October 20th, 2009

I know it’s shocking, but I actually got out of the house last evening. Makeup, bra and high heels! I’m living dangerously, I tell you. And, I’m fairly confident that I didn’t cough on anybody, although there was some coughing involved.

There is a local twitter group of interesting women who meet once a month for events, and this one was a doozy! The fabulous Ben Boudreau (be sure to click on his Single Ladies wear Snuggies link!) was all mysterious and gave out clues that nobody really guessed, but all was forgiven when he broke out the martinis and yummy snack food at the venue.

Here’s what it was all about:

This is something I can get really excited about!! (See? Two exclamation marks) Clicking on the image will take you to our HalifaxChicks team page, where you can donate to this fabulous cause.

100% of donation money will be used for digital mammography equipment, something that my boobies will appreciate, and the boobies of many more HRM women. The campaign has corporate sponsors for all the administrative and advertising costs, so 100%. Practically unheard of.

Today, Bust A Move rocked the Flashmob at Hfx Shopping Center food court! Check it!

I wanted to get involved in Bust A Move without all that pesky exercise stuff, because the crowning event of this campaign is a 6 hour exercise marathon to be held at the Halifax Metro Center. There may be Guiness World Records! There may be a curly headed guy in stripey shorts! There may be a witchypoo FAIL if I actually sign up,which is why I’m begging for donations instead.

For coherent information on this event, head over to Alice in Paris.She has a paypal button for donations and she totally rocks the team spirit!

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23 Responses to “Bust A Move”

Krissa Says:

Ohmigosh! I laughed so hard! John kept asking me what’s so funny and I told him he’ll have to come see. Now I won’t let him have the pooter till I finish commenting.
That? was awesome! Were you in that bunch? Give me a clue as to what you were wearing and where you were standing/shaking yo’ groove thang.
I will totally donate!
Krissa´s last blog ..WE’RE BACK! in the damn hospital. My ComLuv Profile

talina Says:

LOL, I love the video! Kudos to you guys. I wold love to bust-a-move like that. So cool.

So how many people danced? Very impressive.
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talina Says:

I am so tweeting this!
talina´s last blog ..Herbal tea to calm mother and baby My ComLuv Profile

Nan Says:

Martinis! Boobies! This event has it all!
Nan´s last blog ..Inside-Out Umbrella Weather My ComLuv Profile

Hyphen Mama Says:

Wow–I’m speechless. The dancing was great!! Now must follow links.
Hyphen Mama´s last blog ..You bored? Come help Hyphen get a grip. My ComLuv Profile

Old Knudsen Says:

I liked the guy who got up and walked as soon as the dancing started and then Dane Cook got in front of the camera, he used to be funny.

Didn’t see any boobs though.
Old Knudsen´s last blog ..Old Knudsen Rides The Old West My ComLuv Profile

Ree Says:

Awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing this. Now, though? I’m craving Dairy Queen. ;-)
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jennster Says:

omg.. LOL. fucking awesome!!!! love your blog by the way.. it’s so cute!
jennster´s last blog ..girl trip, GIRL trip, GIRL TRIP!!!! My ComLuv Profile

shelagh Says:

No, you rock the teams ass!!!
Hey thanks for blogging about this. Monday night was fun.
My daughter is desperate to do it but the fundraising will be difficult so she is thinking about volunteering. I bet it would be a fun gig.
I am wondering what on earth I have got myself into!!! Gotta start Shakin ma groove thang!
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jamie Says:

Hilarious! I totally linked the vid on facebook!
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mommyknows Says:

Too funny! Looks like everyone was having a great time.
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iamthediva Says:

oh, to be part of a flash mob!

Karen Says:

What a fun way to raise money and awareness for a great cause!
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Priscilla Says:

You feeling better? Get some meds in you or are you kickin pneumonia’s ass all by yourself?
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Priscilla Says:

Nice banner by the way. Very pumpkiney.
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Heather, Queen of Shake Shake Says:

That is really cool marketing. I especially love how some of the older people got all huffy puffy about it, not even knowing what it was really about. Funny!
Heather, Queen of Shake Shake´s last blog ..All Unbelievers Will Go To Hell My ComLuv Profile

Eric Says:

This is great! I only watched small pieces of the video, as the boss man frowns on streaming video. I’ll have to catch the whole thing when I get home tonight. I’ve been trying to make an effort to be more chartible, so I’m sending some paypal funds your way, via Alice’s site.
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Tuli Says:

What did the stickers/signs say on their shirts? Nobody flashed your camera for a close-up.

Loved the video — way to rock the Flashmob ladies!
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lceel Says:

For once Knudsen is right … I didn’t see any boobs either. And I looked!
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iamthediva Says:

Hey Lady,
thanks for the guest post.
you rock.

Boxer Says:

Ree sent me over to look at the video and I’m glad she did.
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teeni Says:

Oops – I think there was a typo in my last comment’s email address so it must have gone to moderation. Sorry.
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Mike Taylor Says:

Great post! Very Informative