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I used to scoff at older folk when I was a young upstart.

It seemed to me that the closer they got to death, the slower they would drive.

I didn’t have the patience for an old turd who was enjoying the scenery, as opposed to courting a senseless death by automobile warp speed.

Now that I am an ole turd myself, things are different, baybeee!

It makes sense to enjoy the drive, rather than trying to arrive somewhere a full two minutes ahead of the oldsters.

You take for granted how things are, until they change in the name of “progress”.

CAUTION: Here comes one a those “When I was a kid” stories.

Heh. When I was a liddle gurl, I made it my mission to be out of the house ALL DAY LONG. This was my clever strategy to avoid any possible work to be done, or any other unpleasantness family life involved.

I spent the time mostly exploring the woods, fields, and dirt roads on foot. I ate berries and whatever grew wild or on abandoned properties. I tracked animals, and healed a lot of early childhood pain in nature.

When my military family moved near a big city, I fearlessly made long walks into the city to parks, museums, playgrounds, and any event where there was free food.

A regular grade 5 savant.

Changes were a given in my household; making the best of them worked for me.

Did I mention that I was ummm…easily amused?

The foods I tasted as a child are harder to find now.

Now there are preservatives and all kinda nasties in them.

It’s getting more challenging and more expensive to find REAL FOOD anymore, unless you grow your own.

The good food was not profitable.

Can you say agribusiness, kids?

The earth says it is an abomination to cultivate this way. The earth is diverse, to maintain the balance.

Big Business says: make it cost effective to feed people.

Stuff their pieholes with sheer poison if it makes money.

Ignore the balance of our mother earth.

Observing changes over a long period of time allows many illusions to melt away.

We have defined ourselves by tv in the past, and are conditioned by advertising to want all the instant crap.

It’s poisoned I tell you!

The earth is already pitching hissyfits because the balance is too far out of whack.

Big Business uses her like a toilet.

A men’s room toilet.

Has anybody taken note of the extreme weather phenomona in the past 5 years or so?

Think it’s gonna get better soon?

See, ole people ponder that kinda stuff.

Now I feel a deep longing to be living amongst my tree friends once more.

We are bombarded with so much money-making sensory crap that we’ve forgotten who we really are.

The trees know, and share freely with those who commune with them. I was wisest as a child in nature.

Ole people don’t care if the younguns think they’re whacked.

I’m fixin to really enjoy my second childhood, starting now.

Note: This is an old piece I resurrected. I have no idea why I was using that particular folksy voice, but around that time I also hung fairy lights on a ficus tree beside my bed, and placed my unmentionables on said tree to dry. It was quite a sight.

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When Ass Burger Boy was younger, he overheard me tell someone close that I would rather have them drop the F bomb than say the N word around him. I didn’t want that kind of hate in his vocabulary. He filed it away for future reference.

Nowadays, when he is frustrated or angry, he repeats the N word like a person with Tourette’s Syndrome. I have explained how loaded with hatred and bad juju this word is.

Then, in a rare moment of clarity, *ding, ding* it dawned on me.

Me: You use that word because it offends me so much, don’t you?

ABB: Yeah, kinda.

Me: Well, aren’t you just the effing rebel?

ABB: smirk.

Awarding of the Bling

From the lovely and fragrant Teeni, who wishes to acknowledge a few of her must read daily posts comes the Daily Dose Award. Be quiet. It wasn’t what you were thinking, now, was it?


I have to pick only three blogs who fill me with happiness when I see they have updated. Tough call. You should subscribe to these three, and become addicted your ownself. Drum roll, please…

1. Zoe

2. Veronica

3. Well Done Fillet

From my much loved bloggy buddy, Zoe, comes the I Less than three your blog, which I take it to mean that she hearts my blog.


There are many blogs that I heart as well. I just feel all warm and fuzzy when I visit them. Here are three:

1. Teenie, Vaguetarian Tea Room I was going to also award this to I am the Diva, but I figure Teeni will get it to her.

2. Texas Poppet

3. Loralee’s Looney Tunes

And? I really hate having to narrow it down to three. There are so many great blogs out there.

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We now turn the spotlight to the witty folk in my comments section. Yes, it’s time for Peep of the Week. A day late and a dollar short.
In the all pith, all the time department, we salute Dawn

Old Knudsen rocks my pants off.

Not really. Cuz that would be dirty.

and Jenny

aDORable! I sucketh at 3:23. But it was my first time… and I didn’t inhale.

In the creative expletive and calling for resurrection of my computer department, I give you Nan

Oh, firetruck!! Perhaps it will resurrect upon the third day?

Now repeat after me: This Has Happened For A Reason.

What else did you want to do this weekend?

and Ree

Maybe another Eastern miracle will happen?

(and an addendum)

Of course, that should say Easter, not Eastern. Geez.

How can we ignore the awesome boob comments from this post? We can’t.

From the pithy Dawn:

go look at my pix again. my boobs just about touch my navel. good times.

From the effervescent Nan:

Look for my post, “hangy-down boobies, the new fashion trend!” and join me in making style statements! I get to take my gauze off my boobie tonight, yay! Sending sunshiny beach vibes your way. Bikini vibes.

But the award goes to Linda who responds thusly:

No no, they do not clunk to the floor.

It’s more of a slapping sound.

Careful not to step on them.

I have more awards to fling around, but I think I need a nap now.

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We are celebrating on this day of resurrection, an Easter(n) Miracle that Ree suggested in my comments on the demise of my machine. My monitor was bad. Never mind that I am squinting at a 15″ CRT monitor now. It just feels so good that I have all of my data. And hoo, boy! Did I have a time remembering passwords for various essential sites while trying to navigate on Ass Burger Boy’s keyboard-challenged laptop. From when he took it apart? They’re all written down now. All the hard restarts from trying to get it to work wreaked havoc on my system, and I have a lot of uninstalling and reinstalling to do. Don’t want to have to do a reformat, because there is always something I forget to back up when I do that. Those of you who barely can find the on button of your computer, ignore this. It will hurt your brain.

To celebrate, and stay in keeping with the theme is this bit of creativity that I made with my younger brother and sister out of papier mache about 25 years ago. Yes, that is most likely the last creative moment I had. Maybe. Anyway, Kelly tagged me for a creative meme, which was to produce something creative, and this is all I have actual evidence of. It’s supposed to be the Easter Bunny. Stop snickering. It has personality. Which is what the vet receptionist said about Handsome Henry.

My liddle sister treasured it, and kept it unharmed, lo, all these years. I’m glad she did, because even though two of her boys are older, Bonkers is the right age to love him some bunny that isn’t in a stew.

Peep of the Week is taking me a bit longer than usual, and I have elected to highlight some wicked good comments tomorrow.

I’m trying to insert links unobtrusively to my older posts that maybe ten people got to see, when I started blogging in November. Some of them aren’t half bad, and I have been using them as guest posts on other sites because I’m tricky like that. Yesterday, when I could barely type, Kailani of Island Life featured an oldie. She seems to be enjoying herself in Tahoe!

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This is the most adorable ever image of my niece, daughter of Dances With Mice. It’s very tricky trying to type on this damaged keyboard. I can read blogs and mail for now

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