September 30th, 2008

You remember shit mittens, don’t you? Yeah, me too.

Shortly after posting that, Warrior Woman was enjoying my cooking, lubricated with a bottle of wine she brought over, when I spied a good-sized spider on my ficus tree.

In the past, I had gently escorted spiders out of my house. That was before I encountered the swift and nasty bite of the recluse spider that had taken up residence here.

I knew it wasn’t a recluse in my ficus, but I approached it with a murderous glint in my eye. All in house spiders now have a death sentence on their heads. Don’t be hatin. Warrior Woman is wicked afeared of spiders, so she did not object. Not even a little.

I also spied two empty potato chip bags, just minding their bidness in my wastebasket. I did a mini dumpster dive and emerged with one on each hand.

Thus was born chip mittens. With a clap of my hands, I dispatched the critter, and Warrior Woman breathed easier as I escorted the remains outside.

There are lots of contests going on right now. If you want in on some, why, just go visit these sites.

I followed a commenter to this site, and lo and behold there was an ipod shuffle up for grabs. I’ll comment after publishing this post.

And then there is Laura of I am the Diva. I wuv her. She is giving away a Zunes player. That’s like an ipod for PC users.

For those who are more into handbags than tunes, there is a fabulous launch of planet handbag, where they are giving away 24 bags in 24 hours on October 15.

See? I take away life from an innocent creature, but I’m still all about the giving. Chip mittens.

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13 Responses to “Chip Mittens”

Paunchiness Says:

Thanks for entering my little iPod Shuffle contest.

Paunchinesss last blog post..Strictly Business Trip

teeni Says:

Whew! For a minute there I thought you were going to run a contest where the prize was your spider touched chip mittens! LOL. I’m glad to see I was mistaken. :)

Ree Says:

Chip mittens. Snort. I guess I’ll have to start eating chips again…

Rees last blog post..The O’Horror of it All

oldknudsen Says:

I tell bugs they are safe as long as they stay out of my home and garden. Spiders may be beneficials as they eat flies and other bugs but they are lazy shites as I’m always being pestered by flies so I kill them all and let God sort out his own. Sorry for quoting a Catholic bishop giving orders to the templars to kill pagans. Even Fenians can come up with good soundbites. pagans are a type of spider right?

oldknudsens last blog post..Big Wiily Wanker

Jenny Says:

Chip mittens!! Priceless.

Jennys last blog post..Just Call Me Blanch

Nan Says:

Huh. Sounds plenty more efficient than my method. I’ll have to remember this!

Nans last blog post..Who IS That Masked Man?

Coast Rat Says:


When did you get bitten by a Brown Recluse? OUCH! Any lasting problems?

Coast Rats last blog post..WHAT A BUZZ! HUMMERS BY THE DOZEN!

ALF Says:

Chip mittens seem like they would be quite greasy. I can’t believe you don’t squish spiders!

ALFs last blog post..Don’t Even Get Me Started On The Refrigerator Magnets

Andy Bailey Says:

chip mittens or spider chips?
hmmmm, spiderchips…..

Andy Baileys last blog post..‘in the trade’ one liners

warriorwoman Says:

You are a brave woman.
I hate spiders they scare me.
I can face up to any bully, square off against a rageing drunk but am scared shitless of spiders.
In my defense – they have big fucking teeth.
And while I do like to be bitten – not by spiders.

What Knud said “let God sort em out”

warriorwomans last blog post..with wine comes clarity

lceel Says:

I Hate Spiders. In any shape and/or form. Chip mittens seems an appropriate destiny for arachnids.

lceels last blog post..The End’s Beginning – The Kid – Part 10

Linda Says:

Chip mittens? Adorable!

I is wicked afeard of spiders too. I however do not have a witchypoo to kill the evil arachnid. And. I’ve ruined my boys. Not a one of them can kill a spider. The dog wont help. Raid stinks up the house for days and sometimes does not kill evil. I honestly do not know what to do.

Lindas last blog post..Good bye old friend

kailani Says:

After reading the title of the post, I was left thinking, “What?”. When I read the story, it was a major “Aha” moment. Chip Mittens! ROFL!