June 10th, 2008

I was asked by Christy:

I never believed in “cyber energy” before. So….witchypoo….not in reference to your lump at all…but…any insights into the afterlife? From a psychic perspective? I’d LOVE to read your post about that–if you have one in you.

To address first things first: I have experienced cyber energy in the most wonderful ways, mainly by doing online healing sessions. The recipient does not need to be online for the healing to be effective, but sometimes there is just me and the recipient, and I will take them through a powerful meditation. It’s really miraculous for migraines, but can heal other conditions.

I read people’s energy fairly well online. My blog attracts very few types that do not harmonize with my energy. When I first went online, many years ago, I spent a lot of time in the spiritual chat rooms of IRC. There was a lot of silliness, fun and totally amazing occurences on the IRC. I did my first shamanic journey on the IRC, and made friends that I keep in contact with to this day, like Lucy in da Sky, and my photographer buddy, Joe Pennant. He was the first person I knew of that had a blog, and I was one of his first readers.

Through Lucy, I met the owner of a wonderful mailing list, which I now moderate. The list is closed to new members at the present time.

The afterlife? Well, I have spoken to people who have passed on, and they are mostly the way they were when they had a body.

I have also journeyed into the void, and it is how I imagine the afterlife to be. It is the essence of knowledge that we are all one, but there just are not any words to describe it. You can experience it through meditation or journeys while you still have a body, and I would encourage you to start with meditation.

I recognize that this is not a very satisfying answer, but I would like to assure you that you have nothing to fear. It is beauty.

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24 Responses to “Ask Witchypoo: Cyber Energy and the Afterlife”

Memarie Lane Says:

Well you certainly read my uterus.

Memarie Lanes last blog post..Bonanza?

moo Says:


I LOVED irc. I spent hours and hours on it. It was … heavenly. Fun! Exciting!

Now, I realize it would look like pong to those Wii users. But back then … ah. Good times.

moos last blog post..photo challenge, peekaboo & dirty

iamthediva Says:

That’s what i figured.

iamthedivas last blog post..190 – x365 Mr. Hutton

Christy Says:

I have this friend (tee hee) and she hasn’t always been the best person….

Is the afterlife still “beauty” if you’ve played ugly?

For my friend…..

Christys last blog post..Fear of flying

teeni Says:

It’s neat to see your description. And it’s nice to hear that it is beauty. I still would rather stay here, but ya know, that is comforting to know. ;)

Oh, and I voted for you at the Hoss Blog Awards. You are most sincerely the Class Clown!

teenis last blog post..What the Helva Is This?

Mylifeasmomma Says:

I hope there is something in the after life. The idea of being in the cold ground with worms is not appealing.

Christy Says:

Hey, mylifeasmomma…..you must not have been raised an evangelical Christian, or you’d be welcoming the worms–as opposed to the neverending hell-fire I was sure I was getting!

Perspective truly is everything…..

Christys last blog post..Fear of flying

lceel Says:

Is everybody naked?

lceels last blog post..31 years is coming

Christy Says:

No, just you. But I’m wearing a thong!

Christys last blog post..Movie reviews

witchypoo Says:

Lceel: Everybody is naked under their clothing.

Jenn Says:

I remember irc….

I really want to take my daughter to some journeying type classes. It is difficult to find things for kids who “just know these things”. She has some great energy.

Jenns last blog post..A New Cast …

warriorwoman Says:

life, death, birth, life……. an unending cycle of stretch marks and taxes. ain’t life grand?

warriorwomans last blog post..out of my way old man

The Over-Thinker Says:

This makes me feel really good.
I actually have nothing sarcastic to say.

Thank you.

The Over-Thinkers last blog post..And then I sprayed my hair PINK….that it all.

Jenny Says:

type, type, type….delete, delete, delete. the blogosphere is not ready for what i have to say yet.

Witchy, what do you mean by “I have traveled into the void”. Is it similar to when I did a shamanic journey a year ago and went “to the edge” but didn’t cross over (for crossing over is crossing to the other side).???!?

Jennys last blog post..Bless You!

witchypoo Says:

@Jenny: Going to the edge and crossing over is possible to return, similar to dying in your dreams, which I have done many times.
The void is kind of the edge, it is where the wheels of life intersect and creation emerges. But when I say “where” there is no where, really. Because it is everywhere. The best I can explain it is it’s the point of consciousness that realizes all of itself. I’m sorry, words do not describe.

witchypoos last blog post..Ask Witchypoo: Cyber Energy and the Afterlife

Old Knudsen Says:

I can’t wait for the void myself I hope you can take time off from the endless reincarnation crap.

I know we are all one and connected on some level, all stardust etc maybe that’s why we don’t get along just like one big family.
I am not going to mention that scroll box thing you put yer posts into that cuts off the words so then you have to scroll doon and move it then scroll up read then move it again, did I call you a tech head? all tech heads should learn the KISS rule, Keep It Simple Stupid.

A void my cyber scorn.

Oh and I got the purple things today, how long do I have to wear them to make my penis larger?

Old Knudsens last blog post..No Rest For A Hero

frogpondsrock Says:

*smiles *

frogpondsrocks last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

Sacred Suzie Says:

Powerful post and very reassuring

Sacred Suzies last blog post..Summer treasures

nan Says:

So much to do, and time is so bendy.

nans last blog post..this blog rocks

Heidi Says:

The best description I can come up with for my experience is love; pure, deep, limitless and timeless love.

Randy Says:

interesting, Witchypoo. I think I could use some of this healing evergy, I have been going through a slump lately. I need my creativity to start flaring up.

mp Says:

I have a difficult time comprehending energy over the internet… I get it in person..but having a hard time figuring the on line kind of thing.

I ONCE had that “moment of clarity”…I can’t describe that with words either but I think it’s much like a druggie’s high … it’s just VERY awesome.

The thought of meditating..is making me relaxed. Man I need a massage!

mps last blog post..Selective Partying

Minnesota Matron Says:

One thing I cannot comprehend is suicide. Was it Brecht that said that when one dies, it’s not as if an actor leaves a stage. The stage disappears. That sentiment haunts me, as I can probably trace all my dysfunction to a fear of death. However, I have had uncanny experiences with people speaking to people who have died — strangers to the dead! One most remarkable: a sixteen year old son of a dear friend died in a car accident. I just found out, and my neighbor from across the street came running over and said: “Steven is here! Did you lose someone, 16, dark hair, about this high in a car accident where he got vaulted out 100 feet but his girlfriend his fine? He’s here and he needs to talk to his mother.”

Wow. Changed my life. She had every detail right.

Minnesota Matrons last blog post..Stage Mother

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