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Usually, it’s Ask witchypoo, but there were no questions in this letter I received, just an accounting of how the wondrous purple plates worked for her. Her would be Jenny of Hyphen Mama fame.

I loved my purple plates so much, I gave them all away too, and I suspect Jenny is doing the same thing. Here’s what she has to say:

I wanted to share a funny little ditty with you regarding the small circular purple plate I most recently bought for my dog.

I have a 7 year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Black Lab mix who LOVES to play with his tennis ball. He could chase his tennis ball 24 hours a day and he’d be a happy boy. About 3 years ago (maybe more, maybe less… my memory fails me) he was jumping for a tennis ball and came down on one of his hind legs and partially tore his ACL. He limped for a few weeks and we took him to the vet, who x-rayed it and told us to see if it would heal on its own. Well, being the runner he is, he never stopped moving long enough to let it fully heal. He’s had a limp since that time. I’ve had him treated with acupuncture and chiropractic care. We can’t afford the $3000 for a knee replacement for him. He continued to limp. Especially after he’d been playing ball. I feed him joint supplements. He limped around almost all the time. Poor guy, had a really hard time getting up and down the stairs.

I put the small circular purple plate on his collar a few months ago. In just the past 2 weeks or so, I’ve noticed HE’S NOT LIMPING. He will limp a tiny bit, but continues to use that leg (where before he’d just lift it up and only use 3 legs). He walks on that leg. He jumps on it. He chases balls without a limp.

I don’t know what the heck it is…but I’m going with it.

Incidentally, I had a spare large circle and my dad was talking about his aches and pains this past weekend. I sent that one off to him and he’s now keeping it in his pocket. He SWEARS that after only a day or so he’s already feeling a difference. He admits it could be wishful thinking, but he doesn’t care.

I wear mine around my neck all the time and just wait for people to ask me about it, because I can’t wait to tell them about it!

Thanks witchy, for such a great little thingy.
Hyphen Mama

p.s. Also, I hung one over Mack’s bed when he was around 17 months old, that’s when he first started sleeping through the night. But I had to remove the one from Wynnie’s bedroom, as she wasn’t able to sleep at all! Funny how it affects each differently.

I don’t understand why more of you aren’t snapping these plates up. They’re wicked good. And I barely break even on my costs. I just want everyone to have one.

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The ever curious, yet mildly insulting, Old Knudsen, asks:

Dear witchypoo

I know you’re probably too busy with yer money making schemes and sex scandals etc but if you ever have a mind to could you give yer theories or second hand knowledge on what Heaven and Hell are as i don’t know of anyone who has come back from those places. is it in our heads and what we make it? or just the big cosmic soup that everyone returns to?

Can we trap ourselves in a hell of our own making when we die?

Well you did ask if anyone had any questions.

Yers curiously OK

I can only reply with the theories that have percolated inside my own tiny little brain, because I don’t know of anyone who has come back from these places either.

Having said that, I have communicated with some people who have passed on, croaked, kicked the bucket, bought the farm, or taken the long dirt nap.

Their personalities seemed pretty well intact. If they were sweet and cheery while they had a body, so they were when I connected with them. If they were hateful and miserable, that is the energy I got from them.

I’m thinking that we do indeed, create our own heaven or hell on earth, shaped largely by our attitudes, thoughts and beliefs. And although the body wears out as a vehicle, the energy construct of mind, soul and emotions are intact.

If you believe that St. Peter will meet you at the pearly gates, you may very well have that experience.

A word on religion here. I believe that accepting God in our heart is a transformative process, creating love and charity toward our fellow earth dwellers. Love is like that. God is love. It is in no way an exclusionary event, which allows the so-called “saved” to look down their noses at others. I do believe that there will be a lot of lip-service Christians who are going to be mighty surprised when they die, but they will most likely be hanging with their lip-service homies.

Does it really make sense to anybody that the Dalai Lama, a most loving and compassionate man, whose light shines so brightly, will be doomed to eternal damnation? It sure doesn’t to me. I think after his body wears out, he will still be inspiring and spreading love and compassion.

And to me? That is my idea of heaven. Love.

And? What’s this about sex scandals?

Love, witchypoo.

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Once again, it is time for Ask Witchypoo, as if I knew anything. Jenny would like to think I do, so she asks:

There’s much debate about the big 2012 “event” that’s going to change the world forever. Do you have any visions? Thoughts about what may or may not happen? Or do you just think it’s another Y2K everybodys-panties-in-a-wad prediction?

Dec. 21, 2012, at 11:11pm, is when the Maya’s “Long Count” calendar marks the end of a 5,126-year era. The research available is enough to make a person dizzy, but what I get from it is that the calendar resets at that time of amazing planetary alignment. We had another powerful planetary alignment in May of 2000. This did not end the world as we know it with a bang, but rather, heralded many changes in the earth’s weather patterns, to name only one. Remember that the earth wobbled on its axis at the time of the tsunami Dec 26, 2004. The earth shifting its axis is part of the predictions for great planetary upheaval. I see this resetting of the Mayan calendar as a similar heralding of changes to come. And they aren’t good.

When I look ahead, I look further than 2012, and all I see is grey. Grey because it is a land devoid of vegetation. I see even more suffering and hardship, and I don’t much like it. People’s ugliness coming out to bring about survival of the ruthless. I just don’t want to live in a world without ruth.

