January 29th, 2008

What? It’s criminal that I missed a day posting? I had issues. Some of them involved cheese.

An issue that didn’t involve cheese was something that broke my blog.

Not for very long though. Ree, who has the same web hosting service that I do, told me about her bandwidth crisis, and I checked my numbers only to find that I was perilously close to doing the same. I immediately sent off an email to Rob, keeper of the web-hosting smoothness. I knew Rob was a great guy because he and I went to geek school together, and I saw his niceness in action. In fact, it was Sunday when I emailed him, and he apologized that it took an hour to get back to me because he was helping a friend move. I don’t know how he found time, what with his volunteer Fire fighter duties and regular job. He told me he had some extra bandwidth this month, and not to worry about paying extra.

If you are thinking about moving to a self-hosted platform, you may want to consider someone who is personally vouched for. Someone who is reasonably-priced, and will solve your problems, even on a Sunday.

And now, to move us completely away from seeing our farts, I received a true blue award from Veronica.

She is in on the big bloggy giveaway, so go leave a comment and good luck! She is giving away $25 via PayPal. Not too shabby for leaving a comment, is it?

I would like to pass this award on to Jenny, Teeni, Unruly Duckling and Old Knudsen, because they really are true blue. The screen shot is courtesy of Jenny. I didn’t think to take one when my blog broke. She is very helpful when I have glitches and issues on all of my sites. Some of them I can fix, some, not so much.

I would like to thank those of you who take the time to comment on my posts. I do love your comments. I’m mostly answering them by email now, because I learned that is what the big girls do. If there is an item that needs more discussion, I may add to the comments section. I should have done that with the colon hydrotherapy post, but I had cheese issues.

Because I am sparing you the details of my cheese issues, you should hit that Blogger’s Choice Awards button on my sidebar and go vote for me. Really? It’s the lesser of the two evils. Truly.

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17 Responses to “Cheese and Bandwidth and Awards Oh My”

teeni Says:

Wow! An award AND being spared some undoubtedly disgusting image that would require me to acid-wash my eyes about cheese? Today is good, my friend. Thank you so much! It’s an honor to be considered true blue! Will post about it soon! Thanks again and also for the other great links!

teeni’s last blog post..?Tis the Season

Marie Says:

You had me at “cheese.” Now I have to go eat some.

Marie’s last blog post..Starbucks!

Ree Says:

I hope Rob is getting some new business! He truly is a great guy (and a good buy, too!)

And congrats on the award!

Ree’s last blog post..I Promised You A Blogolution

Increase Traffic Says:

Hah..!!! I never encountered this problem before..!! But in future, who knows?

Poo..!! You’re giving me an idea on what to eat.. scramble egg with cheese.. Yummy..!!

“Hey..!! That mouse took my cheese..Damn Mickey Mouse!! ”
Err.. I change my menu then..

Anyway, congrats on your award, Poo.. And always love your post..!! *Stumble!*

Increase Traffic’s last blog post..Hey Collin Lahay, What Happen To RssHugger?

Old Knudsen Says:

I’d just like to thank Witchypoo for this award and for all those strange people that have found me through her. I’d like to also thank the man upstairs, no not God I’m talking about the bloke in my attic fixing my water tank.
I know no good can come from cheese, especially when the words issues is used with it and I hope its easy to clean.
Remember its not the size of the bandwidth that counts its what you can do with it. Yes I know nothing about computery things.

Oh and Witchy I was longlisted on the Irish Blog awards for best pop culture blog, there are 13 of us in total which reminds me of the Loki story in which he is the 13th guest at a party. I shall try to remain civil for fear of being chained to a rock and a snake dripping venom on me

Old Knudsen’s last blog post..Tarzan Star To Tell All

Angella Says:

You *are* true blue. Congrats!

And you know I voted for you already, because you deserve it!

Angella’s last blog post..On Her Behalf

Veronica Says:

I want to know about your cheese issues! Cheese…mmmmmmmm. Oh wait, sorry I was commenting, wasn’t I.

Glad you liked your award and you passed it onto lovely people!

Veronica’s last blog post..The Big Blog Giveaway

kailani Says:

Glad to hear you got it fixed quickly. Remember when that happened to me recently? I almost had an anxiety attack!

kailani’s last blog post..Do You Flush?

Just Beachy Says:

You are all over aren’t you? Wow! Bandwith issues! Can’t say my 10 readers have ever used all mine.. bwaahhhhaaaa.

Congrats! I think you are true blue too!

Just Beachy’s last blog post..What is it With Bubble Wrap Already?

ScorpWebSolutions Says:

Congrats on the award Witchy, and thank you for your kind words :) Always willing to help out when I can.

Jenny Says:

Yeah, I’m pretty sure my bandwidth is far from being exceeded. Congrats on your True Blue, and much thanks for passing it on to me (now I’ll spend another 10 hours trying to figure out how to display it)! You really are the best. HEY, maybe you should create a Purple Plate award… Kind of the ‘free energy’ award for those bloggers that give you a little spring in your step each day. And it could linky-loo to the Purple Plate site. Oh wait, I need to learn to keep my thousand simultaneous thoughts harnessed. I was leaving a comment…thanking you for your fabulous bloggyness. That reminds me, I have some submissions for Ask Witchypoo… I’ll have to get on that.

Jenny’s last blog post..Letters to the Universe

Unruly Duckling Says:

I’m glad your blog’s not broke down. I would miss it.

I think it would be too bad if you stopped responding to comments here on the blog. One of the things I really enjoy about reading blogs is the great conversation in the comments sections.

Unruly Duckling’s last blog post..Feeling Better

Increase Traffic Says:


My web hosting provide me with 10G disk Space and 30G (Sorry, it’s not 50G as i mentioned in my blog)bandwidth which i find very awesome.. And i hope i won’t get that error.. Cause i turn crazy when i can’t blog..!!

Increase Traffic’s last blog post..Hey Collin Lahay, What Happen To RssHugger?

mommyknows Says:

Sounds like Rob deserves a ‘true blue’ too!

Congrats on your award.


mommyknows’s last blog post..30 Tiny Moments – Day 1

kim aka frogpondsrock Says:

cheese.. Who has the cheese??? I need cheese..

cheese Kim oops i meant cheers Kim :)

kim aka frogpondsrock’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

nan Says:

We have to be grown up??! WHY??!

nan’s last blog post..Finally, I blog my dog

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