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The following award comes via Jess of Daysgoby, who lives about an hour and a half from me. I’ve never met her because those South Shore people are all in love with where they live, and have zero desire to come to the city. Don’t blame them either. Or, maybe she figures I don’t bathe much, since I work at home in my jammies.

This award is given to the writers of blogs that “are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.”

I knew it would be easy to list bloggers that fall in this description. I think I can type out their URLs without even going to their sites.

  1. Teeni
  2. Krissa,freaky snake woman.
  3. Lou
  4. Oh Mah Holy Hell, it’s Ree
  5. Nan
  6. Hyphen Mama
  7. Talina, who is extremely knocked up right now.
  8. Not On My Own Blog I Don’t, which is authored by multiple charming bloggers.
Now, go forth and spread the love.
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I confess. I’m a lurker. Some blogs I read are a guilty pleasure that I know I don’t have to comment on. Just a sight-seer. Not yours, of course, because you comment on mine. Really, even though I work at home, there is only so much time, you know? Some of it has to include, oh, actual work.

One of my favourite lurky blogs is Oh! The Joys!. Jessica is funny, and kind of deep, too. She writes pithy posts that sometimes make me pith my panth. Nice combination. Also, she hosts the ROFL awards once a month.

This month, I was wiping my eyes and gasping at a blog that I do comment on, because she is all hilarious in her comments here. And I thought, I just have to share all of this laughy, bloggy goodness because it is totally too good to keep to myself.

The funniest post I read all month was written by The Overthinker and her husband jointly. It’s a total must read. Arm yourself with tissues and step away from the hot beverages. You might just pee a little. I think I did. Where? Here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Behold the beauteous button which she gets to proudly display on her sidebar, or wherever else she wants to put it. I think a T-shirt would be lovely.

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I know I’ve been a slacker with the Peep of the Week Awards lately, so this one will have to be a Peep of the last three weeks. Bite me. Plus, I’m just taking the comments from one post. Bite me again. They were awesome.

From Naked Housework

Warrior Woman emergences from her food allergy torture to cough this one up:

Coding is a scary word for me. In my head it means I’ve gone into cardiac arrest.

Zoe voiced all of our sentiments:

man i was so hopeful for a knudsen comment in there. darn it all. huh. i have never cleaned naked…some how i don’t think this is a good time to start!

The Over Thinker shares her cleaning experiences:

Well crap. I just typed up a nice long comment and then I got an error message b/c I apparently can’t remember to put and @ symbol in my e-mail address. I can’t remember all I typed, but I had mentioned that I no longer clean naked-as-a-jay hawk as I used to b/c, hand-to-God: Once I was dusting the TV and my boob came in contact with the screen and I got a shock. A SHOCK. Now I just clean “nearly-naked”.

Evil Woobie adds a practical note:

You got me on the naked thing and I can totally relate! Living alone made me prone to never donning clothes when I do housework or real work on the PC. I am allergic to laundry see… if I dont put on clothes, I wont wash anything. Simple life. :D I wear an apron when I cook though. ^_^

Knudsey tells it like it is:

I do my hoosework naked and now I’m barred from the laundrette.

Nan adds a bit of island flavour:

Oh, I clean the bathroom naked and Sean is often naked or in his drawers at home. I bought a loud bell recently to install on the path to our house, and we are going to put a sign under it that says “Please Ring Bell In Case We Are Naked!” because people are always walking into our house unannounced. “CLANG!!” “Are ya naked?”

Maybe they would stop visiting if my house was really, really clean? That would be bad. Another good reason for dog hair and clutter!

Dawn made me giggle. She’s pithy:

hm. I would be sweeping the floor with mah boobs. Unintentionally.

Marmarburg has her say:

I am a clean freak. I wish I wasn’t. Maybe it will wear off one day.
And I never cleaned the house naked. My husband is already a hornball. I try not to leave any open invite to him.

And the winnah is…

Kristabella cracked me up:

That must be my problem. The image in my head is utter filth. I’m guessing that is why I can’t get off my lazy ass and clean my house.

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If you haven’t seen or heard of the Perfect Post Award before, you need to get over to see Suburban Turmoil or Petroville for their list of submissions each month. It’s something like Five Star Friday, but it’s once a month.

For the month of May, I chose Memarie Lane for her post Dear Googler. I’ve written a few search term posts, but hers had me smiling in admiration of her wit. And I never thought to write a letter to Googlers about it. Because she’s pregnant now, she addresses what to ask a pregnant woman. You should go over there and admire her new self-hosted self and blog duds. And read the post.

Check it out. It’s small but mighty, and it wants to sit on your sidebar, Marie.

Perfect Post Award - 0508

But wait! There’s a lovely award I received from Laura of I am the Diva. Finally, something that’s about me, heh, heh.


I want to send this to Knudsey because I miss his comments. Even though he called me a tech head more interested in buttons and swirly things, he couldn’t see the comments on my site. Too bad he’s too thick to click on the permalink (That’s the title of each post) . Clicking it will bring the comments section up. I’m still messing with the code. It seems that IE6 is being mean to me.

Next, my cyber bitch, Zoe, because you have to drape your bitch in bling if you want to keep her. She’s the best! See? You must praise your bitch. I loves me some Zoe.

Veronica, who is adorable, and writes hilarious posts about mouse schwackers. She is very diligent in responding to her comments. I wish I were, but sometimes I get buried in code and can’t speak a full sentence.

Which reminds me. I have been coding on four different sites this week, and mine still needs to be coaxed into compliance with the evil Internet Explorer 6. I guess the cobbler is the last to get new shoes, huh?

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Contest is now over!

Knudsey likes to accuse me of trying to make money or getting votes, and I’m not saying he is wrong. This time, though, I’m all about the giving. I know! I’m fabulous that way. So I decided to enter the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival

bloggy carnival

Here’s what you do: Leave an actual comment, not a cut and paste thingie like “Count me in”. If you’ve never been here before, tell me that I smell nice or something. That reminds me. I totally need to hose myself off. Each comment you leave between now and Friday will go into the random number generator to come up with the winnah. One comment per entry, and that gives everyone five chances to win!

If you are really smart, you could subscribe to my feed. See the big shiny button thing in the sidebar? That one. I’m posting tomorrow about Skinny Bitch’s Boob job. You wouldn’t want to miss that would you? And then you can comment and get another crack at the prize. Bonus! I highlight my clever commenters each Sunday, and one of them gets an award. I have the best commenters evah. Be one of the cool kids.

Here’s what you get:

The artist, Doris Muise, made a series of this woodcut print especially for me, and hand coloured each of them. She did it to honour my totem vision of whale and eagle. She asked what about eagle was significant to me, and I replied that it was the eye, the seeing from a great height with clear vision. I only have four left of the series of 50. I will ship the print without a frame, as the framing is a personal choice. If you feel affinity for whale or eagle, or if you just appreciate powerful art, this is a must-have print.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to my feed and tell me you love me. By the time you read this, I should be smellng nice.