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I already have my 100 things about me post written, have had for some time. Instead of just plunking it up on a page, since I’m at post 75, you will get them 25 at a time, because really? That’s just the kind of sweetheart I am. Also, I apologize for those who get this in their reader twice, this one should have comments working. Thanks to J at Just Beachy it does now.

1. I’m not getting any younger.

2. Black coffee is the answer. What is the question?

3. I used to be a clean freak.

4. Being a clean freak made me allergic to household chemicals.

5. I clean far, far less now.

6. I think I am in love with my dishwasher.

7. At age nine, Ass Burger Boy told me he would always live with me.

8. He’s still here.

9. I have been married twice.

10. I still love my first husband.

11. I like black licorice. Back off. This is not a character flaw. I’m old, okay? We didn’t have much candy in the olden days.

12. I have broken two toilets in my life by sitting on them wrong.

13. I was rather skinny each time.

14. I miss being skinny. Maybe not enough to deprive myself.

15. Flannel jammies make me happy.

16. Ditto goofy slippers.

17. As soon as I get back in the house, I put on my jammies.

18. I would like to have a bed and breakfast.

19. My mom died in 2005.

20. It still chokes me up. I miss her like crazy.

21. Even though I often hear her talking in my head.

22. Mostly she is making fun of me. It’s normal.

23. I graduated with honours from geek school the year Mom died.

24. Nobody wanted to hire a geezer geek.

25. My instructors wanted to work for me.

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I couldn’t pull a thought from my head to the keyboard today. I used to have a Rolleflex SLR with all the goodies, and I often took pictures with the cable shutter, while the camera was on the tripod.

Scanning the print, of course, buggers with the quality. It didn’t help that this print was water damaged.

I will be the first to admit that I am the Queen of PhotoShop suckiosity.

Look it up. It won’t be there. I made it up.

What I want to share is not my madd photography or Photoshop skillz, because, really, they’re non-extistant.

I did, however, capture a moment, between Dances with Shrapnel and myself. And that is a beautiful moment.

Here’s a tissue. Now go vote. Or subscribe to my feed.

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One of my pretty deep readers,Old Knudsen, has asked me some questions that require a post to answer. That, and a more lucid mind than I possess.

When you get a minute can you tell me more about the whole, ‘people know everything already’ theory either on yer blog or e-mail and if they do and you’ve been activated does that mean you’re always right?

I have made shamanistic journeys that would underline this theory. When you journey to the void, you experience everything, and know that everything is connected. All knowledge is available. Sometimes people can tap into it quite easily. The same people, when sick or not on their game, get a lesser connection. The information is valid, but sometimes the receiver is faulty. Kind of like computer problems that lie betwixt the chair and the keyboard.

The activation you speak of, is that the activation to the energy of the Archangel Michael? Because that’s a different thing. I activate or initiate people into the energies of Michael. It changes their vibrations in such a way that makes them a better vessel to channel those energies, be it through healing, or communication by channeling.

How does that go with humans forgetting information as a way of coping? I can’t see how we’d know everything unless there was a big spiritual connection with everyone/thing in the universe I don’t think our brains could take it as we can’t take the face of God.

I think I would go mad if I remembered everything. But then, I’m a gemini. I fear the sensory stimulation of New York City would overwhelm me. There is a spiritual connection with everyone/everything in the universe. We blink in and out of that reality several times a second. The face of God is love, pure and simple. And, yes, it is overwhelming to be in God’s face all the time. Not that she minds. We each of us, have the same access to God. Vibrating to the frequency of love is our ticket to ride.

Most confusing, I can see that not remembering our birth and deaths and various lives makes sense so maybe we aren’t meant to know. Using yer power do you ever feel like an intruder ?

There is a story from the Talmud about birth memory. In fact, this website was written by one of my first online friends, a very witty man, who wears many hats, including rabbi. (I typed rabbit at first, which rather amused me.) This website can explain this issue far better than I can.

I don’t like to use my talent in an intrusive way, because I wouldn’t want to be intruded on myself. Sometimes, it’s a judgment call, like when I am working with the police.

