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Hi! I lived through Hurricane Bill! Bet you’re proud of me, huh? Didn’t even lose electricity after my massive preparations for a loss of power. Don’t worry. Warrior Woman, who I will no longer link to because she routinely deletes her posts, made fun of me all last night while I was exhausting myself getting ready. Really. I’m hardly bitter at all.

I found a lot of local tweeps to follow on Twitter during the whole hashtag that was #HurricaneBill, and found some amazing images from them, since I never got out of my underwears all day. (Too hot for jammies)

There is a webcam at the scenic Peggy’s Cove lighthouse, and one smart twitterer (twit? tweep?) took screenshots and merged them into a totally amazing video.

Truly worth the clicky. These waves are spectacular. And the process of natural selection was brought into play as some folks just had to get up close and personal. Some teens were swept away by rogue waves. They were rescued.

After viewing this display of Bill’s power, it is suitable that you have a visual of how my immediate neighborhood was impacted. From I have photographic evidence. My fellow citizens were grateful I was not collecting it myself in my underwears.

hurricane damage

So really, it was only a cat 1, and the eye was 100 km from me. Mostly, a non-event. We took a direct hit from Juan, a cat2. Big difference! Sorry I scared you. I was freaking out myself with that pesky dream I had.

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A few days ago, I woke up from a dream where I watched from the doorway (with my father and a friend of his) a power transformer that started to burn, then it exploded, and went zooming off to the right. I awakened to the sound of my own startled voice. The imagery was very evocative of The Tower, the bad guy of the tarot deck.

I mean, just look at it. Do you need to be psychic to feel it isn’t good?


The Tower indicates that drastic change is about to take place. Perhaps your whole life is about to come undone and can break down. Anything that you consider permanent in your life is at risk. It doesn’t matter how solid the foundation is. When The Tower comes up, everything is susceptible.

The card is basically telling you that what is in the past is in the past and you need to move on. There is no point in sifting through the rubble and trying to salvage things. It presents the opportunity to start anew, so take it. It’s not a hint. Nothing subtle here, folks. If you try to hold on to what is lost, you’ll be living in a world that no longer exists.

It also has the redemption of transformation. All the illusions of what is important to you fade away. The smoke and mirrors falling away reveal what is really important. You see things how they really are.

I had seen some rumblings about Hurricane Bill a few days ago, but after the dream, I expected we would take a direct hit. I still think so. It’s supposed to hit here Sunday. Even if it doesn’t make landfall, it is 185 kilometers from eye to end, with hurricane force winds throughout.

I remember vividly when Hurricane Juan made landfall here in 2003. I’ll never forget the horrible howling of its winds. Sleep was impossible. I learned a few things about preparation for a hurricane. Mostly because nobody was prepared. Including me.

Now for the joy of cooking all of my frozen meat. In this killer heat wave that is acting like fertilizer for the hurricane. I’m so excited. Did I mention I’m a heat weinie? Why yes, yes I am. Nobody here has A/C unless they’re crazy rich because we so seldom need it. At least I learned that having cooked, thawed meat to gnaw on when you have no electricity is better than looking helplessly at your thawing raw meat and having no way to cook it. Yes, I will be getting an extra propane tank, but my BBQ is small. I’m kind of afraid to use it.

Okay, now. Breathe.

Probably that is the best advice to get through The Tower.

Prepare, if you can. And breathe.

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Hi. Remember me? I almost don’t remember me myself. For those of you who have wondered about my references to Herman, I explain it all over at Kelley’s place.Code name: Teh Awesome. Because she is.

Long story short, a while back, I had severe problems with my arsehole, and it caused me a lot of discomfort. The always solicitous Krissa was very concerned. Why, I do not know. She’s caring that way. She loves her a good arsehole. Or a defiant one. Whaddoo I know? She’s great.

My first TMI Thursday post details the whole conversation to give my arsehole a name. And now that I think about it, how sad am I that I wouldn’t put it on my own blog?

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  • I eat cereal most every day, but never with milk. I like it with fruit, and consider the cereal to be a fruit delivery mechanism. Fruit juice is acceptable if the fruity goodness I provide doesn’t properly sog up the cereal.
  • I have some minor food issues (read: sensitivities) like dairy for one, but I feel that the occasional portion of ice cream with my cake is perfectly acceptable. Except that I usually feel kind of grody the next day. Like now. My brain is on vacation, and did not post its itinerary. Anybody see my brain lately? I’ll give you ice cream if you return it to me.
  • I seldom overeat. I just don’t want to hurt myself. ABB cannot stand to waste food, the freak. He cleans up what I can’t finish. An all you can eat buffet is so wasted on me, but ABB evens out the playing field.
  • I’m going to a tweetup today, and yesterday, I got a bad haircut. I know it’s really bad because I had major bedhead when I woke up this morning. I won’t have time to get it fixed. Woedness.
  • I haven’t had a post for ages. This is what my brain on ice cream looks like.
  • My ice cream brain volunteered to make some web pages for a chairty event. I guess I had best get busy. So far, I’ve been busy playing Zuma when I’m not working. Uh oh.
  • My site isn’t loading. Twitter, however, is working fine. Not a good sign for me.
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People ask me what clairvoyance is, and I explain it is from the French, translating as “clear seeing”.

All of our senses can be expanded beyond the physical with some training and dedication.

Usually, the physical sense that you excel at during your life (for instance, the way you learn best in school) will be your best bet to explore on a higher vibration.

In my case, I had an eidetic (or photographic) memory. This comes in handy, because the visions come to me in a flash, and it is helpful to remember them clearly.

Those that are more visual in nature may notice that when they gaze dreamily at clouds, images will appear to them. People report seeing animals, angels, and a variety of things, but I most often see faces in the clouds.

My first manifestation of clairvoyance came when I began to detect auras. That is something I would like to explore in a later post.

I further practiced clairvoyance by reading tea leaves, and when reading palms, faces would appear in the hand. When I described the faces, people connected with them. One woman asked me if I would recognize the face I described if she showed me a photograph. It was not only the same man, but wearing the same military uniform! The vision I had seen was of that very photograph! I have since learned that photographs are the best way to capture a face, because it is static. Before that, the faces would often talk, laugh, and move about, so it was harder to describe them.

It is important when allowing a vision that you be very relaxed. The vision must come to you, rather than you “trying” to seek the vision. Some deep breathing techniques are helpful here. If you are wishing to receive visions with your eyes open, it is helpful to soften your gaze while in an altered state (brought about by the deep breathing).

Most of the visions I receive while on the phone are of the closed eye variety. A symbol may appear, or, at the client’s request, I may fast forward to a place where they will live or work in the future.

When working with private clients, I feel freer to take the time to project a vision of a face onto a scrap of paper, and trace the image that appears. I will do this by special request from psychic network clients, with the understanding that it takes time for the image to appear, for me to trace the image, and for me to desccribe it to you. I seldom see faces with my eyes closed. Weird, huh?

Each clairvoyant has their own particular style, of course. I am only describing my own. Your style, as it develops, can take you wherever you and your guides wish to go.

It is a gift that will continue to amaze and delight you as you develop it!