September 28th, 2008

My neice, Wild Child, gave birth early to her twin boys. You know, the ones that I Photoshopped tiaras onto?

And yesterday? Memarie Lane went into labour, and live blogged the event. Whew!

I take my hat off to both of them.

And? I take my furniture inside in honour of Hurricane Kyle, which is fast approaching hereabouts. It’s supposed to make landfall this evening. So there is battening down of the hatches, putting the frozen meat in the big freezer, checking batteries, candles, storm windows, and supplies. I hope we don’t lose power, but if we do, there will be no phone or internet.

Another Hurricane guy, Coast Rat, who left his home up north a few years ago to help rebuild after Hurricane Katrina has since had to hang onto his hat for Hurricane Gustav. (It must be discouraging to get damage on top of the damage you are trying to clean up.)

He is a photographer with an amazing eye, and I so enjoy his images and stories. He told me I could help myself to them for my puzzles, and so I present to you, quite a treat.

Create your own puzzles at!

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10 Responses to “Babies and Hurricanes”

Karen Says:

Very beautiful, only took me a little over 3 minutes.

warriorwoman Says:

A wild wind she comes.

warriorwomans last blog post..pussy’s & party’s

Angella Says:

A hurricane?? Stay safe!

Angellas last blog post..Super Trouper*

Posh Totty Says:

Stay safe Xx

Posh Tottys last blog post..Autumn Beauty

Veronica Says:

Congratulations to your Niece. I hope everyone is doing well.

And stay safe.

Veronicas last blog post..And then, everything went black

Jupiter Says:

Hooray for babies! Boo to hurricanes,though .Urgh. Stay safe!

teeni Says:

Yay! Congratulations to your niece (and to Memarie of course but I did that at her site already). As far as the hurricane, please stay safe. I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Coast Rat Says:

Yeah, please stay safe up there from Kyle, my friend! Thanks for using one of my images for your puzzle. Take care!

Coast Rats last blog post..WHAT A BUZZ! HUMMERS BY THE DOZEN!

Kelley Says:

So many scary hurricanes and SO MANY people having twins!

Kelleys last blog post..I rock. You rock. We totally rock!

Ree Says:

Lovely picture CoastRat –

Try to stay dry witchy!

Rees last blog post..The O’Horror of it All