When I communicate with dead folks, they either choose to engage or not. Some of them are downright saucy. One even mocked my abilities and said “Tell her to go to somebody good!”

I find it frustrating to translate the experiential into words. Some of these experiences have no words. But hey, this isn’t a geek post, so go vote for me.

Or subscribe to my feed. My numbers are still too embarrassing to display.

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Six quirky things about me: Tagged by Cookiebitch, who says she has a face for radio.

  • Even though my mom died in 2005, I still avoid stepping on sidewalk cracks. “Step on a crack, you break your mother’s back” I hear her in my head laughing at me when I avoid them. I don’t mind mom in my head at all. Do you find that creepy? I miss her, I’ll take what I can get. *wiping eyes*
  • I still eat some form of bread with Jello, or canned fruit, because when I was a kid, mom made our meals stretch by filling us up with bread. “Eat bread with it” lives on, even after she has died. The only difference is I only buy or make whole grain/whole wheat breads.
  • I never read for myself, and seldom get anyone to do a reading for me. I like surprises. Except where it involves money. Then I like happy surprises.
  • In the summertime, I like to put green streaks in my blonde hair. They’re fun, and make me insanely happy. I don’t know why.
  • I can’t reproduce a musical note. When Dances with Shrapnel was about two, I used to sing to him, until he put his hands over his ears and screamed “DON’T SING!!!!” It hurt my feelings because I didn’t think someone that young would be able to ridicule my singing. When I was begged by Ass Burger Boy to go Christmas Caroling with him, I was so humiliated, I had to explain that mom has a very, very, bad singing voice. I wish I had thought of lip-synching.
  • I like to make up words, and have my own nicknames for other people’s pets. It drives Warrior Woman crazy that her cats, Salem and Luna, are referred to as Satan and Looney. Another friend who does not want to be identified had two adolescent sibling kittehs, which I promptly dubbed “Heckle and Jeckyl”, a nickname that only old people would get. Sometimes, people like the nicknames so much that they start to refer to their pets by my nickname for them. Score!

Fascinating, I know. Sorry. If there were two of me, I would call myself Lame and Lamer.

Now for the lucky tagees: No need to thank me, really.

  • Because I want to know something more personal about her, ALF
  • She says that memes fill her with happiness. I am about to become her happiness fairy. I hit Candy lightly bonking her with my magic wand. On the head. Get your minds out of the gutter.
  • Of course, Zoe, who really doesn’t have enough to do what with taking her oldest son to medical appointments all the time and looking after three other kids when she isn’t at work. I heart her.
  • Because he has the vilest tags for memes, and abhors them, and because if you follow his link, you will most likely see vile images,but lots of funny, I dub Old Knudsen
  • He dreams of populating the world with genuine bloggers.Jeremy
  • I would like to know more about him. He wrote about bacon. Funny, but not personal. Ten
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My good blogging buddy, Cookiebitch is being interviewed today at 2:09pm Eastern Time on Tropic Wave Radio on the Susan Ramon Show.
She’s known as The Crazy Radio Chick, and I am so looking forward to this.

You can tune in via the website, and you can call in and ask your own questions.

Toll Free US/CANADA: (888) 762-8153 ext. 942

I can’t wait to ask my own special questions, and hear her answers!

While you’re waiting, how about voting for me in the blogger’s choice awards?


The phone-in number didn’t work for me, must be a Canuck thing, but someone in the chat room gave me the local number. I called in with questions, and put Ass Burger Boy on the phone. Now he has started his own blog. I guess he thinks he’s famous now that he’s been a caller on a radio show, heh, heh.

Cookiebitch was great! And Lotus of Sarcastic Mom
was in the chat room making us laugh too.

File this under TMI, but I laughed so hard that I sharted*. I’m blaming the antibiotics I started on to treat my killer sinus infection. No one should make you laugh that hard. I also tripped over the phone cord while checking the degree of my shartedness in the mirror. And that marked the end of the phone conversation.

*shart: a fart that goes terribly, terribly, wrong.