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For once, I am speechless. The unthinkable has happened.

Skinny Bitch has been dumped.

Skinny Bitch and Will-Yummy

I know! She can’t comprehend it either.

I guess I need some backstory here.

When she had the terrible car wreck that left her in a halo brace for five months, she and Mr. SB had been divorced for some time. For good reason, I might add. She was more than a little bitter. Even fantasizing for ages how she could plot his demise, and get away with it. Don’t piss her off. She holds a grudge.

Mr. SB dropped everything, including his live-in girlfriend, rented his house out, and moved in to take care of Skinny Bitch and the kids. Heartstopper and Georgie were seven and nine years old at the time. He earned a lot of brownie points in my book for that. Not so much with Skinny Bitch. She holds a grudge.

Nobody but me believed this, but all the time this was going on, she and Mr. SB slept in the same bed, and didn’t have sex. Why? She holds a grudge.

Skinny Bitch compartmentalized her life. She kept a stable home for the kids, but she dated, went away for weekends when Mr. SB was available to take care of the kids, and? She fell in love.

For the first time in her life. Heartthrob was a beautiful man on the outside. Shiny, clean, long dark hair. Gentle, kind, smart and funny. The kind of man who never played mind games. Everybody who knew him adored him. The only thing that really really bothered her was their age difference. He was ten years younger. He still lived with his parents while he went back to school. He had no real ambition because he wasn’t big on accumulating wealth. He just wanted to live his life and be happy. Beautiful on the inside too.

Then her daughter, Heartstopper, turned thirteen, and all hell broke loose. The home situation required all of SB’s attention, and SB figured that Heartthrob could use some time to grow up a bit. They broke up, and Skinny Bitch tried very hard to pull together with Mr. SB to get the kids through this. They bought a beautiful house in a secluded neighbourhood, hoping to get Heartstopper away from her dirtbag boyfriend. The one who only went away because he was incarcerated for dealing drugs.

Mr. SB had his own ideas of raising a teenage daughter with a dirtbag boyfriend, and they consisted of believing anything she said and letting her do whatever she wanted. To say that Skinny Bitch was bitter would be grossly understating the case. She was the freaking queen of bitter. And? She was a wreck. I was very afeared for her sanity and well-being at this time.

Heartstopper turned eighteen, and Skinny Bitch began to accept that her parental say was over. She was still very bitter that Mr. SB sabotaged it with his dysfunctional parenting approach. She holds a grudge. Did I mention that?

Last summer, I knew that she was back to plotting Mr. SB’s demise in her head, just by the way she cut her eyes at him. I knew the end was very near.

She unlocked her insurance settlement after consulting with financial advisors, and bought herself a lovely Victorian house with a huge down payment. She said to me “What good is that money to me, sitting in investments, if I’m miserable?” It’s true, money can’t buy you happiness, but at last, she had her own space, where she had a say in her life. I was happy for her.

She asked me to email Heartthrob to find out what was going on in his life. He very generously donated server space and resources to me, so I could test out some sites I was developing. He also very generously had given me lots of development advice. Great guy!

Heartthrob was unattached, and they talked on the phone. He still loved her, and wanted to come over right away. I think if he had, he would still be there.

Skinny Bitch wanted to take it a bit more slowly. She called him a week later, and he was rather indifferent. A week after that, a man answered and said he had moved out to Alberta.

I never saw this coming. From everything I know about Heartthrob, he is not the kind of man to play games. The only man she has ever loved. And the only man who has ever dumped her. She was astonished as I was.

It’s been really rough for her. She can’t let it go. She has fantasies of them running through a meadow in slow motion, all happy and thrilled, and in the back of her mind, just a little, she is muttering “You fucker.”

Because, after all, she holds a grudge.

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I haven’t been regularly saving my search strings lately. They are rather similar. Lots of searches for naked housework, and one that cracks me up because I’m sure it disappoints, is The Vagina Rocks. I get about 10 or so hits a day on that post. Here are some rather persistant search terms.

what do you say to make a boy horney? How tough can this be? Boys are naturally horny. Usually, just saying that you are willing to have sex with them is enough. Of course, if he’s gay, you might want to have your brother say it.

christmas pajama party I had a fun pajama party a few weeks ago, since I’m logged into the Psychic Power Network most of the time and don’t get out, it was more come as you are in my case. However, I’m thinking Christmas pajamas would be very festive and fun. We could all model our new Christmas themed jammies. Don’t be giving me ideas. I’m dangerous that way.

how to make girls fart The quickest way is to feed them beans. Or, in my case, meat. I did a you tube search for a video that I found hilarious. Makes me laugh. Every single time. I’ve watched it a lot. And I want to share it with you, because, dang, farts are funny.

