March 29th, 2008

I finally got to create this as a public puzzle by saying that people other than my family would find it interesting. You folks do, don’t you?

Create your own puzzles at!

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14 Responses to “Bonkers puzzle”

teeni Says:

Yes we do! Who can resist that mug? But that one was hard for me for some reason. Sheesh. It took me 5:39. I guess if I were a man, I might be proud of that time. LOL.

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Old Knudsen Says:

proud of 5.39? get in and get out just like in special farces, ach I don’t want to talk about it, the horror, the blood yes fat Brenda was on her period (or full stop as we here in the UK say) I did this puppy in 3 minutes, not that I’m saying it was a puppy cos I know what a baby looks like, I keep getting them shoved in me face and weemen demanding child support.

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warriorwoman Says:


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Ree Says:

4:06 and I could have beat Old Knudsen if only the dog hadn’t decided he needed to come in with wet feet.

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Old Knudsen Says:

Dream on Ree I is the greatest, until Over Thinker has a go of course.

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Evil Woobie Says:

I suk! over 6 minutes! Hey witchy, I learned that I can find a missing piece by spreading the pieces out one by one and hitting the “e” key really fast. ;D

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The Over-Thinker Says:

Holy crap—I broke a sweat doing that one.

Wait for it….wait for it….


(Old Knudsen, will you sing my national anthem when I’m wearing the gold?)

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new zealand ac Says:

This is really neat! I love puzzles, and have a puzzle program on my laptop. It does not allow you to spin the piece though so that takes some of the challenge out of it.

Kaylee Says:

3:03 wait i beat teeni at something? I think thats a first!

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Old Knudsen Says:

‘Overthinker’ As long as yer national anthem is “God save the Queen” otherwise no. 2.02, I feel a tightness in my chest, I hope yer happy.

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liddle sister Says:

2 mins 24 seconds, but having put him together once, I know where his ears and cheeks go.

frogpondsrock Says:

7.26 hmmph nasty puzzlly things..
any thing I was going to write was only sour grapes..

*hmphhhs* back to Tasmania *hmph*

cheers kim

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Jenny Says:

3:46. But I plead stupidity and that’s not my fault. My mama dropped me on my head when I was a baby. See how I did that? Americans are great at diverting responsibility and blaming it on their mothers!

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Mylifeasmomma Says:

crap my worst time ever! Over 5 mins.
I love these puzzles. I need distraction in my life.

On a side note – do you do past life readings?

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