Knudsey has some questions as well, but that is going to be part two. For now, I will wish you happy St. Patrick’s Day, and eyeball that pitiful shamrock on my header. It’s going DOWN soon. Bonus! St. Patrick’s Day Puzzle!

Create your own puzzles at!

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From the talented and fragrant Jenny comes a jim-dandy question that deserves a post of its own:

How,exactly, would the run-of-the-mill person go about starting to heal themself?

First thing you want to do is achieve an altered state of consciousness.If you don’t know how to do that with your breath techniques, this will tell you.

Now what I did (sending love to afflicted areas) was easy for me because I have done it so many times. There is kind of a neural pathway already established by years of practice in my case, but you can get some decent results with your own practising. One of the women who is sending me energy on my uppitywomen list says she is getting really good at it, and added that she had a good teacher (me). However, I spent a fair amount of time in online healing sessions and a lot of one to one for this to happen.

It won’t happen without practice, no matter how much natural ability you may have. But, the following meditation technique will take away headaches, and whatever else hurts you. It isn’t quite what I used yesterday, but it’s a great start.

If you cannot imagine your healing guides (you have them, really) then think of your favourite star, and draw energy down from it.

Here is the tricky part, so pay careful attention. You need to visualize a wheel within a wheel, each spinning in different directions.

The outer wheel is red, it spins counter-clockwise. The inner wheel is blue, and it spins clockwise. The wheels are on a horizontal plane about 2 feet above your head, and large enough to fit the girth of your body comfortably.

When the wheels are energized from your star or your guides, slowly lower them towards your head.

Feel the action of the wheels coaxing any disruptive energy from your head, and as it lowers, it teases, and coaxes the tangled knots of energy away into the void between the two wheels.

Bring it down level with the top of your head, always alllowing the energy to be teased and coaxed into the void, slowly, lowering it bit by bit until all it has passed has been brought into the void.

As the energy clears, slowly lower the wheels, still teasing at the disruptive energy, the pain, the knots, the darkness. As you feel a clearing in one area, slowly move lower.

Continue this until you reach your feet, and when they feel clear, allow the wheels to connect with the earth to ground you.

Then, zzt! Up they go, smoothing and leaving behind wholeness. As the wheels clear your head, allow the energy to return to the star, or your guides, and give thanks.

This is a basic technique that will take some practice to perfect. I use it in conjunction with others each time I run energy. It is, by itself, surprisingly effective, even for migraines.

If you would like to learn a few basic exercises to heal others, let me know, and I will compose a post about that at a later date.

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The number one search term to date is “meat juice” . I’m not sure I want to know just what was in people’s minds when they searched for it, but I published a post that may have coined the term, and it did create a bit of buzz.

blogging mediocrity – Let’s not be cruel, people.

place your face on a movie star – Somehow, I don’t think the movie star would appreciate it.

Is meat juice blood? – Why, yes, yes it is.

“torture Bra” – This might be number two in the list of search terms. I think whoever did the searching might have been looking for a specific creepy device, but really, all bras are by nature, instruments of torture.

pictures that make your eyes bleed – Use your own imagination here.

fart breathing device – I’m not sure if this is intended to find a way to breathe when farts are around, or a device that lets you breathe actual farts. Wouldn’t that be a big seller?

what can i eat to make me fart? – I don’t know why you would want to know this, unless you are planning to produce fodder for the fart breathing device, but may I suggest beans?

are men only supposed to fart – I think this was prompted by Old Knudsen’s comment. They wanted to verify his information.

girls dont fart – I think we have settled that one.

see girls farting – Someone believes not only that girls do fart, but that there may be photographic evidence. The only visible farts are the ones you light. Are we sensing a trend here?

toilets “air assist” – Maybe if you need help farting? I’m good thanks. Nothing to see here folks, just move along.

badarse – This could happen after fart lighting gone terribly, terrribly wrong.

can you throw-up your poop? – If you eat it, I would think it would be mandatory.

wicked image – Of course, that is the kind of image you would expect from a Tool of Satan. In these parts, however, wicked can mean “very” as in, “This lobster is wicked good”. Lobster is another food that makes you fart.

how to make a girl horny with touch – I’m not sure how this got to me. I can only imagine the sad little man who so desperately wants to get laid.

how to get a boy horny give me advice – You’ll have to submit this question to “Ask witchypoo”.

whales as healers – Yes, but their office might be a bit quirky. And I would love to see their lab coats and stethoscopes.

what to do if your eye bleeds? – I would suggest getting yourself to the nearest whale healer as quickly as possible. They have big eyes, and would be sympathetic.

you know you’re old when – Sadly, I get a lot of these.

going on strike from your husband – I did that a long, long time ago. Although they call it divorce. It can be refreshingly freeing if you keep on walking sometimes.

rum for babies to go to sleep – This practice is frowned upon nowadays. I don’t know why, unless it’s the rampant use of Benedryl.

world of warcraft isnt a game – Yes, yes, it is. You, on the other hand, consider it a job because YOU HAVE NO LIFE.

Blogging mediocrity right here, folks! Get it while it’s hot.

Those of you who do have a life, may want to pop over to my amazing crystal shop and art gallery which is just full of my preciousssss.