I graduated from geek school with honours, but nobody wanted to hire a geezer to tweak their database. Guess geekdom is a youth culture. The reason I waited so long was because my younger son has Asperger’s Syndrome, a type of autism. I wanted to be home with him, and did not go back to school until I was sure he wouldn’t burn the house down while I was out. He said I could refer to him as Ass Burger Boy in my blog. Because, you know, it sounds like Asperger’s.

My older son is in the army. He likes to blow up shytte. He lives far away and I don’t get to see him much. He has a lovely wife, and a beautiful daughter. He also has a pretend mom at the base who is a wonderful woman and like a sister to me. My older son really isn’t crazy about him and his wife and child being in a blog, so I am respecting his privacy. I reserve the right to tell little kid stories about him though. I haven’t decided yet what I will call him. Maybe Dances with Explosives. He prefers Dances with Shrapnel, because that is more specific to his job. But you know how it is. Kids. They get a certain age and then go change their name on you. Then they don’t answer to anything but the new name. It could be worse. I have a SIL I call Dances with Mice. In real life. Remind me to tell you the story sometime.

Both of them are very personable and hilarious, each in their own way. They are both good mimics, especially Ass Burger Boy. He also likes to shock people. Good thing I am not easily embarrassed.

The psychic stuff was what I thought was normal. I think everyone thinks that what they do is kind of routine.
The cool part was after I had a UFO experience, things really began to accelerate for me.
I started having out of body experiences, and found I could take myself to remote locations.
This has happened under the auspices of the US government. They called it “remote viewing”. Now, maybe, they don’t admit it.

It’s a good thing I respect people’s privacy, because I could have been so evil with it haha.

In 1980, my mildly amusing OCD stepmother gave me a great book on palmistry for Christmas, and I would study it, study my hand,
study it some more. Then I brought my new found skill to family. I found out things I never knew about them, which kind of let me know there was something to that thar palmistry thing. I became very popular at parties.

When Ass Burger Boy was born in 1983, I knew I wanted to find something I could do from home, and shortly thereafter, I started reading tea leaves. I not only saw images, but felt emotions associated with them, and I knew what the images meant.

I kind of amazed my ownself.

I put an ad in the paper, got interviewed by a sharp-eyed reporter, and quickly garnered a following. My clients were my practice, and they encouraged me to try new things. I started to add card reading to my repertoire of palmistry and tea leaf reading. These were the regular playing cards. Another psychic offered meditation classes, and gifted me with her Rider Waite tarot deck. I started to use them immediately.
I used a lot of the regular card meanings and brought them to the tarot card experience.
I made up my own layouts, and devised timing factors in the layouts.

Everything I read in books eventually served as a springboard to my own discovery. I felt that I could write my own book about this (if I were a lot more industrious and disciplined)
I would go into trance while reading palms and faces would appear in the palm. I would state the area where I saw the picture (for instance, parents, or husband) and describe what I saw. I wasn’t sure just what I was seeing until a woman asked me if I would recognize the face from a picture she had. I said that I would.
The picture was not only of her father (who I had been describing) but it was the same pose! Military hat and all!

I did kind of amaze my ownself hehe. What is really awesome, is that just about everything developed around the same time. Lots of meditation, lots of practice on clients. I began my healing practice when my son was still a baby, and the internet hooked me up with other healers and shamans from all over. We accomplished some truly amazing things. It has been a privilege to engage with others in this way.
I am keeping this blog anonymous so that if I talk about clients (and I do have some stories!) they won’t have to worry about being identified. Also, some members of my family go to a very extreme church and consider me a Tool of Satan. That just cracks my shytte up, but I don’t want any of them to google me.

Oh, and if you fear for my soul? Please don’t beg me to be “washed in the Blood of the Lamb”. I happen to be a spiritual person who thinks that my gift is, like all talents, a gift from God. That business about prophesy and such? That was politically driven so that the great unwashed wouldn’t have access to the mysteries.

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