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I had a great conversation with a client about her egomaniacal ex-husband yesterday. I’ll call him Donald.

witchypoo: “You have a daughter.”

client: “Yes. Donalda.”

witchypoo: (starting to lose it) “Don’t tell me. Your son’s name is Donald.”

client: “Yes.”

witchypoo: “I can top that. I once had a boyfriend (Eric) who had sons named Tommy and Eric. After I kicked his sorry behind to the curb, he married a woman and had more children. The boy was Eric, and the girl was Erica. I can only imagine poor Tommy, introducing himself and his half-siblings (as in an old tv show, Newhart) ‘Hi. I’m Tommy.This is my brother Eric, and this is my other brother Eric. And this here is my sister Erica.’ .”

At this point, we were both helpless with laughter. She admitted that she was pretty embarrassed when he insisted on naming their daughter after him, in addition to the son. She was starting to get some perspective on the situation.

witchypoo: “Please ask in your divorce agreement that he not traumatize your children by naming any more offspring after himself.”

The reason it was a great conversation is that it totally underlined to her what a dillweed her ex really is, and how much better off she is to move on without him.

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I confess. I’m a lurker. Some blogs I read are a guilty pleasure that I know I don’t have to comment on. Just a sight-seer. Not yours, of course, because you comment on mine. Really, even though I work at home, there is only so much time, you know? Some of it has to include, oh, actual work.

One of my favourite lurky blogs is Oh! The Joys!. Jessica is funny, and kind of deep, too. She writes pithy posts that sometimes make me pith my panth. Nice combination. Also, she hosts the ROFL awards once a month.

This month, I was wiping my eyes and gasping at a blog that I do comment on, because she is all hilarious in her comments here. And I thought, I just have to share all of this laughy, bloggy goodness because it is totally too good to keep to myself.

The funniest post I read all month was written by The Overthinker and her husband jointly. It’s a total must read. Arm yourself with tissues and step away from the hot beverages. You might just pee a little. I think I did. Where? Here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Behold the beauteous button which she gets to proudly display on her sidebar, or wherever else she wants to put it. I think a T-shirt would be lovely.

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I’ve been meaning to comb through my comments for gems quite a while now, because some of them are wicked good. The winner gets to display this awesome award, painstakingly crafted by Loralee and she only used it like twice, probably when she realized how time consuming it was to go through comments, cut and paste comments and links. It is. But I loves you all.

Ree comments:

Cute new header lady. ;-)

And I’m not sure how Mrs. Andy would feel about you telling the world that Andy’s horn is tootable, but I think it’s pretty tootable, too.

Andy responds to my numerology post:

I used to have a friend who swore by numerology..

she used to say ,”oh 14!, my 54 stupid **@!ss 12266?

Knudsey has his say on numerology:

And then you do the hokey pokey, numbers are for the weak learn how to get the winning lotto numbers then I’ll be impressed.

She has to give them to me in order for me to be impressed by the way.

The Overthinker reports on my Thanksgiving post:

I ate so much yesterday, I’m fairly certain I saw a drip of gravy come out the corner of my eye.

Kelly gets me giggling:

THat is why I am too scared to check for updates. Cause if my blog goes down I am certain that that is the day that Dooce will come and declare her undying love for me and I can go all ‘meh, I don’t care for your Dooceyness’

But looking good here chicky babe

The Overthinker, once more:

Shut UP! ShutupShutupShutupShutup!!! I am so blown away by your dedication!! Do you get some letters to put after your name now? Like MD, DDS, RN? But maybe Grace, PWIYR (poop-won’t-interrupt-your-reading)

Honourable Mention goes to Christy, who left no blog address:

Sometimes when doody calls duty calls….

The clear winner is Nan, responding to my poop post

“I see the seven of swords… no wait… *wipe, wipe* make that six…”

It’s always about poop, innit?

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December 1st, 2008 | 17 Comments »

I know I toot Andy’s horn a lot, but the truth is, his horn is very tootable. He develops the best plugins ever, and now he has another winner.

This one adds a field to your comment form so that commenters can enter their twitter id. Then, when the entire comment is displayed, you just click on the twitter bird that displays, and you can go right to their twitter home page. And click on the follow button, of course.

You can download it here.

And? Look at the pretty twitter birds in the comments. I loves me some twitter birds I does.