August 23rd, 2009

Hi! I lived through Hurricane Bill! Bet you’re proud of me, huh? Didn’t even lose electricity after my massive preparations for a loss of power. Don’t worry. Warrior Woman, who I will no longer link to because she routinely deletes her posts, made fun of me all last night while I was exhausting myself getting ready. Really. I’m hardly bitter at all.

I found a lot of local tweeps to follow on Twitter during the whole hashtag that was #HurricaneBill, and found some amazing images from them, since I never got out of my underwears all day. (Too hot for jammies)

There is a webcam at the scenic Peggy’s Cove lighthouse, and one smart twitterer (twit? tweep?) took screenshots and merged them into a totally amazing video.

Truly worth the clicky. These waves are spectacular. And the process of natural selection was brought into play as some folks just had to get up close and personal. Some teens were swept away by rogue waves. They were rescued.

After viewing this display of Bill’s power, it is suitable that you have a visual of how my immediate neighborhood was impacted. From I have photographic evidence. My fellow citizens were grateful I was not collecting it myself in my underwears.

hurricane damage

So really, it was only a cat 1, and the eye was 100 km from me. Mostly, a non-event. We took a direct hit from Juan, a cat2. Big difference! Sorry I scared you. I was freaking out myself with that pesky dream I had.

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18 Responses to “AfterBill”

Torch Says:

Glad you prepared – if you hadn’t, you probably would have been hit hard. We lost power twice. Being at the cottage (on the ocean) it was quite a sight to see – the trees were bent in half and the rain was driving down so hard you couldn’t even see the ocean. Thankfully we didn’t lose any more trees. Jaun and White Jaun took enough of them … thank you very much! Glad you didn’t have any problems.

lceel Says:

I am so glad you got through it so well. No jammies? Underwear? BRALESS?
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Greene Means Go Says:

1) SO glad you dodged Bill’s bullet!
2) The video from Peggy’s Cove Light is incredible and hypnotizing. Thanks for that!
3) I fully agree about the Darwin Award nominees. People who go out to seawalls and beachfronts during violent storms to “watch it happen” deserve whatever fate befalls them. I love the idea of nature culling the stupidest humans who are asking for it.
4) Hopefully now life can return to whatever is normal in Witchy’s World.
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Hyphen Mama Says:

#3 of Greene Means Go… I agree!!!

Glad you were safe and sound in your underwear!
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Krissa Says:

The ONLY reason you survived unscathed was because I emailed you all evening and into the night, keeping your spirits up while you were busy downing other spirits. I mean, really? There’s nothing else to do while waiting out something like that.
This is me attempting to take full credit… for whatever I can. ;-)
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shelagh Says:

I am so glad that it not become any worse than it was. Juan was enough. I did prepare though, just in case:)
Off to look at that vid:)
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Old Knudsen Says:

Sometimes a dream is just yer own issues and fears playing out as even things we haven’t thought about for years are way back there…………… unless yer psychic or something .

If you go out to get a look at a Hurricane and get swept away then thats one less mong we have to worry about breeding. I’m sure the rescue services love risking their lives for morons.
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Ree Says:

So glad you’re okay.
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Angella Says:

Wow. Glad it turned out to be a dull roar.
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tokenblogger Says:

Very impressive video from your friends.

I love storms…
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themikestand Says:

I think the worst that Bill left us was dangerously deep water levels in the kiddie-pool.

Glad you made it through unscathed, though!
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warriorwoman Says:

so when are you going to listen to warriorwoman?
i told you this was only going to be a big wind storm.
bill farted on us.
but nooooooo, nobody listens to me.
that’s it i give up. warriorwoman is shutting up now.
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Linda Says:

I’m so relieved that you are alright and that all is good. You just never know how these things will turn out. Awesome video.
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Coast Rat Says:

Likewise, I am so glad that Bill turned out to be a non-event, and that you are OK! I hate hurricanes! They are so stressful. Do you need help eating up all that food that you thawed out and cooked up? Or is ABB taking care of it?
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Cat Says:

YAY! I’m so glad you didn’t die in the hurricane (that I knew nothing about, ohmigodI’mtoofrickinshelteredinthemidwest, and that you didn’t have to wear your tightie whities out in the weather.
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talina Says:

I’ve never lived near the ocean so I can’t even imagine going though one of those babies. It is great that you prepared and that it wasn’t worse!

That video was super cool and also pretty scary. When hurricane Ike winds and storms blew through the Midwest right after we moved here it was insanity, I can’t imagine having storms like that in combination with the ocean waves. Yikes!
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Val Says:

I’m so glad you’re ok and didn’t need any of the emergency items you stashed away. Don’t disregard your dream yet though…you had it for a reason and you know what that means! May the guardian angels continue to watch over you and yours. Big hugs.
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mommyknows Says:

So happy to hear it was pretty much a non-event! My sister had her home destroyed by Katrina. What a mess!
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