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I’m eagerly awaiting the response to my interview questions from Miguelina and I will post it right away when I get it tomorrow. I really don’t know anything about how to interview people, so I just asked questions that I wanted to know more about.

The first post I saw on her site mentioned her fear of becoming one of those new age spacey types, and who should get to interview her? That would be me.

Since you already know more than you need to about my backside, (thanks, Zoe!) I will spare you the details of what has me currently curled into a ball of misery today. I had to cancel my hair appointment. Not happy.

In lieu of a sick prezzie*, you can always vote for me. I like that.

For the price of a link Make Money Blog is offering ad space for a month. Cool huh?

*sick prezzie: A present, usually brought to a small child to occupy them while they are ill.
Often it is a book, or quiet, solitary activity.

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Neil Kramer, over at Citizen of the Month, came up with a cool way to meet fellow bloggers. It’s called The Great Interview Experiment and is getting quite a following.

I was interviewed by Blackbird, and felt very fortunate. The following are her questions and my answers.

Would you consider yourself superstitious?

Not really. My grampie was extremely superstitious, though, and I would taunt him when I was a child. One cold day in February, I teased him by putting an umbrella up while in the house. He was horrified, and that day, I fell through the ice on the lake. I tried to sneak back into the house without him seeing me.

The only other superstitious behaviour I have is “Step on a crack,you break your mother’s back”. She died almost three years ago, and I still hear her making fun of me about it.

In your work as a reader/healer, how is information presented to you?
Do you hear it? See things?

I often “feel things” in a physical manner, If you have neck pain, I feel it as if it were my own. That is the first clue that I have a good connection. Then I utilize my clairvoyance to see things. Clairsentience seems to bundle itself with clairvoyance. I seem to know what the images I get mean. In a tarot reading, the images are usually symbolic, so that before I look at the cards, I know what area of concern the question will be in. When I get more deeply into the reading, I can see surroundings if it is called for (remote viewing)

I’ve read a lot about Ass Burger Boy…do you see a great difference
in the way people deal with asperger kids now? Autism and Asperger’s
are written and spoken of so much more frequently now – I’m wondering
if you feel the public has shifted their perception.

When Ass Burger Boy was born, there was no information available. He wasn’t diagnosed until he was nine years old, although the pediatricians found him extremely interesting. Nowadays, there is a wealth of information, schools have programs designed for this type of disorder, and it cannot be ignored. My son had it rough, because we had to work with teams of doctors, educators, and counselors to design a program that would deliver the education he was entitled to. I found it discouraging, because dealing with education administrators to free up money for his education was frustrating. The school board I dealt with was later summarily fired because they were not doing their job properly. It gave me no satisfaction because I thought of all the others that their ignorance impacted negatively.

Do you believe in life after death? I would ask you this no matter
what you did for a living….

I certainly do! I communicate with spirits. I believe that the body is a vessel for the life force, and the essence of the entity is intact, but no longer using that particular body after death.

How did you start blogging? Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because, really? I’m easily amused. I like to tell stories, and I thought that people might be interested to hear the stories of a psychic who has a child with Asperger’s Syndrome. I found myself commenting on other people’s blogs, and noticed that most commenters had their own blogs. Since I have several websites, I just used a domain name I already had on an existing server and installed WordPress.

My main intention of blogging was to build a bridge between people like myself and those who consider me to be a Tool of Satan because of my profession.

I noticed that you have only had your psychic geek blog for a few
months – but in your archives you mention blogging several years ago
- discuss.

I did write a few short blogs many years ago, but that was before comments and interaction. I have several abandoned blogs out there from 1998-2005. I no longer have the URL’s, so they are floating somewhere in cyberspace. This blog is the most consistently attended to, to date.

Tell me more about ‘remote viewing.’

Remote viewing is all about intent. You close your eyes, get into an altered state, and ask spirit to take you where you need to be. There was a U.S Army operation (Stargate) that utilized this process at one time. They wanted to know things that spy planes couldn’t tell them. It was very successful, but is now shut down. I read The Stargate Chronicles by Joseph McMoneagle. It wasn’t quite the same as my experiences, but worked on the same prinicples.

If you could have any OTHER occupation, what would it be?

Geek. I graduated with honours from geek school. I worked hard for it, and found that the culture does not welcome older folk. Other than that, teacher. One of my guides is a teaching guide, and told me that I was to teach the teachers. I wasn’t shown exactly how to do that, but I believe that my Archangel Michael activations come close.

Is it difficult to shut off your mind? My psychic friend worked hard
to learn how to stop the information from overwhelming her – I guess
I’m wondering if this is a common issue.

I’m very aware of overload, and the need to have friends. I don’t want people to think I’m reading them all the time, so I set out my own rules. I only receive what I set out to receive, unless it is something very close and personal that fills me with dread. That doesn’t happen too often, thankfully. I make it a point to be as grounded as possible, and that helps. Every once in a while, the odd thing presents itself and cannot be ignored, but on the whole, I am pretty comfortable with the way I have separated my gift and my regular life.

I’m not sure I understand what the UFO sighting and your heightened
skills have to do with each other – can you explain?

I see the UFO incident as a trigger. Shortly after it happened, I began to have amazing spiritual experiences. The sighting was such a profound experience for me that I feel it brought these on. I guess you kind of had to be there to get it.