During my YouTube search, I began to suspect that this querent wanted to make girls fart for reasons other than comedy.There was kind of a p0rn fart video. Yuck. Your search brought you to the wrong place. Farts are funny. That is all. Now go to YouTube. They have what you want.

hangy breasts porn I can only suspect the poor dear is no longer stimulated by his wife’s implants. Could have saved yourself a bundle if you saw that coming, couldn’t you, sunshine?

mcslutty That’s Horny McSlutty to you, missy. He was my first love, but he is still up to his old tricks. You are welcome to him. Just tell him you are willing to have sex with him. See above, in how to make a boy horny.

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I come from a military family. I grew up on air force bases, and we moved a lot. Fourteen or fifteen different schools before college. My father was military, two brothers are in the air force, and I married a navy man who with me begat an army son, Dances With Shrapnel.

Dances With Shrapnel is deployed in Afghanistan, serving our country, which has NATO obligations to fulfil. That may include cleaning up the mess left by the Bush administration when they barrelled into the illegal war in Iraq. My son does not voice dissenting opinions. He knows what he signed up for. This is his second tour there.

The heat alone over there would do me in. To suffer heat in such danger? All of these men and women who serve are heroes to me. These youngsters look so tired, they suffer such discomforts, and face incredible danger with confidence born of their pride and amazing training.

I cannot bear to watch the news. When the dead and wounded are identified, the relief I feel that it isn’t my son is immediately tempered by sorrow for the families.

To all who served, and are serving in our armed forces, thank you. It’s a dirty and dangerous career, and I get weepy when I think of your sacrifices. Not just on November 11, but every day.

No matter what the dillweeds in power have decided, you have sworn to serve. You are my heroes.

Thank you.

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A good way to approach learning the tarot is the meditative way. The first thing you need to do is to select a card. I would suggest you start with the major arcana cards. These are the big guns, people.

Just a word here. Tarot cards are basically, just 78 pieces of cardboard-ish material with pictures on them. They have no special powers. The magic happens when the images trigger knowledge in your very own subconscious.

You first want to achieve an altered state of consciousness.

When you are all wonked out (Heh. Not really, it is a lovely state of consciousness), I would suggest that you study the card you have chosen, and note how the pictures, inhabitants, and colours make you feel. A notebook with a page for each card would be very handy in your journey.

Next, in your mind, expand the card to life size, and walk into the image. You will still be doing the breathing that alters your consciousness. Notice how you feel, physically, at first. Are you cold? Warm?

Then pay particular attention to your emotional state. Are you excited? Happy? Afraid? Angry?

You will want to take note of all of these elements in your little workbook.

Any people or creatures you encounter in the scene should be noticed in detail. Are they approachable? Will they speak to you, or lead you further into the image? What message do they have for you?

When you have fully explored the landscape and inhabitants of the card, come back to your normal waking consciousness, and write down all that you recall.

By actually experiencing the card in the meditation, you are not ever likely to forget it.

This method is how you make the tarot your very own. You won’t need a book to tell you the meanings. In fact, I found any tarot books to be rather confusing, because there were so many different meanings for each card.

There are other things to learn about tarot readings, but if you are not willing to spend the time to fully learn the deck, they aren’t much good to you.

By the way, the comentluv contest is ongoing for the next two weeks. Any comment you leave here in that time frame, if you are registered with commentluv, has the potential to win you a fabulous prize.

You can’t win if you’re not in!

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Remember when I was all regular with my Peep of the Week Awards? And how you liked it? Well, I’ll probably do that again when I get my mojo back. However, there is now a contest running, and you can enter to win fabulous prizes, some of which are money, just by commenting on my leetle blog. Here’s a little tidbit I scraped from Andy’s site.

What are my sites visitors requirements?

They must be registered at and have their site url registered and verified.
They must also have a profile description entered at
They cannot spam.
They do not need to have CommentLuv installed on their own site. It would be nice if they make a post about winning the prize on their site and link back to the site where they won the prize (your blog, not

That’s it! Just go register your site, create a profile and start commenting. There will be prizes. You can bet I will be commenting on featured sites. I already won $20 on his sneaky little pre-contest test commenting contest. The contest will run for two weeks, so you have multiple opportunities to win.

Update: I already won a 2 gig memory card by commenting on another commentluv site.

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