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My folks come from an island in the Bay of Fundy. Island folk are rather insular, sometimes even xenophobic, and they have their ways.

Some of them are quite the characters, colourful like you don’t see everyday for sure.

One of these was Poopy Small. My uncle told me how Poopy got his nickname. I’ll leave those schoolyard details to your imagination, but it stuck even after he was all grown up and a grandfather to boot.

One time when Poopy was not feeling entirely like his nickname, if you get my drift, he was so uncomfortable that he visited the crusty old island doctor for relief.

The doc told Poopy to take some suppositories and come back in a week.

Doc: How’d those suppositories work for you, Poopy?

Poopy: (whiny old man voice) You know doc, for all the good they did me, I might just as well have stuck them up me arse.

That’s Island Folk for you.

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Hi! I lived through Hurricane Bill! Bet you’re proud of me, huh? Didn’t even lose electricity after my massive preparations for a loss of power. Don’t worry. Warrior Woman, who I will no longer link to because she routinely deletes her posts, made fun of me all last night while I was exhausting myself getting ready. Really. I’m hardly bitter at all.

I found a lot of local tweeps to follow on Twitter during the whole hashtag that was #HurricaneBill, and found some amazing images from them, since I never got out of my underwears all day. (Too hot for jammies)

There is a webcam at the scenic Peggy’s Cove lighthouse, and one smart twitterer (twit? tweep?) took screenshots and merged them into a totally amazing video.

Truly worth the clicky. These waves are spectacular. And the process of natural selection was brought into play as some folks just had to get up close and personal. Some teens were swept away by rogue waves. They were rescued.

After viewing this display of Bill’s power, it is suitable that you have a visual of how my immediate neighborhood was impacted. From I have photographic evidence. My fellow citizens were grateful I was not collecting it myself in my underwears.

hurricane damage

So really, it was only a cat 1, and the eye was 100 km from me. Mostly, a non-event. We took a direct hit from Juan, a cat2. Big difference! Sorry I scared you. I was freaking out myself with that pesky dream I had.

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August 21st, 2009 | 13 Comments »

A few days ago, I woke up from a dream where I watched from the doorway (with my father and a friend of his) a power transformer that started to burn, then it exploded, and went zooming off to the right. I awakened to the sound of my own startled voice. The imagery was very evocative of The Tower, the bad guy of the tarot deck.

I mean, just look at it. Do you need to be psychic to feel it isn’t good?


The Tower indicates that drastic change is about to take place. Perhaps your whole life is about to come undone and can break down. Anything that you consider permanent in your life is at risk. It doesn’t matter how solid the foundation is. When The Tower comes up, everything is susceptible.

The card is basically telling you that what is in the past is in the past and you need to move on. There is no point in sifting through the rubble and trying to salvage things. It presents the opportunity to start anew, so take it. It’s not a hint. Nothing subtle here, folks. If you try to hold on to what is lost, you’ll be living in a world that no longer exists.

It also has the redemption of transformation. All the illusions of what is important to you fade away. The smoke and mirrors falling away reveal what is really important. You see things how they really are.

I had seen some rumblings about Hurricane Bill a few days ago, but after the dream, I expected we would take a direct hit. I still think so. It’s supposed to hit here Sunday. Even if it doesn’t make landfall, it is 185 kilometers from eye to end, with hurricane force winds throughout.

I remember vividly when Hurricane Juan made landfall here in 2003. I’ll never forget the horrible howling of its winds. Sleep was impossible. I learned a few things about preparation for a hurricane. Mostly because nobody was prepared. Including me.

Now for the joy of cooking all of my frozen meat. In this killer heat wave that is acting like fertilizer for the hurricane. I’m so excited. Did I mention I’m a heat weinie? Why yes, yes I am. Nobody here has A/C unless they’re crazy rich because we so seldom need it. At least I learned that having cooked, thawed meat to gnaw on when you have no electricity is better than looking helplessly at your thawing raw meat and having no way to cook it. Yes, I will be getting an extra propane tank, but my BBQ is small. I’m kind of afraid to use it.

Okay, now. Breathe.

Probably that is the best advice to get through The Tower.

Prepare, if you can. And breathe.

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December 26th, 2008 | 16 Comments »

Freedom! I can smell it, just around the corner.

Speaking of smells, I’m simmering turkey carcass to make stock. I made so many mashed potatoes for yesterday’s feast for two that I’m also fixing to freeze me a shepherd’s pie. Because, really, how often can you face left over mashed potatoes?

I was very happy this year that Ass Burger Boy chose to stay at home for the celebratory meal. There was a wee glitch when I upended his wine glass while reaching for the cranberry sauce. His meal was swimming in wine. He wouldn’t allow me to replace it, and even said the extra wine was quite yummy. (He had two more helpings, with only wine in his glass, not on his plate)

He ended up rather intoxicated.

I shouldn’t have refilled his glass.

I hope that you had a lovely, cosy, holiday meal, and happy family times.

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Hurricane Kyle came and it went. Five years to the day that Hurricane Juan made a direct hit here. Tell ya what. Don’t plan any outdoor weddings here for Sept 28th. A lot of leaves down, but very few branches. The leaves haven’t changed colour here yet. That always scares me when a hurricane is heading our way. The fully leafed trees act as sails, and are easily uprooted in strong sustained winds.Luckily, this was only a category one, and it made landfall a few hundred clicks away.

All in all, I would say compared to Krissa, who took in various pets, including a six foot boa during Ike, Kyle was pretty much a preparation event, with none of the damage locally. She was without electricity and phone for about a week. No A/C. In Texas. And snakes. Snakes. Go read, it’s fascinating.

There was none of that traumatizing howling, and breaking of windows with this storm. I behaved much better this time. Heh. No week without electricity, prompting us to bring our meat to neighbourhood barbeques or lose it. I bought a bottle of wine in case there was a hurricane party. And food you don’t have to cook or refridgerate. (Read: Munchies-party food!) I also made giant pots of pasta with chicken, and one with hamburger, both loaded with veg and different sauces. Stuff you can eat cold. And an extra pot of coffee. I can drink it cold. People always want iced coffee in summer. Danged if I wanted to get my caffeine in the form of a warm pepsi at twice the usual price.

Guess who won’t be cooking tonight?

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