November 8th, 2008

Remember when I was all regular with my Peep of the Week Awards? And how you liked it? Well, I’ll probably do that again when I get my mojo back. However, there is now a contest running, and you can enter to win fabulous prizes, some of which are money, just by commenting on my leetle blog. Here’s a little tidbit I scraped from Andy’s site.

What are my sites visitors requirements?

They must be registered at and have their site url registered and verified.
They must also have a profile description entered at
They cannot spam.
They do not need to have CommentLuv installed on their own site. It would be nice if they make a post about winning the prize on their site and link back to the site where they won the prize (your blog, not

That’s it! Just go register your site, create a profile and start commenting. There will be prizes. You can bet I will be commenting on featured sites. I already won $20 on his sneaky little pre-contest test commenting contest. The contest will run for two weeks, so you have multiple opportunities to win.

Update: I already won a 2 gig memory card by commenting on another commentluv site.


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24 Responses to “Best contest Ever”

Memarie Lane Says:

i tried to register and it was really screwy. said i had to login, but how can i login if i’m not registered yet? it looked like the wp login screen, so i tried to login with my wp info and it didn’t work. oh well.

Memarie Lanes last blog post..Weblogs Roasting on an Open Fire

Theresa Says:

If only it were not rocket science. sigh

Theresas last blog post..WTF Friday

Krissa Says:

Well, I guess I’ll give it a shot. I mean you seem like a reasonable person given to doling out good advise, right? That’s good enough for me!

Krissas last blog post..My themeless days.

Jenny Says:

What? We have to work for the booty? Sheesh.

Jennys last blog post..Things I found in my bra at the end of the day…

Andy Bailey Says:

Check the pull down box when you comment, it tells you if you qualified or not.

contest open!

Andy Baileys last blog post..The great CommentLuv Contest!

Julie Says:

Did you win on Andy’s site already? WOO HOO! Congrats!

Julies last blog post..3 Years of Friendship

The Over-Thinker Says:

Crikey–you have some good luck, woman! (at least at online contests) :)

Larry Says:

Congrats on the double win! I think I need to spend some more time commenting on other blogs (and getting some more traffic to my site) — love those prizes though LOL

Larrys last blog post..Siblings together over five decades

DutchBitch Says:

Congrats on the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DutchBitchs last blog post..That’s what friends are for…

old knudsen Says:

Having had a lifetime of rejection (must have been leezers) I refuse to give commentluv the chance and love is a 4 letter word HA!

old knudsens last blog post..Ya Win Some

Spookygirl Says:

Congratulations on your win! How exciting!

I just got CommentLuv working, and I am jazzed :)

Spookygirls last blog post..I need some new blogs for my reader, and tweets for my twitter..

Rebo Says:

Grats on your win.
I am registered for the contest as well.

Rebos last blog post..Paramore + Twilight = Perfect

Dan Says:

Hey, congrats on winning already! :P

Nice to see another blogger in the competition! Mayeb one day I’ll win something, lol!

Dans last blog post..Get Respect With Your Blog Comment

deden Says:

witchypoo, thanks for visiting back to my blog.

“Congratulations on getting CommentLuv installed on your site. A lot of my readers fear it. Lazy gits lol.”

Actually if you can read, you can install CommentLuv, its easy, it takes almost 2 hours for me to full completing installation (alone), with some handy cap in english. haha

my english level: “Long time no see” level


dedens last blog post..Samarinda Banjir

Marco Luthe Says:


Marco Luthes last blog post..Hulk 1 Variant-Cover-Edition (German)

Anti Scams Says:

Congrats on the win! btw, Andy’s blog and plugin are just awesome! rep+

Anti Scamss last blog post..RegCure Review – Best Registry Cleaner

teeni Says:

I don’t know if I qualify or not – I am registered by don’t have CommentLuv installed. But it’s a contest and I like winning stuff so count me in!

teeni Says:

I just went and checked to be sure I was registered and I was although I had a hard time logging in. I added my site to my profile so let’s see if anything happens now.

Andy Bailey Says:

teeni: your feed is only showing a few posts. you should set it to show 10 posts so commentluv shows your last posts

to your blogger users, they now have click tracking and heart info box functionality!

Andy Baileys last blog post..The great CommentLuv Contest!

Arun Says:

Witchypoo, was it you who won the Prize? My hearty Congratulations to you!!! More members, more excitement… wow!!!

Aruns last blog post..Best Free Online File Storage

Ash Says:

You totally inspired me to do this– since you won and all!!

Ashs last blog post..CommentLuv Contest

tata Says:

Congrats on the win! I adore Andy and his ingenuity with link love. I’m happy to be a part of it all :)

Jeff Says:

Wow… two wins already?! You must be a commenter-savant…

Thanks for the comment on my site, too.

Jeffs last blog post..Why I don’t have a dog