February 14th, 2008

We Expect Power Outages. Just in case, I send my love to you all.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Heather at Oh My Stinkin Heck is having a contest. She wants her readers to link a heart image for this, and I have one with the lovely Tillie (above) plus all those pesky pinhole hearts I created, then pasted on a piece of paper, which I scanned, and called it a header. Several heart images, not terribly original, but still, my own creations. Check it out!

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19 Responses to “Big Storm Here”

Old Knudsen award winning commenter Says:

I’d woof you too, doggy style.

Old Knudsen award winning commenter’s last blog post..Looking Good For Jesus

kailani Says:

Hope you’re all safe and sound.

kailani’s last blog post..My Friend Mrs. Beasley

Veronica Says:

Happy Valentines!

Keep safe.

Veronica’s last blog post..Jellybaby Porn, A Love Story

frogpondsrock Says:

OOOOH I love storms .. Stay safe… here is a link to a post that I thought you would like..


cheers kim xxxx

frogpondsrock’s last blog post..This is what it’s all about…..

Angella Says:

What a sweet dog!

Hope the storm passes quickly!

Angella’s last blog post..Taking A Night Off From The Internet

Ree Says:

Cute Puppy! Happy VD to you and ABB, too! Hee.

Ree’s last blog post..Public Service Announcement

Jenny Says:

A happy happy snowy day to you. And to Old Knudsen, wishing him a very special VD!!

Jenny’s last blog post..First Installment: 100 Things about Me

nan Says:

Oh, cutesy-oootsie! Do you know the puppy personally?

nan’s last blog post..QOTD

teeni Says:

Too cute! Hope you are having a nice day today (and every day, of course)!

teeni’s last blog post..Send Valentines To Red And Shtuff

teeni Says:

Oh, also hope you weather the storm okay. Take care and be safe! Hugs to you!

teeni’s last blog post..Send Valentines To Red And Shtuff

lceel Says:

Happy VD. And some doggy love to you, too.

lceel’s last blog post..Big day tomorrow

talina Says:

Do you have snow or just ice/ rain? Light some candles and enjoy the cozy weather! Adorable pooch by the way!

talina’s last blog post..Sometimes I would like to just be a hermit.

witchypoo Says:

I should have explained that the adorable puppy, Tillie, is the companion of one of my dearest friends from high school. It’s actually his wife’s dog, but she allows me to love her since she now has grandbabies to lavish her love on.
She also allowed me to use Tillie’s image on my purple plates site.
The snow turned to rain, but the winds were intense. Businesses and classes were closed. Some places in the region are flooded, and we hope it doesn’t freeze.
Everyone is safe, thanks for the well wishes, and Happy Valentine’s Day.
@ Knudsey: Yer such a romantic.

killian Says:

cute dog ^^
well, it’s not valentine’s day where I live, it’s on June only, so, hopefully I won’t be alone by than lol


killian’s last blog post..Click, and play :)

The Over-Thinker Says:

Happy V-Day! Hope your outtage is a brief one.
Did that sound dirty or is it just me?

The Over-Thinker’s last blog post..If Boomshine were crack, I’d be hooked on crack.

Manuel Says:

are you selling dogs now too…..cos he’s v cute……..happy valentines to you too……

Manuel’s last blog post..Manuel and the strange case of the missing M’s

kaylee Says:

thank you witchypoo happy valentines day too you too :)

kaylee’s last blog post..CANCER

honeywine Says:

Oh he’s the cutie-uti-est lil pup…uh he’s ok… Sorry, but Pas is looking at me all displeased now… But awwwww….

honeywine’s last blog post..Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sarcastic Mom Says:

Friggin’ adorable. Man,I love dogs!

Hope you guys are weathering the storm well!

Sarcastic Mom’s last blog post..Dawn’s sharing VD with me.