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I’d forgotten how ridiculously easy Dreamweaver is to work with for web developers.

It’s like if you sneeze, Dreamweaver hands you a tissue.

And, it made me absurdly happy to fix my purple plates site. If you have Internet Explorer 6, you can access the site from a link on the page.

I was singing in my head, because that is the only place it sounds good to anybody, “Wooo-oooo, you’re my best friend” and I was referring to Dreamweaver.

I wouldn’t make out with it and have its babies, because, Hello? It’s software.

I’m guessing not much that is soft makes the babies. Where was I?

The reason the site was wonky? One tiny piece of code, three characters long, on one page.


Yep, those three. I was too sick over the weekend to tackle any kind of task requiring any smarts at all. I stayed up late last night, poring over code, and had the solution for IE6 this morning. All of the problems with the site had to do with file management.

Or, in my case, file mis-management.

I feel much better now.

Go buy some. They’re awesome. You are too, and you always smell nice.

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Conversation this afternoon:

Ass Burger Boy: Are you going out somewhere?

witchypoo: No. Why?

ABB: You hosed yourself off.

witchypoo: I smelled like ass.

ABB: Oh.

Eloquence. I owns it.

In other news, I’ve been tweaking my theme again. The very pregnant Revka of RS Designs made me a signature for my posts. I have subscribed to their newsletter, and get the scoop when they offer free stuff. Free is my favourite price. If you subscribe, she might just make one for you, too!

She even offered to help me install it. I have issues where images in my posts all have borders, (unless they’re a:links) and the code would have given me a border to the signature, so I just put the signature as a background image in the CSS for the div that I always use at the foot of each post anyway. Works a treat.

You may now uncross your eyes.

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January 26th, 2008 | 9 Comments »

Is it a feature of WordPress that they automatically close comments on your post about ninety-nine-plus-one things? Because I checked, and they were enabled.
Or they don’t want numbers in the title?
Or has my site been hacked?
Because, seriously, I deleted the original post below because comments would not work.
I wrote a test post to see if comments worked. They did.
I deleted both posts and wrote another. Comments didn’t work. I changed the title, but it was infected with the error of doom. When I clicked on the permalink of the post with the changed title, the original showed up. And, no comments.
If you want to comment on that shall not be named post, do it here.
There is not enough coffee in the world to make me smart enough to fix this.
Has anyone else ever encountered this?

Edit: A search of WP forums provided me with a partial answer. The parsing of post titles is for strings, and numbers are not included. So it just doesn’t like to play nice when the parsing, it is confused. Dates are not considered numbers if that is how your post titles are configured to display, but actual numbers, you will be punished for.
And now, the comments in the post that should be titled “100 Things” but is called “This Title is Cursed” work now.

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