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What? It’s criminal that I missed a day posting? I had issues. Some of them involved cheese.

An issue that didn’t involve cheese was something that broke my blog.

Not for very long though. Ree, who has the same web hosting service that I do, told me about her bandwidth crisis, and I checked my numbers only to find that I was perilously close to doing the same. I immediately sent off an email to Rob, keeper of the web-hosting smoothness. I knew Rob was a great guy because he and I went to geek school together, and I saw his niceness in action. In fact, it was Sunday when I emailed him, and he apologized that it took an hour to get back to me because he was helping a friend move. I don’t know how he found time, what with his volunteer Fire fighter duties and regular job. He told me he had some extra bandwidth this month, and not to worry about paying extra.

If you are thinking about moving to a self-hosted platform, you may want to consider someone who is personally vouched for. Someone who is reasonably-priced, and will solve your problems, even on a Sunday.

And now, to move us completely away from seeing our farts, I received a true blue award from Veronica.

She is in on the big bloggy giveaway, so go leave a comment and good luck! She is giving away $25 via PayPal. Not too shabby for leaving a comment, is it?

I would like to pass this award on to Jenny, Teeni, Unruly Duckling and Old Knudsen, because they really are true blue. The screen shot is courtesy of Jenny. I didn’t think to take one when my blog broke. She is very helpful when I have glitches and issues on all of my sites. Some of them I can fix, some, not so much.

I would like to thank those of you who take the time to comment on my posts. I do love your comments. I’m mostly answering them by email now, because I learned that is what the big girls do. If there is an item that needs more discussion, I may add to the comments section. I should have done that with the colon hydrotherapy post, but I had cheese issues.

Because I am sparing you the details of my cheese issues, you should hit that Blogger’s Choice Awards button on my sidebar and go vote for me. Really? It’s the lesser of the two evils. Truly.

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I was reading this post (freaking hilarious!) about colon hydrotherapy, which brought back memories of my own sessions. I was preparing for a group initiation into the energies of the Archangel Michael, and I wanted my body to be the clearest vessel possible.

What basically happens in this series of procedures is that the therapist slides a well lubed tube thingie into your backside. It has a device to connect two tubes on the outside, one for water going in to flush the system, the other for expelled matter.

Here’s the thing. I firmly believe that your backside is designed for egress, not ingress. In other words, nothing should be going in. I knew that these procedures would give me health benefits, but had a hard time getting past the method. So I paid in advance for the first four appointments. If I hadn’t paid up front for work down back, I probably wouldn’t have showed. I noticed results after that, so I showed up regularly.

The therapist was very shy, and spiritual. I expected she had heard all the jokes about what a crappy job she had, but I was determined to brighten her life with new ones. Because really? That’s just the kind of lovely person I am, making a shy woman squirm while I tell poop and fart jokes. No, you can’t reward me. I took down the donate button. Well, you could vote for me, or subscribe to my feed. I’m reliving awkward moments here, people. I can’t hear your applause, but I can see the numbers.

I used deep breathing techniques to allow the water maximum room to flush, and to alleviate the cramping that results from toxins being stirred up prior to expulsion. The toxins made me feel nauseous, but not throw up nausea, it was more in my bowel. I felt it a little with each flush. What I find funny is that my Grammie always called the indoor toilet the flush. Because she vividly remembers the other kind that did not flush.

What fascinated me most besides the bits of corn, turds, and recognizable food sloshing by in the egress tube, were the enormous air bubbles coming out the tube into the sealed container (so it wouldn’t offend your olfactory sensibilities). These things reminded me of the bubbles you get by dipping a broom handle with an attached loop into a bucket of detergent. They were That.Large. I had visions of little kids dancing in meadows, making bubbles of my farts.

I wanted to know how she could possibly deprive my family of such treasures. After all, Dances with Shrapnel had christened me Methane Mom. I had a lot to live up to. She made a choking sound, which passed for laughter masked by embarrassment. There was no getting this woman to laugh.

She was, however, very interested in the Archangel Michael group activation I was holding, and attended. She also came regularly to my group meditations/pot luck gatherings.

I often wondered if she could see those enormous fart bubbles in her mind’s eye when I was leading a meditation.

I never got a real belly laugh out of her. Doesn’t she know that poop is funny?

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Is it a feature of WordPress that they automatically close comments on your post about ninety-nine-plus-one things? Because I checked, and they were enabled.
Or they don’t want numbers in the title?
Or has my site been hacked?
Because, seriously, I deleted the original post below because comments would not work.
I wrote a test post to see if comments worked. They did.
I deleted both posts and wrote another. Comments didn’t work. I changed the title, but it was infected with the error of doom. When I clicked on the permalink of the post with the changed title, the original showed up. And, no comments.
If you want to comment on that shall not be named post, do it here.
There is not enough coffee in the world to make me smart enough to fix this.
Has anyone else ever encountered this?

Edit: A search of WP forums provided me with a partial answer. The parsing of post titles is for strings, and numbers are not included. So it just doesn’t like to play nice when the parsing, it is confused. Dates are not considered numbers if that is how your post titles are configured to display, but actual numbers, you will be punished for.
And now, the comments in the post that should be titled “100 Things” but is called “This Title is Cursed” work now.

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