August 14th, 2009 | 14 Comments »
  • I eat cereal most every day, but never with milk. I like it with fruit, and consider the cereal to be a fruit delivery mechanism. Fruit juice is acceptable if the fruity goodness I provide doesn’t properly sog up the cereal.
  • I have some minor food issues (read: sensitivities) like dairy for one, but I feel that the occasional portion of ice cream with my cake is perfectly acceptable. Except that I usually feel kind of grody the next day. Like now. My brain is on vacation, and did not post its itinerary. Anybody see my brain lately? I’ll give you ice cream if you return it to me.
  • I seldom overeat. I just don’t want to hurt myself. ABB cannot stand to waste food, the freak. He cleans up what I can’t finish. An all you can eat buffet is so wasted on me, but ABB evens out the playing field.
  • I’m going to a tweetup today, and yesterday, I got a bad haircut. I know it’s really bad because I had major bedhead when I woke up this morning. I won’t have time to get it fixed. Woedness.
  • I haven’t had a post for ages. This is what my brain on ice cream looks like.
  • My ice cream brain volunteered to make some web pages for a chairty event. I guess I had best get busy. So far, I’ve been busy playing Zuma when I’m not working. Uh oh.
  • My site isn’t loading. Twitter, however, is working fine. Not a good sign for me.
July 27th, 2009 | 19 Comments »

I went shopping yesterday. I did not buy pajamas. Those who know me in real life are all gaspy, because I bought jeans. To, like, go out of the house in. I couldn’t find a top other than oversized t-shirts to reach the low rise waistband. (Is it even a waistband when it is so far below the waist? Never mind.) Anyway, no cute tops, just oversized t-shirts.

So I’m feeling kind of not so huge and fat today, getting ready for my physio appointment, even putting on makeup and A BRA. I break out the new jeans, and search for something that isn’t a hundred sizes too big.

I don’t realize how wildly inappropriate my choice of regular sized t-shirts is until I am on the way to my appointment.

I realize that the green shirt has Ho Ho Ho in red and white letters. It’s what I wear with my matching Christmas pajama bottoms.

I’m either celebrating Christmas in July or advertising that I’m an aging skank.

I really need to get out more.

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July 21st, 2009 | 16 Comments »

I met up again last month with some colleagues that I hadn’t seen for a year, and two of them asked me if I had lost weight. I muttered that I didn’t think so, and let it go at that. How do you know if you’ve lost weight if elastic waistbands are part of your daily life I ask you?

I stepped on the scales last night and was surprised to find that I was 25 pounds less weighty than the last time I checked. (About a year ago) The scales were pretty dusty, and I was wary of touching them, as they had been living in a nook in my bathroom. The first thought I had was that they were gummed up by the dust of disuse. It’s a possiblility.

My stepping on the scale was a sort of benchmark gesture, since my physio exercises have made me feel so much better that I have been motivated to try other exercises to build up my core strength. That way, my back will not be painful, and sucking my gut in and walking with my shoulders back improves my appearance. Still in pajamas, mostly, but now with a model’s walk.

Okay. A fat, old model. But still.

I do not need wine to dull the pain in my neck and shoulders anymore. I barely take anti-inflammatories. (compared to earlier, when I swallowed them on a schedule. I still had breakthrough pain)

My blood test results were pretty good. Blood sugar: fine. Cholesterol: pretty good. Liver, kidneys: okay. Thyroid: all good.

Now the only thing left is that pesky smoking habit. It’s next.

I think I’m finally starting to emerge from the deep blow caused by my mother’s death. It feels good to be alive.

Now, if I can only keep Herman in check, I’m golden.

June 4th, 2009 | 21 Comments »

My birthday is Friday. (Can I just say here, please, no e-cards? Thanks.) I am being pestered by some charming bloggy friends to do something festive to celebrate and mark the occasion, since it’s a milestone event that ends in 0. What goes before the zero? If I wanted to share that, I would have told you already.

Frankly, since I have been feeling better and managing my pain better, I am more on a push to make money to prepare for my trip at the end of the month. And keep up with the bills, even though I will be taking a week off at the end of June. This requires planning.

I’ve caved to the notion that working on my birthday is insane if it’s voluntary, so I cleared my schedule with the network for that day. (I can always log on if I feel ambitious.) So, that’s festive, kind of. Or not.

Since I’m 1/8 Native Canadian (straddling the US border), I thought that I would like to celebrate in the native way, with a giveaway.

For those who suffer anxiety especially, (but you may substitute anxiety for whatever you are suffering from,) this will help. It is a way to self-treat any blockages in your energy field. For instance, loss of a loved one through death or breakup can often leave a heavy weight on one’s heart. It makes for difficulty in experiencing joy in other things. You can use this mini meditation to remove blockages from your heart chakra. Or wherever you sense the blockages to be.

This will start a download to your desktop. Double click to unzip and put it on your ipod, or wherever you keep mp3 files.

It’s a nice little five minute holiday that you can give yourself each day.

Except when you are driving. Because that would suck.


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May 26th, 2009 | 20 Comments »

Oh. Hi! Remember me? I’ve been one big sweaty ball of pain for the last six months or so. Which might account for my minimal posting. Or not. But I have finally got me a diagnosis, and with that, a plan. Plans are good. They give me confidence. Confidence that I can manage this pain without killing my liver any deader by using anti-inflammatories and wine in combination. Well, dead is dead, of course. What was I saying?

Oh yeah. I have a diagnosis for the pain in my neck and shoulders and arms and OH GOD I THOUGHT I WOULD DIE. Did I shout that? I’m sorry. Put your eyeplugs away now. It basically is a degenerative condition involving my C4 vertebra, which is odd, because you all know my aversion to bras, and I wish I had been kinder to this one. The good news is that I can take steps to really slow down or even stop the degeneration, and that is why I am excited about the plan.

Today, I saw my physiotherapist, Selda, who is totally not a sadist, so score! Over ten years of pretty steady computer usage (remember I went to geek school? I totally did.) and being unaware of my posture actually causes damage. Who knew? They should entirely cover how to sit so you don’t kill your liver in geek school. The geeks would be so grateful. Well, maybe just the older-than-the-instructors geeks.

Anyway, Selda was totally patient as she explained what was going on, and how I could benefit from the exercises. She told me what the goal of each exercise was, and how to modify the way I had been doing them the past week. And why. Why is important. I committed to 100% compliance to the schedule of exercises between last week and this week, and hot diggity, I saw some results! Small results, but it gives me hope. And my liver is gasping in exhaustion, but proud of me. Besides, I’ve been taking a product that is similar to glucosamine without the pesky side effects, and I’m convinced that I can keep this thing from getting worse.

So now that I have hope and all, I also have a plan to dig myself out of the financial hole the pain put me in. Well, that and that pesky trip to visit Skinny Bitch and get together with my father’s side of the family, including Grammie! We all love us some Grammie. It won’t take me long. I can do this. Shut up, I can. Ass Burger Boy is helping tremendously. On all fronts. I’m so proud of him.

And the pain in the butt? Has a name. Herman. (Thanks, Krissa.) We’ll address Herman when he is screaming for attention again. You’re welcome.