March 31st, 2009 | 10 Comments »
  • I’ve been cheating on my blog with a book. Honestly cannot put it down. Anybody read “The Story of Edgar Sawtelle”?
  • I have also subscribed to some mindless blogs that I immensely enjoy. One is F*** My Life, which features twitter length episodes of doom and humiliation from readers. Strangely, it makes me feel better about my life. Schadenfreude is alive and well hereabouts.
  • Redneck Mommy reports via Twitter that her husband is out of the woods. Keep sending energy, prayers, and whatever good wishes you have to spare. Or, a casserole, because who wants to cook when camped out in a hospital while your hubby is in a hyperbaric chamber?
  • I just ordered some Girl Scout Thin Mints cookies because we don’t get them here. Shipping for one box is $8.50. FML.
  • We just got dumped with 25 cm of snow. That’s about 10″. I haven’t measured, so any locals with a stick can feel free to correct me. March came in like a lion; it’s going out like a polar bear. Oh, yeah, and the heat cut out yesterday. I am so a fan of polar fleece pajamas.
  • I had to log off work early yesterday because my back pain was so intense it made me nauseous. I have a fairly late night reading to schedule. Didn’t make my agenda last night. FML.
  • Tomorrow, I may share the goodies I have received in the mail lately. If I can wrestle the camera from Ass Burger Boy long enough.
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March 27th, 2009 | 10 Comments »

Redneck Mommy is on a road trip. A six hour trip with three kids and no husband.


I’ll bet she has one of those roomy suv thingies with dvd players.

I travelled from the west to the east coast of Canada with my family. In a hillman station wagon, which, I believe, is now extinct.

Photo found here.

So? I’m old. Get over it. My point is that there were four kids in the one back seat. Of a tiny car. With very cranky parents, who were on the verge of killing one another and their children divorce.

Of course, we want to travel cross country under those circumstances. Who wouldn’t?

When there was fighting or any disruption whatsoever from the back seat, Dad didn’t even look. He just back-handed a wallop, and whoever was in the way got it.

I very shrewdly made it my business to sit directly behind him, out of reach. I was smarter than my siblings.

Many times, the trip was boring, boring, boring. From my relatively bullet-proof position, I would bug my siblings. Maybe poke them, anything to annoy. I was inconsolable. Elvis had been drafted into the army. Anything to take my mind off my grief.

Tanis? Be very grateful you didn’t have my eight-year-old bad self in your backseat.

Enjoy your trip.



UPDATE: I saw on twitter that Redneck Mommy’s husband had been gassed at the workplace. He’s in critical condition in the hospital in Edmonton.

Anybody have kind thoughts, prayers, healing energy, please send them Tanis and Boo’s way.

March 27th, 2009 | 15 Comments »

I’ve struggled with this one before. What is my niche?

I’m a mom, but not a mommyblogger. Unless you put me in the category of dinosaur mom.

I’m a psychic, but cannot share stories from the psychic network that cannot be named here. They might get sued.

I’m a geek, but my regular readers cry in pain when I post anything remotely geek.

All of the social media thingies that ask you to put yourself in a category, well, I never know what category I fit in.

I started out to build a bridge between myself and Christians who might consider me a Tool of Satan because of my psychic readings. To promote a bit of understanding.

Mostly, I guess, I just tell stories.

There is no storyteller niche.

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March 26th, 2009 | 12 Comments »

Has anyone ever used the stealth method of parenting? Dances With Shrapnel still holds this one against me:

witchypoo: Time for bed.

DWS: But I’m not tired.

witchypoo: It’s DARK out. (It was winter, dark came at 5:00pm)


witchypoo: Eat your corn.

DWS: I don’t like it.

witchypoo? Are you kidding? Did you know if you eat lots of corn, you can see it in your poop the next day?

DWS: Really? (wide eyes as he contemplates the thrill of seeing corn in his poop)

March 25th, 2009 | 10 Comments »

  • Polar fleece pajamas
  • A warm front which will melt the 50 cm of snow just dumped on us.
  • Coffee, black, and strong
  • Missing paycheck that finally arrived. A month late.
  • I showed up again today