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The fabulous commentluv contest was a winner all round. There was one winner on my site, but I earned the moniker Jammy Cow for bringing in six, count em, six prizes.

A lot of new readers came to my blog because of the contest. Some of them were generous with their stumbling as well. I hope that everyone who entered and participated in the contest found it as beneficial as I did.

I’m still working on getting Zoe’s blogspot site installed with commentluv. The problem is on the JS-Kit site. It will retrieve her comments, but fails to write them. I have been trying various things such as using the original blogger feed rather than the feedburner redirect, but so far, no joy. I’ve been waiting for JS-Kit to get back to me. It seems they were recoding the core all week.

I’ve also been playing with my site, upgrading Wordpress, upgrading my theme, and then pasting the modified CSS into the new theme so things look like my site. If you look at the original theme, you would see quite a difference.

All of this is because there is a bug in my wordpress theme code. Don’t worry, it isn’t catching. But this bug prevents me from altering my plugin settings, and I have been trying to find a workaround so I can use the fabulous new Twitter plugin from the equally fabulous Andy Bailey, who brought us the commentluv plugin and the contest.

For some reason, right now it only works for me on this post. Go over there and see if it works for you, will you? You’ll see it’s working if a little twitter bird shows up after your comment.

Thanks, Andy, for the great plugins and the great contest!

November 8th, 2008 | 24 Comments »

Remember when I was all regular with my Peep of the Week Awards? And how you liked it? Well, I’ll probably do that again when I get my mojo back. However, there is now a contest running, and you can enter to win fabulous prizes, some of which are money, just by commenting on my leetle blog. Here’s a little tidbit I scraped from Andy’s site.

What are my sites visitors requirements?

They must be registered at and have their site url registered and verified.
They must also have a profile description entered at
They cannot spam.
They do not need to have CommentLuv installed on their own site. It would be nice if they make a post about winning the prize on their site and link back to the site where they won the prize (your blog, not

That’s it! Just go register your site, create a profile and start commenting. There will be prizes. You can bet I will be commenting on featured sites. I already won $20 on his sneaky little pre-contest test commenting contest. The contest will run for two weeks, so you have multiple opportunities to win.

Update: I already won a 2 gig memory card by commenting on another commentluv site.

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October 29th, 2008 | 12 Comments »

Great news for Blogspot bloggers! Yes, I’m looking at you, Lou, and Hyphen Mama, Zoe, Nan, and a whole bunch more, forgive my laziness in not linking to the rest, they are legion. I just know these URLs off by heart, I’ve linked to them that often.

My favourite go-to geek guy, Andy Bailey, has created the code for CommentLuv to work with Blogspot blogs. He has a video tutorial on the download page, and if you follow instructions, you can be up and running with CommentLuv on your blogspot blog in about 13 minutes. If you have a Typepad or Drupal blog, he has goodies for you, too.

What this will mean to you is that you will be able to host a contest with great prizes. You will need to sign up for the contest, but commenters win by leaving a comment on your blog.Your commenters will be selected at random to be winners.

I’ve been wicked excited about this, and just waiting for the tutorial to be ready so I could share the good news.

So, scoot! Check it out. Thanks, Andy, for a spectacular plugin.

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October 17th, 2008 | 9 Comments »

Big news! Andy at FiddyP is cooking up a great contest with many exciting prizes. All you need to do is to get the latest version of CommentLuv for your blog, and register at That’s it!

And when you comment at other sites that have this bee-yoo-ti-ful plugin enabled, sometimes a notice will come up instead of your last post, saying that you have won a prize. The contest hasn’t officially started yet, but get yourself over and register your site, so that every comment you make on a blog with the plugin will count as an entry when the contest is up and running.

Can you tell I’m excited? Get coding, Andy!

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September 30th, 2008 | 13 Comments »

You remember shit mittens, don’t you? Yeah, me too.

Shortly after posting that, Warrior Woman was enjoying my cooking, lubricated with a bottle of wine she brought over, when I spied a good-sized spider on my ficus tree.

In the past, I had gently escorted spiders out of my house. That was before I encountered the swift and nasty bite of the recluse spider that had taken up residence here.

I knew it wasn’t a recluse in my ficus, but I approached it with a murderous glint in my eye. All in house spiders now have a death sentence on their heads. Don’t be hatin. Warrior Woman is wicked afeared of spiders, so she did not object. Not even a little.

I also spied two empty potato chip bags, just minding their bidness in my wastebasket. I did a mini dumpster dive and emerged with one on each hand.

Thus was born chip mittens. With a clap of my hands, I dispatched the critter, and Warrior Woman breathed easier as I escorted the remains outside.

There are lots of contests going on right now. If you want in on some, why, just go visit these sites.

I followed a commenter to this site, and lo and behold there was an ipod shuffle up for grabs. I’ll comment after publishing this post.

And then there is Laura of I am the Diva. I wuv her. She is giving away a Zunes player. That’s like an ipod for PC users.

For those who are more into handbags than tunes, there is a fabulous launch of planet handbag, where they are giving away 24 bags in 24 hours on October 15.

See? I take away life from an innocent creature, but I’m still all about the giving. Chip mittens.