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Sometimes, when psychics get together, they like to exchange stories, without naming names, of course. Some of us are mediums, which means we can connect with those who have passed on before us, and it isn’t only people that hang around after they die.

Which brought me to the whole ill-advised schtick I did about hamsters, and how they had to be the bic of pets. Cheap to obtain, very short life expectancy, and ultimately replaceable. (Well, if one would consider replacing a rodent that keeps a body up all night on that noisy danged hamster wheel.) Disposable. Could it be any other way? I thought not.

Then this medium chimes in. Now some of us have medium-istic abilities; I do myself, although I can’t refrain from replying “I’m a medium-large” when asked if I’m a medium. This guy, however, doesn’t do cards or runes, or anything else except talk to the dead. It’s his specialty.

He opens by telling us about a woman he read for. He immediately told her “I see a hamster sitting on your shoulder” whereupon the woman immediately collapsed into a noisy sobbing heap and caused quite a scene. Seems her hamster recently passed and she had trouble dealing.

I was starting to feel bad for my callous hamster remarks. People have feelings for their pets, even if they are only short-timers. I’m thinking I need to have more compassion.

Then the medium lost it. He dissolved into a gooey puddle of laughy glee that he could not contain. He was gasping as he recounted how hard it was for him to continue the reading with a straight face.

Moral: Beware of mediums if your heart has been broken by a hamster.Some of them can be real arseholes.

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I was born very near the feeding grounds of many large whales, at a time of year just before they head there in large numbers. I have always had a deep affinity for whales, but the finback, the finback whale is really special to me.

Only the blue whale is larger. The fin isn’t the showiest when it surfaces because it is a whale that doesn’t show it’s tail. If you saw one, you so wouldn’t care about the tail. These animals have presence. They are sentient beings. They know things. And the sheer size of them is astounding.

two finbacks up close and personal

The one on the left? Fixing to dive under the boat. Thrilling.

The first whale watch I went on, I called the whale to me. We only saw a minke that day, but it surfaced right beside where I sat. Hardly anyone else saw it. I’m certain it heard my call, and came to investigate.

If you get the opportunity to go on a whale watch tour, jump on it! Best time for sailing is the earlier tours, around 10 am, before the wind and the chop comes up.

Whale has visited me in other ways as well, in the dreamtime.

Not too long ago, I lived on a cliff, overlooking the ocean. I dreamed a staircase of ice, leading from the ocean up to my bed. Swimming under the ice of the staircase was a procession of finbacks, each coming to me to share knowledge, then swimming back down. This event was another activation, an awakening of memories that I didn’t realize I had. Sort of like “I knew that. I just didn’t know I knew it until now.”

Soon after, I began to notice the clocks around me when they were at 11:11. One clock actually stopped at 11:11. I began to hook up with other healers in the early days of the internet, on IRC. We shared energy, and worked together to heal people and situations in the world, this world which suddenly became much smaller.

This dream was a precursor to the 11:11 activation, which was an initiation into the energies of the Archangel Michael. And then, all heaven broke loose.

But that is a tale for another day.

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You might think that this photo is more proof (after yesterday’s post) that I hate cats.

It happened that I had nothing to say yesterday. Couldn’t tell my stories the way I wanted to.

I submit to you a photo from my sister-in-law. Proof that it isn’t safe to leave animals, kids, and Christmas decorations unattended.

Don’t show your kids. They will get evil ideas.

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Well, it didn’t go all “witchypoo, witchypoo” because crows?

They don’t talk like that.

No, this crow, this crow Came. Just. For. Me. That’s how dramatic it was, with a capital letter full stop each word.

Scenario: Bus stop. Two people plus one average, everyday, witchypoo.

Minding our own bidness, because that is how to best get along at a bus stop.

No asking them what they bought at the nearby liquor store because they might think you are getting all judgmental on them.

Or hoping they will share. Neither of which makes friends, but could cause bodily harm. Not all the people that wait at a bus stop near a liquor store are nice people.

But you know, I really wanted to ask them.

My filters are much better now. I know things.

Crow is waiting on the lamp standard while all of this goes through my tiny little brain.

I feel a touch on my head.

Crow has nudged me with his wing. Hair molesting crow.

Crow lights on the pavement directly in front of me.

The other two move away from me.

It could be because I start to talk to crow. “Well hello, crow. What do you want of me?” It had to be English. I don’t talk crow, except for “caw, caw”, and then crow would think I was making fun of him. Crow hopped sideways a few times, because crow doesn’t want you to know exactly what it is doing.

If you don’t believe me, just watch crow around food.

Crow lands near food, cocks his head, as if to say “Well, looky, here! Food! Lucky me!” then hops nonchalantly over to the food.

That’s how crow rolls.

Crow cocks his head, looks at me right saucy it does, and does the same thing on the other side of its head.

The other two people at the bus stop are nervously and longingly fingering their liquor store purchases.

Crow does an elaborate crow dance, interspersed with many right saucy crow looks. I knew that somebody had died. I knew it.

They had sent crow so they could say goodbye to me. “Thank you for your message, crow.”

I say this out loud, in front of those potentially dangerous, liquor store- shopping bus stop people.

Only now, they think I am the dangerous one.

Why? Not only did I talk to crow, but they saw the crow dance, the crow dance meant especially for me.

Also? They knew it was for me. I saw the looks.

I get on the bus with that sick, dread feeling in the tummy. I start to make my phone calls when I get home. Grammie is 95. She answers the phone. Whew. I go through a list of possibles, leaving the call to The Papa for last.

Why? The Papa has been very ill; I don’t talk to him much, since he considers me a Tool of Satan and all.

The mildly amusing OCD Stepmother calls me.

She tells me that The Papa is having a good day. Whew.

She used to live in the city where I live now. Still gets the old home town paper.

“I saw an obituary in the paper from the city where you live now. It said Saucy Man died. Is this the same Saucy Man that we met?”

Oh. My. Yes. Yes, it is.

I should have known. That was one saucy, hair molesting crow.