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I know it’s shocking, but I actually got out of the house last evening. Makeup, bra and high heels! I’m living dangerously, I tell you. And, I’m fairly confident that I didn’t cough on anybody, although there was some coughing involved.

There is a local twitter group of interesting women who meet once a month for events, and this one was a doozy! The fabulous Ben Boudreau (be sure to click on his Single Ladies wear Snuggies link!) was all mysterious and gave out clues that nobody really guessed, but all was forgiven when he broke out the martinis and yummy snack food at the venue.

Here’s what it was all about:

This is something I can get really excited about!! (See? Two exclamation marks) Clicking on the image will take you to our HalifaxChicks team page, where you can donate to this fabulous cause.

100% of donation money will be used for digital mammography equipment, something that my boobies will appreciate, and the boobies of many more HRM women. The campaign has corporate sponsors for all the administrative and advertising costs, so 100%. Practically unheard of.

Today, Bust A Move rocked the Flashmob at Hfx Shopping Center food court! Check it!

I wanted to get involved in Bust A Move without all that pesky exercise stuff, because the crowning event of this campaign is a 6 hour exercise marathon to be held at the Halifax Metro Center. There may be Guiness World Records! There may be a curly headed guy in stripey shorts! There may be a witchypoo FAIL if I actually sign up,which is why I’m begging for donations instead.

For coherent information on this event, head over to Alice in Paris.She has a paypal button for donations and she totally rocks the team spirit!

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October 13th, 2009 | 21 Comments »

Okay, so it turns out I have pneumonia. Don’t worry. At least, I think it’s pneumonia, because of the symptoms, all pneumonia-like and all, but I snuck a peek at my xray, and about a quarter of my left lung showed a shadow. More like a pool of snot, but shadow works for the queasy.

Yet my doctor was all freaked out that I lost 25 pounds without trying, so he says if the xray doesn’t show cancer, we are going for a cat scan. WE??? Yeah, doc, get in that machine for me, because it fah-reeks me out.

I prefer the weight loss theory that Cat espouses, a tapeworm. She is all obsessed with the tapeworms, and when she discovered she didn’t actually have one, she had to foist it off on me. Makes perfect sense, lose 25 pounds, you have a tapeworm.

I am a big believer that knowledge is power, and I refuse to get my knickers in a twist until I am sure I have something to fret about. (Did you notice how I refrained from saying “panties”? Because, apparently,some internet folks really hate the word panties.)

Lately, and I apologize to my best bloggy friends for this, but I have been so ignoring my blog and only updating when I get a polite notice from BlogHer. It’s just that life has been interfering with the online stuff. But really, Twitter has been more absorbing to me lately.

I’m sorry, bloggy friends. I will try to do better after I resolve the health issues.

And all these thirty somethings saying “I’m old”? Old hurts. Physically. Don’t delude yourselves.

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