August 4th, 2008

I was so very bad the other day. Very.

A return client visited my booth at the psychic fair. She said my predictions pretty much panned out last year.

She wanted to know about a possible relationship, and I obliged her by using my clairvoyant abilities. I focused on a piece of paper, waited for the image to appear, and quickly traced it, then filled in the details. It was an image of her next squeeze.

No sooner had I put the pencil down than I spied what I was sure was the subject of the drawing just entering the venue. Out of the side of my mouth, I said “Look, over there! Go on, look!”

He came and stood in front of my table in record time, while I was reading the client. It isn’t the usual etiquette. The readings are considered to be private. Yet, he appeared to be perusing my literature.

All of a sudden, I squealed and pointed to a particular card.

witchypoo: “Oh, look! Great sex for you!”

guy in front of table: “Pick me, pick me!”

client: “I don’t embarrass easily, but you have managed it.”

guy in front of table: “My, my, you are a beautiful shade of red.”

witchypoo, still talking out of side of her mouth: “Look at the drawing, look at him.”

client (hiding picture, face still flaming, hissing): “I wouldn’t be able to look at him if he camped on my doorstep now.”

Guy moves on after some awkwardness.

witchypoo: “He was totally into you.”

I’m not sure she will be back next year.

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24 Responses to “Bad Psychic”

Jenn FL Says:

How cool is that!

I need to get a reading ……..

Jenn FLs last blog post..I Would Like to Thank the Academy ….

witchypoo Says:

I’m really glad the client was laughing afterwards, because she was totally flummoxed.

teeni Says:

LOL. Great story! I wonder if you’ll find out next year that the two of them ended up together. That would be so cool! ;)

witchypoo Says:

Somehow, I think her embarrassment would prevent anything from developing. But I did have a client send me the sketch and a photo of the guy she subsequently met. I display it on my table.

warriorwoman Says:

I can only draw stick people, with big heads.

Not that head!

The one on their shoulders.

warriorwomans last blog look

Ree Says:

Whoa. Wish you had been around circa 1981 – East Lansing, Michigan State University. You could have warned me. By the way, I tagged you. Consider it your punishment. ;-)

Rees last blog post..Tagged by AB

daysgoby Says:

Darn it, woman, quit making me laugh with stuff in my mouth!

I really enjoyed this post!!

daysgobys last blog post..this post brought to you from Big Time-Wasters, Inc.

Talina Says:

Awe, how cool. I want a reading too. Maybe someday we’ll be in the same state or something huh?

Karen Says:

Me too, I want a reading. Can you do one by email or do you have to be right there?

I had a psychic reading done once a long time ago, it was a very short one at a psychic fair, but the woman who did it seemed to know a lot about me. I found that to be very interesting, and have often wanted to do it again in a more private setting, but I don’t know how to find a psychic…

Karens last blog post..Breakfast Indigestion, Anyone?

kailani Says:

I think she’ll be back and probably engaged to him!

Jacki Says:

LOL…hilarious story! If I were her I would have crawled under the table.

Jackis last blog post..A hyggelig day

witchypoo Says:

Talina, You don’t have to be in the same place for a reading. I can scan the drawings I do. Energy is not diminished by distance, and actually, people are more relaxed in their own home. If you have Skype, (which is free) I can record both sides of the session in mp3 format.
I recorded the sessions at the fair and sent the client a link to download them. If readings weren’t so private, I would have been tempted to share the sound file. It was way funnier than the story I wrote.

witchypoo Says:

Well, Karen, you got one right here. I routinely do long distance readings.What with all the electronic gadgets available these days, you can scan your palms, your photo, those of loved ones, and I can put them in a file for you. For long distance sessions, I also gather birth data so I can erect a chart.
Also? I’m trying out a new feature in word press plugins. This reply should come to you by email. Hope it works.

Marie in Maine Says:

Yanno, I have done the same thing with people at bars, with no drawings, and gotten the same response!

You should’ve taken the guy’s photo so we could see the likeness. I guess that would’ve required one of those pesky photo release forms, tho’.

If I were your client, I would have at least talked to the guy (if I were single, that is). After all, all your other predictions came true.

Marie in Maines last blog post..Operation Baking GALS

Marti Says:

That is too funny! I told the hubby I need to get a reading.

Darren Says:

Ha – very cool!

ABB Says:

Maybe it’s because I’m a guy, maybe because of my Aries moon. who knows? But I know that if mom drew a pic of the woman I’d meet and she was standing right there saying “pick me pick me” I would see it as my lucky day!
Not that mom would do a reading for me since she’d then exclaim “misdeal!” if she saw something she didn’t want to see. (I think so, anyway) But my opinion still stands.

lceel Says:

That is so cool. I’m going to have to arrange a reading with you. No time now. But soon, very soon.

lceels last blog post..Tuesday Treat

Minnesota Matron Says:

Too funny! I see someone locally, once a year. Hopefully she’ll be back, with reports of a new, different, boyfriend! I may have to try Witchypoo’s services as I’m in serious need of writing guidance!

Minnesota Matrons last blog post..The Matron is Cleaning Her Closet

The Over-Thinker Says:

I hope you drew a picture of his butt :)

The Over-Thinkers last blog post..Hey! Look over there! A post!

Old Knudsen Says:

How much do I have to pay you to only draw my face?

Old Knudsens last blog post..Head Man Makes A Point

Jenny Says:

Well, sheesh… why ask who your next squeeze will be and then run away when he’s STANDING RIGHT THERE. I think the “pick me pick me” part was the dead giveaway.

I hope she walked away, let herself calm down a bit and then ran into him at another booth where they laughed about the whole thing, ended up buying the exact same book (coincidentally) and ended up “grabbing a quick bite” later. Next year they’ll come back, she’ll have a bun in the oven. It’ll be great.

Jennys last blog post..A Boy and His Trains

ingrid Says:

oohhh… i’m dying to know how this will pan out…

ingrids last blog post..reminder! squatter saturday!

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