September 29th, 2008

Hurricane Kyle came and it went. Five years to the day that Hurricane Juan made a direct hit here. Tell ya what. Don’t plan any outdoor weddings here for Sept 28th. A lot of leaves down, but very few branches. The leaves haven’t changed colour here yet. That always scares me when a hurricane is heading our way. The fully leafed trees act as sails, and are easily uprooted in strong sustained winds.Luckily, this was only a category one, and it made landfall a few hundred clicks away.

All in all, I would say compared to Krissa, who took in various pets, including a six foot boa during Ike, Kyle was pretty much a preparation event, with none of the damage locally. She was without electricity and phone for about a week. No A/C. In Texas. And snakes. Snakes. Go read, it’s fascinating.

There was none of that traumatizing howling, and breaking of windows with this storm. I behaved much better this time. Heh. No week without electricity, prompting us to bring our meat to neighbourhood barbeques or lose it. I bought a bottle of wine in case there was a hurricane party. And food you don’t have to cook or refridgerate. (Read: Munchies-party food!) I also made giant pots of pasta with chicken, and one with hamburger, both loaded with veg and different sauces. Stuff you can eat cold. And an extra pot of coffee. I can drink it cold. People always want iced coffee in summer. Danged if I wanted to get my caffeine in the form of a warm pepsi at twice the usual price.

Guess who won’t be cooking tonight?

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13 Responses to “Aftermath”

Jenny Says:

I’m glad it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I was thinking of you last night watching the news and seeing Kyle’s path. Hurricanes scare the bejeesus out of me, and I’ve never had to deal with one.

Let the good times roll… food you’ve already cooked and wine!!

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Jacki Says:

You should write a hurricane survival guide. So much more interesting than the typical ones out there. Who needs flashlights.

Jackis last blog post..Household Irritations

Paunchiness Says:

hehe. When Ike came through it forced my wedding indoors and we were all the way in Kansas City.

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teeni Says:

Better safe than sorry, right? At least you were prepared and now you don’t have to cook! Yay! So you saved energy anyway. ;) I’m glad to hear you are okay.

Talina Says:

Glad it wasn’t so bad… Hurricane Ike inspired me to try boxed wine for the first time. Boxed wine is a great idea, keeps the air out and the wine fresh! If I could buy the whole barrel I would.

Snakes? Ugh, snakes scare me (and spiders). Stay safe!

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wyzwmn Says:

and that right there is why I live on the Left Coast….all I have to worry about is the cataclysmic “big boom” and Vancouver Island sliding into the drink

glad yer ok!

wyzwmns last blog post..I’ve joined a stitch n bitch

Andy Bailey Says:

glad you got through it, did your broom survive? :-/

Andy Baileys last blog post..Is it normal to watch yourself dream?

Angella Says:

Glad you are OK!

Angellas last blog post..Super Trouper*

Krissa Says:

Well, thank you God for that! I am so very happy that you didn’t get it bad this time! I think there should be a law that you are only required to, AT THE MOST, be inconvenienced by a hurricane ONE time. No more than that. We have officially done our time and then some.

Krissas last blog post..Contest winner and promised pictures!

Karen Says:

I am so glad this was just a hurricane drill for you. Enjoy the wine and pasta!

Karens last blog post..Autumn On The North Rim

warriorwoman Says:

Ya Wino, any excuse huh!

warriorwomans last blog post..pussy’s & party’s

Coast Rat Says:

So glad to learn that KYLE turned out to be very weak when it finally arrived in Nova Scotia, and did only minor damage when it passed through. That’s the way I wished all hurricanes would end up.

Coast Rats last blog post..WHAT A BUZZ! HUMMERS BY THE DOZEN!

The Over-Thinker Says:

I love Warrior Woman. She always takes the words right outta my mouth, changes them around a bit, and makes them sound 20 times funnier that I ever would have….bitch. :)

Glad you are well–and you’re right to stay away from the warm Pepsi.

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