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I have another post about Skinny Bitch waiting for an appreciative audience, but because of the American thanksgiving thingie, most of my American friends are still in a turkey-induced coma, or travelling.

This is a black and white image of my beloved Grammie and myself at age sixteen. We were getting down with our bad selves, smoking cornsilk. Kind of like Ma Barker and her daughter-in-law.

Smoking Cornsilk

I have other, more bad arse images of my Grammie, but I think I’m gonna make you wait for them. I’m evil that way. Now, can somebody please tell me why I don’t mind swearing, but hate to see me swearing on the internet?

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Since it’s Thanksgiving in Merika, I present a little vignette from long, long ago.

My cousins, with my brother, Mr. Trick.

You decide. I could never tell them apart when they were little.

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My favourite dreams of all time are the flying dreams.

You know the ones where you think of your

destination, and whoooosh, you’re there?

Your thoughts transport you. How cool is that?

The one I remember most longingly is the flight that

took me to a Japanese meditation garden type thingy.

It had curved granite benches, overlooking the most

intriguing series of patterns in very smooth and

uniform pebbles.

Somebody was lovingly raking the patterns.

It was a living tapestry.

Behind me, the most magnificent and huge sphere of

gold. Not solid, but composed of filaments,

sorta like those goofy fibre-optic lamps.

I couldn’t figure out how it kept it’s spherical shape,

it being so huge and all.

There was a gentle, warm breeze that caused the sphere

to endlessly shimmer with reflected sunlight.

I knew I was in a temple. There was much knowledge here.

The sphere and I shared knowledge.

Absolutely magical.

I haven’t been the same since.

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I go home after the UFO Experience and settle in for some good, clean fun, lounging in a bubble bath. All the soreness and work dirt has gone with the bathwater, down the drain.

All dolled up in fluffy bathrobe and towel head, I find a similar, going down the drain, spiral feeling in my head. It is irresistable. I must lie down.

The lie down eases the vertigo brought about by the spiralling of consciousness. I’m not asleep, but am powerless to move.

I become aware of something just behind my head, the head which I cannot turn. I feel it, but cannot see it. It feels like me. How odd this is!

I am drawn into the point of consciousness behind and above my head. I am able to see my fluffy-robed body, which is breathing and perceiving me, perceiving it.

I have no fear. There is only wonder. I experience all of the knowledge there is in that tiny moment. I am agape.

This point of consciousness is all of me, but so much more. It knows that all are one, because it is one with all. It sings my soul’s note, and the harmonies of the universe. All is music.

The music is love. Love is the glue that holds the universe together. God is love. It is so much. It is so much.

I ease into more of an awareness of my fluffy-robed self as the point of consciousness recedes. I have experienced what I will soon call a “remembering”. There will be more of them.

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  • You tell a child that you were warned Santa leaves coal in the stocking of children who misbehave. Child says: “What’s coal?”
  • You remember the joy of getting your first television in the house. All the neighbourhood kids are your new best friends. Your father allows them to watch if they do not make a sound.
  • You remember what you were doing when JFK was killed. Typing class. Grade nine.
  • You realize that your best friend has been that for over forty years.
  • You remember some sad things, like how racial slurs were slung around freely and nobody said “That is so wrong.”
  • You remember what your city was like before it was on drugs. Shootings were only at deer in the woods. Murders were very rare.
  • The hot hairstyles you wore in the sixties and seventies? You’re wearing them again. Not the miniskirts though. That would be sad.
  • What happened in the home, stayed in the home. Don’t miss that one.
  • Most of the people you went to highschool with are either bald, fat, or both.
  • The ultimate in processed foods was Cheez Whiz. Produce and meat came from actual farms and not agribusinesses. You didn’t have to pay extra for organic. The chickens just scratched in the dirt and ate what they found. The yummy chickens.
  • You remember cigarette ads on tv with real doctors. There were ashtrays in the doctor’s waiting room.
  • You don’t remember your real hair colour.
  • You try to replace those things in the kitchen that make the stove work, and struggle to remember the word “fuse”
  • Finally, you know you’re old when you have to lift your boobs in order to wash your knees.

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