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Okay, I’ve never had funeral potatoes, but I might want to look up the recipe.

I swore I wouldn’t attend any more funerals after my Mom died because, frankly, it was ugly. But then, it was not Dad’s children that were being mean-spirited. It was Mom’s. I just now figured that out.

My mother and father had a marriage made in hell, and I believe his second marriage made him into the kind of man that gave his second set of children the father I never had.

I have to say that this particular funeral service was very healing for all concerned, and certainly provided healing for me.

I want to say a word about his second wife, mildly amusing OCD stepmother. She loved him without reservation, and wanted to be certain that his send-off was her last gift to him. She pulled it off like a champion. There was no drama, no sniping at others, and everyone just loved on everyone else.

She did her best to make everyone feel welcomed, and wanted to send him off with a nice family gathering. She put aside any differences she might have with others, and she did it because she loved him so much.

The funeral directors made a point of remarking what a nice family they dealt with. I’m pretty sure they have seen some train wrecks, but there were none in evidence that day.

Grammie showed up and provided some welcome comic relief. I can honestly say it was an awesome service. Look here for a creepily appropriate picture of Grammie.

I resolved I would say goodbye to my father in the same spirit which I met him. With the unrestrained love of an infant.

That is precisely what I did. I am so thankful.

I’m totally okay with this. And? That is my miracle.

And guess who was one of the first non-family members that showed up for the viewing? Horny McSlutty! Bonus. We thought he might be dead too.

Thank you all for your good energy and wishes. Know that I felt it, and greatly appreciated it.

You are in my heart.

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My cousin, one of the twins, picked me up yesterday to visit with Grammie, and it was a treat and a half.

Grammie’s eyes lit up like Christmas when she saw me, and there were a few tears of happiness all around.

She is not falling anymore since her meds have been adjusted. She had had a stroke, and the medicos had blasted her with blood pressure meds so much that her BP was dangerously low. As a result, she had many falls because she was so dizzy when she stood up.

The geniuses only figured this out recently, and now she has been getting out of bed and walking with a walker. Still a little shaky from so much bed rest, and being tied to a geriatric chair.

She’s still full of spirit though, and although she hates the hospital (can’t blame her) she likes to shock the nurses by saying she broke her dink. (she broke her pelvis in a fall)

I think she will be able to go back very soon to the lovely place she was before she was admitted to hospital. The people who run it are wonderful, and they all love her. That makes them A-OK in my books.

I have had very little internet access since I wrote this, and I came home from being kidnapped into a camping adventure just now.

I booted up my home computer and it had a hard disk boot failure message. Oh, the woedness!

I got some pics of Skinny Bitch and Will-Yummy, but will not be able to upload them any time before Friday. Wait for the post. We all had fun!

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I know that some of you may be considering a trip to San Francisco for the BlogHer conference this summer, and some others of you may have other travel plans.

I have a $100 voucher for American Airlines up for grabs. It’s valid until August 03, 2008. Sound okay?

Just link to this giveaway for your chance to win. Tell your blog buddies.

It’s a decent prize for the travel minded.

Winner announced on Saturday next

To those who have been wondering: Yes, I’m feeling poorly right now, but with any luck, I’ll live. I just don’t feel pretty and witty right now.

HOORAY! The Purple Plates site is now working in Firefox and IE7. The IE6 code will have to wait until tomorrow.

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Call me a Grammie’s girl, but I am crazy about my Grammie. She was the person I hurried toward when my own mother died, and she has always been a constant source of love and comfort to me.

She has been in hospital for over a week now, and last Monday, she broke her pelvis. Apparently, the pain meds have made her loopy, and she thought she could walk.

She wasn’t properly restrained, and she got out of bed, only to fall once more. They have taken her to a larger centre for a CAT scan.

She hates that she doesn’t remember things the way she used to, and I can honour that. I wish I was ready to let her go, but I long to be able to see her just one more time. I was hoping it was when I was scheduled to work in that area, but it sure isn’t looking good now, and I really can’t afford the trip right now.

Pneumonia is a real concern for elderly immoblilized patients. Please reach into your hearts and send a prayer of love to Grammie along with me.

Today’s puzzle is an image of Grammie that I call Tricky Ole Bird.

I love you, Grammie. I hope you are in shape to field your mother’s day calls tomorrow.

And Mom? I’m sending my love to you, and know that you feel it.

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My Grammie is in hospital. She was admitted because she kept falling down. She broke her pelvis while in hospital. That kind of forced immobility is usually a death sentence of pneumonia for the elderly.

Today I am antsy, and just have an oppressive feeling of dread. The weather is matching my mood.

I’m afraid to call her. She was so disoriented the last time I did, and I’m not sure she knew who I was. But I’m afraid someone else will be answering.

I don’t want to know.

I’m going to cry now.

Update: I did call and there was no answer. I called my BFF from highschool and asked her to drop by after work and call me. The dread feeling lifted around 4 pm, and I got a call around 8 pm, saying that Grammie was discombobulated, but alive and kicking, and making funnies. I still don’t know what gave me that awful feeling of dread.

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