most people come here for your comments. They crack me up.

Ass Burger Boy and I both have the same bug. He blames my cooking. Let him eat cake, I say.

Jenny Says:

I know I come here for Old Knudsen’s comments! Oh and for my daily dose of witchypoo. I need that every day. I’d certainly take a little crystal off your hands. =) I, too, am unable to get my hair done until Sunday. Bad. Maybe I’ll take my safety scissors to it and do it myownself.

Jenny’s last blog post..Meadow Muffins and Dog Dirt

zoe Says:

my bad. lay of the cheese would ya? btw i think you should do pink. pink streaks. hot pink.

zoe’s last blog post..Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare