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I have several, and most of them involved alcohol. Oh, the good ole days.

When I was much younger, one of the fun things to do with my buddy, Torch, and our other sidekick, the Big V, was to select a different place to terrorize, and head out on a road trip.

On one of these epic journeys, the Big V and I both had the urge to pee at the same time. We were far from any exits or rest areas, and we had some urgency in our situation.

Torch pulled over to the shoulder, and pointed to some woods about 200 yards from the road. We ran, not walked, and even went into the woods a ways so as not to be detected.

There was much sighing of relief and high fiving with unwashed hands. A truimphant return to the car.

Torch was convulsed with laughter.

Torch: “I suppose you thought since you were in the woods that nobody could see you?”

witchypee: “Well, yeah.”

Torch: (howling) “Look. At. The. Treeline. Didn’t you see the cars slowing down to get a look?”

witchypee: “Some very bad words”

We felt hidden in the woods, but the lower branches of the trees were far above our heads.

Public display of communal peeing. Gotta love road trips.

Now, it’s your turn. Tell us your most embarrassing moments. You can always post anonymously if you must. I’m smelling a possible comment of the week here.

February 26th, 2008 | 7 Comments »

It’s Tuesday, and that means I get to find something funny to leave here instead of a real post. Oh, be quiet. You know I post every day, and I didn’t even join that post every day thingie.

For more of the funny, click on the feather that is looking at you with peacock eye. Try to behave. It’s a tattletale feather.

I have things to do today that don’t involve the internet. I know, it’s sad, truly. I will try to do better. In the meantime, enjoy this photo of my nephew, who has a good start on being a comedian. Cute belly, huh?

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February 19th, 2008 | 23 Comments »

Yes! It’s tuesday! And our friend Marie has given us the choice to use this graphic instead of the slightly disturbing one she had before. Now we have a feather that seems to be looking at us. I been good, feather! Honest!

A bit of a backstory on this one. Warrior Woman had this photo of her incredibly spoiled cat, Salem, who I like to call Satan, just to torture her. She claims to have zero computer skills and so gave me the photo to use as I would. And I did. Satan is a huuuuge dadgum kitteh, no?

Btw, Warrior Woman hates it when I peel an orange around her kittehs. I think it’s an effective way of getting his stank arse out of my face after he has used the litterbox, and hops up on the table. But mostly, I do it just for fun.

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