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There is an initiative started by Catherine, Her Bad Mother, and her friend, David, to highlight 80 moms around the world, and link back to them so they can see who has participated.

It’s all Ree’s fault. She put me up to it. The deal is to write five things you love about being a mom. I responded that I can barely count to five, but then I remembered, I have my purdy heart bullets, and they’re all about love, aren’t they?

  • I love how they are light-years ahead of me when I was their age. Not saying I take credit for it, but, wow. Smarter, more character, the list goes on.
  • I love how they make me laugh. Both are dead-on mimics, and Ass Burger Boy continues to hone his stand-up comedy routine. Also, they get the joke when I mess with them. Phew. Cause I really enjoy messing with them.
  • That smarter thing? The look of wonder in your child’s eyes as they see something for the first time? Totally addictive.
  • Some parents would die if their children never left home. My younger informed me when he was nine years old that he would always live with me. I’m good with that until he gets a wife. He’s pretty good company.
  • The love I felt when I first looked into their eyes? It was the most healing thing I have ever experienced. They have made me want to be a better person, for them. It ain’t about the nursing home. Your children eventually will hold you accountable.

So the deal is, you link to Catherine and David and me, pick someone in another country to do the same, and write your five things that you love about being a mother.

Then we will all clickety-click around the world, even to some who might not be considered mommy bloggers. (That would be me.) One blogger I consider inspirational and fun is Nan. She lives in Trinidad and Tobago, but will soon be relocating to England. I guess those are both other countries. Also? I nominate Zoe and Hyphen Mama, because I just don’t know how they do it with such humour. A Canuck living in my neck of the woods? That would be Kate of Sweet|Salty fame. And a transplanted American living nearby is Jessica of Daysgoby.

So, start hopping around the world with your virtual clicks! Fun!

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I’ve struggled with this one before. What is my niche?

I’m a mom, but not a mommyblogger. Unless you put me in the category of dinosaur mom.

I’m a psychic, but cannot share stories from the psychic network that cannot be named here. They might get sued.

I’m a geek, but my regular readers cry in pain when I post anything remotely geek.

All of the social media thingies that ask you to put yourself in a category, well, I never know what category I fit in.

I started out to build a bridge between myself and Christians who might consider me a Tool of Satan because of my psychic readings. To promote a bit of understanding.

Mostly, I guess, I just tell stories.

There is no storyteller niche.

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Nan asked me to explain how I got the heart icons to be my bullet images. You may have noticed in the address bar of your browser for this site, that it displays a small heart image. This is called a favicon. You can choose your own image to brand your site and make a favicon. The instructions are pretty well laid out on the following free site.

  • Go to http://www.favicongenerator.com/
  • Once you have your favicon in place, you will want to mess with your CSS. I’ve always wanted to say that. Heh.
  • Most CSS or stylesheets are documented, so that layout, sidebars, footers, headers, etc., are separated from the section we are interested in, which is main, or entries.
  • Trust me, you don’t want bullet images on your sidebar. In fact, I have set my sidebar bullets to not display. It’s tidier that way.
  • Under main, or entries, look for these tags: <ul><li>
  • Here’s the code from my site, yours will be slightly different:

#main .entryBox .entry ul,{

#main .entryBox .entry li {


padding: 2px;


  • Back up the old code in case of emergency.
  • Paste the bold code over your existing li code.
  • I suggested to Ree that she use her boot image.
  • Just upload your favicon.ico to your images folder and Bob’s your Uncle!
  • With this code in place in your stylesheet, it will display your favicon as a bullet image.
  • I’m not sure you can change the blogger favicon, but you can change the bullet styling on blogspot blogs. For blogspot bloggers, rename the image to whatever you like, with the filename .ico
  • Now show witchypoo your goodies.
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Inspiration. It comes to me from yarning while guzzling delicately sipping on a lovely red wine with friends. I keep a notebook beside me to jot blog post ideas on it.

Note the elegant wine stains. I’m all about the class.

I print the really good ones so I can read them the next day. My handwriting? Not so easy to decipher. Most of these ideas came from stories I told Warrior Woman. Oh, how we laughed at the time!

I just noticed that none of them are about poop or even farts. Well, technically, pussyfarts are about farts. They just aren’t the first thing you think of when you think of farts.

I sometimes wonder if I’m actually an 8 year old boy child. Heh.

Anything there you want to read about?

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Kelly, The Awesome One of magnetoboldtoo fame, has had a stroke at the tender age of 36.

I just know she’s driving all the staff at the hospital insane. Seems she doesn’t take orders well, or eat inferior food either. Plus, I’m pretty sure she’s sharing a room with a person of non-awesome proportions. It’s a cruel world.

Why not wander over to “visit” her in her comments section? The nurses will thank you for the diversion. Really.

Big sloppy kisses to you, biatch.

Get better soon, and I hope this liddle linky love sends some new folks your way.

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