March 27th, 2009

I’ve struggled with this one before. What is my niche?

I’m a mom, but not a mommyblogger. Unless you put me in the category of dinosaur mom.

I’m a psychic, but cannot share stories from the psychic network that cannot be named here. They might get sued.

I’m a geek, but my regular readers cry in pain when I post anything remotely geek.

All of the social media thingies that ask you to put yourself in a category, well, I never know what category I fit in.

I started out to build a bridge between myself and Christians who might consider me a Tool of Satan because of my psychic readings. To promote a bit of understanding.

Mostly, I guess, I just tell stories.

There is no storyteller niche.

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15 Responses to “Blogging Niche”

iamthediva Says:

do you really need to have a label, though? i like you just the way you is.

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Gwynne Says:

Ha, Tool of Satan! I’ve been called that before… LOL It’s hard to convince them that I’m actually sort of normal, and go through the same struggles that they go through…

I know what you mean about trying to find a niche. I’m a mom, I blog about everything, not just being a mom. So I’m a blogger. And still trying to figure out how hippie-dippie hoodoo-queen me managed to get a crappola load of Conservative Christian followers on my blog and on Twitter…

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lceel Says:

What Niche? Why constrain yourself to a ‘niche’? Be free!! It’s like going braless. Things are allowed to take off in any direction they want! It’s natural. It’s exciting (if you’re a guy). And it can lead to unexpected stuff.

Not that I’ve ever gone ‘braless’. I have no boobs. But I have no niche, either. And I’m doing just fine – I think. I AM doing fine, aren’t I? I mean, you WOULD tell me, right? If I was playing the fool? If people were laughing at me behind my back????

*deep breath* god that felt good.

lceels last blog post..Rock Star Status

Old Knudsen Says:

The North American blogging world has probably done all the niches by now.
As a storyteller you can reinvent the psychic stuff changing the names and even when they happened .

Its what we do.

Angella Says:

I totally don’t think you’re a Tool of Satan ;)

I don;t know what “niche” I am either. Heinz 57?

Angellas last blog post..1-800-Luv-Beer

cat Says:

i’m pretty sure they call that “a writer”

cats last blog post..hunting for lobsters

Linda Says:

I totally understand the ‘tool of Satan’ thing being an evangelical born again for over 30 years. Never mind that I dabbled in the occult as a teenager (I was told I’d go straight to hell)

I appreciate your wisdom and your friendship. I’m on that journey to explore my gifts and rid myself of that unnatural (and unholy!) fear imposed by the church.

Niche! We don’t need no stinking niche!

Keep up the good work!!

Lindas last blog post..Who Knew?

Evey Says:



Krissa Says:

Storyteller is so a niche! You made it one!

Krissas last blog post..Not toooo random…just varied.

Hyphen Mama Says:

Niche piche!

You don’t need no stinking niche.

You’re witchypoo.

Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Completely Embarrassing Parenting Moment #94654

teeni Says:

I would knit a niche for you but obviously, I don’t have a clue what one even looks like since I don’t fit in any of them myself. So my new slogan is “Niche-less but nice.” :)

teenis last blog post..Spring Blurbs

zoe Says:

i lurve you just the way you are. except when you get all geeky…my eyes glaze over and i feel uber confused.

zoes last blog post..Fat ass Fridays:The Return!!!

Jenn FL Says:

Ha ha …. No Niche For You……. heh

Don’t worry, there’s no niche for me either ….. lol.

Jenn FLs last blog post..A Quickie

Judi Says:

God! I can’t even begin to put my real life into a “niche,” please don’t make me label my blog world. I guess it would be black sheep or bastard, either describes me.

Judis last blog post..Sweet Chicken Clucker

talina Says:

Storyteller= writer. Duh!

Oh, and your stories are funny so… Funny storyteller who writes about life happenings= observational humor writer. Tada!

No clue what my niche is though… Oh well!

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